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Ride On The law can't help her But one outlaw canIn the near post apocalyptic future the skies are always gray and people are constantly searching for the sun For teenage outlaw Seph it’s the only world he’s ever known With his horse his favorite pistol and his knowledge for survival passed down from his dead father Seph knows it’s safer to be alone But after a run in with a local gang that call themselves the Lawmen and having been wrongly accused of murder Seph teams up with Avery—a determined girl whose twin brother has been taken by the same gangAfter living in a small rundown town her whole life Avery knows nothing of the Wild—the lands controlled by nobody where travel is risky With Seph’s help they track down her brother but uickly find the tables have turned and they are now the ones being hunted With rumors of mysterious dangers to the south and a safe sanctuary to the west they’ve only got one option but getting there won’t be easy with the Lawmen on their trail The only thing that matters in the Wild is how fast your trigger hand is but Seph doesn’t know if his will be fast enough to save them all Disclaimer I received this free book from the publisher This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honestRide On is entirely entertaining Both Seph and Avery have pretty compelling backstories which are established early on This makes it easily readable because you naturally want to find out about them Why is Avery in the Wild? What secrets is Seph hiding? While this is certainly a post apocalyptic story the premise being the sky is permanently occluded by clouds it reads like a Western to me The setting is in this far future but there isn't a whole ton of world building to than that Characters4 World 3 Plot 4 Writing 4full review See my FULL review of this book on my blog along with others at shesgoingbookcrazycom All included uotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished publication DNFing at 30 %Content Warning Cannibalism Death Murder Forced services ie young teens forced into working for a gang“In the Wild you don’t start a fire unless you want to risk someone finding you or you’re stupid”or you are coldor trying to fend away the critters When I first came across Ride On I was pretty excited about it To be honest anything horse related captures my attention easily I should have been a bit warier seeing how this is set in a post apocalyptic era This book very much mimics the world depicted in the movie The Book of Eli If you haven't seen it then picture a vast wasteland with Mad Max type folks terrorizing all the good folks Oh and there are cannibalsIf you have seen The Book of Eli take out the Mad Max influence and the Biblical references and replace it with a Western feel and you will have Ride On The reason why I called it uits with this book was because of the cannibalism Its nothing that I want to read about plain and simpleVulgarity 8 words counted until stopping at 30%Sexual content NoneViolence Some including discussion of cannibalismSince this is a DNF read I will not be assigning a star reviewMy Blog ¦ Bookstagram ¦ Twitter ¦ Pinterest ¦ Facebook I don’t normally do westerns but I loved Gwen’s other book so I knew I was going to read this one I loved Seph and Avery They’re both fantastic characters who are fierce and stand up for themselves They’re both level headed and loyal and the dual POV made it easy to root for them Plot wise it did feel a bit repetitive even though I was fully invested in what was happening There is a lot of riding and running and fighting and guns There were a couple of times that I was surprised at what was taking place when I turned the page Overall it was the characters that sucked me in and the writing kept me there I can’t wait to see what Gwen comes up with next Huge thanks to Sky Pony press for providing the arc free of charge Five well earned stars This beautiful book is so full of voice you'll be instantly transported to a gritty sunless world of outlaws and horses with Seph and Avery If you want loads of action and fully realized characters you can really invest in this is the book for you PHENOMENAL

  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • Ride On
  • Gwen Cole
  • 21 January 2016
  • 9781510729933

About the Author: Gwen Cole

Gwen Cole grew up in upstate New York and then moved to Virginia where she did not graduate college Instead she played bass guitar in a hardcore band and later married the lead guitarist She enjoys large jigsaw puzzles playing Xbox and softball and watching movies Gwen now lives in Richmond Virginia with her husband daughter and very large dog where she longs to live in the country again

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