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    The finest writer of strange stories of the 20th century who remains completely unknown and perpetually out of print No standard ghost or horror stories here these are truly disturbing and haunting

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    How to explain it? Aickman is one of a handful of authors who have most shaped my ideas about storytelling and about the power of short fiction Though his work is technically horror he entirely bypasses the gaudiness and cliches of the genre in favor of the eerie creeping sort of terror one might encounter alone in a foreign country or at the end of a doomed marriage Aickman is truly unsurpassed in his talent for pervasive unnerving moodsSo find one of those used but precious copies of his easily obtainable titles Cold Hand in Mine Painted Devils or The Wine Dark Sea if you're really smart eventually you'll upgrade to the Collected Tartarus set And then try a story like The Hospice Ringing the Changes or Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen Taste Aickman's stories once and there's no turning back

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    I must admit I don't understand the amount of raving reviews of Robert Aickman's short stories Though I am an avid reader and definitely not afraid of difficult writing styles most of Aickman's stories seem completely pointless to me One can only digest so much symbolism and even then imo it needs to serve some purpose and not being a purpose in itself These stories remind me of David Lynch movies If you want to read Aickman this review on might prove really helpful It tells you which stories are worth reading My advise skip the rest

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The Collected Strange Stories Of Robert Aickman Sewn hardback printed and bound by Antony Rowe Jacket by Steven StapletonCo produced with Durtro 500 copies printedOut of printContentsThe Swords The Real Road to the Church Niemandswasser Pages from a Young Girl's Journal The Hospice The Same Dog Meeting Mr Millar The Clock Watcher Growing Boys Marriage Le Miroir Compulsory Games Raising the Wind Residents Only Wood Hand in Glove No Time Is Passing The Fetch The Breakthrough The Next Glade Letters to the Postman The Stains Just a Song at Twilight Laura Rosamund's Bower Mark Ingestre The Customer's Tale with Volume I not sold separatelyNote An addendum was produced for the volumes