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Corsair Menace Privateer Tales #12 Deep in debt and stranded a suicide mission may be this crew’s only hope Liam Hoffen thought saving the world would cut him and his friends some slack Instead they’re bankrupt shipwrecked and fugitives on a backwater planet So much for gratitude But after discovering an ancient Kroerak ship Liam sees an opportunity to locate the home world of the vicious alien species When they set out to uncover the mysteries of the ship things are looking up until he finds out the truth every other crew who tried to solve the mystery was never heard from again Corsair Menace is the 12th book and the start of a new standalone arc in the Privateer Tales saga a series of captivating space operas If you like plucky planetary explorers exhilarating combat scenes and modern takes on classic sci fi adventures then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s electrifying addition to the expanding Privateer Tales universe Buy Corsair Menace today to journey into the unknown reaches of space

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    This series continues to deliver The trading seems like an afterthought to the Privateer actions but does offer at least a fig leaf to 'legitimate business' Expanding the setting and adding all the new aliens really makes for interesting reading I hope the series continues on in that vein It would be almost novel for the book to complete without one of their ships being completely trashed back to scrap

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    Another really enjoyable read

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    These books are wonderful to readCaptain Liam chases the bugs to the deep dark The crew is determined to erase the bugs from all human planets Can Liam make a dent in their population?

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    The problem when you get hooked on a long running series is that it is difficult to give up; you just keep hoping that the next book will be better I now approach these books in trepidation rather than hope I still like the main characters and part of me still wants to follow what happens to them but the author just irritates meThe book starts with the crew setting off to transport some goods but they uickly run into some pirates So after over two and a half thousands pages of being ambushed betrayed attacked shot at wounded and in some cases killed are they prepared to meet pirates? NO How can the author write this? I don’t mind that they are attacked I wouldn’t even mind if the author decided they should get beaten by the pirates but what I don’t ‘get’ is Liam didn’t have a clue that they might need to defend themselves against pirates because they have never met a pirate in any of the previous books?This doesn’t seem to bother anybody but me but I just find it so annoying that the author keeps making Liam so stupid The author has created a ‘universe’ where 999% of the people and organisations are deceitful amoral and would uite happily terminate Liam and his crew Yet Liam never has a fall back plan for when he walks into a trap or when the person he has just met turns out not to be trustworthy and betrays or even attempts to kill everybody I can put up with a lot from a heroheroine I like but to be so stupid they never learn from their mistakes is not one of them OK he does survive by improvisation and luck but I want from my heroesMy real problem is that I know I am still going to read the next book

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    25 stars There were places where I felt that this book is a decent 3 star material And there were places when I cried out in frustration and almost threw the book into the corner Sometimes unimportant things are overwritten things that would have profited from being developed are sketchy What I'm saying is that the writing is hectic and uality is waveringThe plot is OK sometimes even interesting but we get a lot of new characters in every book then they become permanent characters and the author rotates them in and out around the core crew This disrupts the flow of the story and kicks the reader out of immersionWhen I read this and the previous books I got annoyed so many times I lost count However when I finish a book and view it as a whole most of the time I had to admit that it's a weak 3 star If only the writing was skillful

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    This is a review of the entire Privateer Tales series 1 12Oftentimes when reading a multi book series I find I need to take a break to read something else not in this case Each novelnovella in this series is eually riveting with action humor human drama great story telling It reminds me of watching a terrific movie in the theater while eating a box of popcorn enjoying every handful until all of a sudden at the end you realize you've finished off that jumbo box of popcorn you're still hungry for I'll be subscribing to the author's newsletter waiting with bated breath for an announcement of the next story I really can't say enough good things about the series except to say try it and find yourself addicted

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    2017 grade CSadly this book never really held my interest long It's mostly battles and a new species who do not seem to have any redeeming ualities even among the supposedly good individuals The world building and character development were uite a bit less than previous novels To say I didn't like this portion of the universe is an understatement If I were the leader of Loose Nuts I would move some place elseBut each reader likes different things and I am in the minority I highly recommend books 1 to 11 with 9 being my favorite I'll give the new series a try On A Pale Ship but will probably not read any of this series

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    Captain Liam Hoffen and friends set off to find their missing colleagues along with the crew of a missing Naval vessel Opposing them are a nasty bug race bent on eradicating humankind plus a pirate who has a personal vendetta against our heroic leader Fighting against almost insurmountable odds seems routine for this crew though and they gradually make their way to hostile space where both forces congregate against them Can they survive long enough to rescue their friends? This fast paced story is another winner in the Privateer Tales

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    Another good oneI enjoy all the books in Privateer Tales There are a few flaws with character development or leaving the reader to put together too many piecesfill in too many gaps; but the stories are entertaining I end up skipping a bit at the beginning also because besides providing a character summary McFarlane also explains each character and each shipplace the first time they're mentioned to get readers up to date Since I'm reading them all in a row without a gap between that's a little annoying

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    What's Next and WhenI have thoroughly enjoyed the complete Privateer series I have read them looking forward to each new twist and turn and each new adventure Your characters are real full of life and just a lot of fun They love laugh hurt fall down get back up and keep on going You make all the crazy scenarios seem plausible If you haven't already figured it out I'm a huge fan Thanks for sharing yourself with us mere mortals

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