A Devilish Husband Zebra Regency Romance PDF/EPUB Ô

A Devilish Husband Zebra Regency Romance the writing was good but the central character being a drunk left me than cold Just could not connect with the whole idea meh liked the increasing doxy ness of Beatrice while the increasing strength of Cassy was trite and jared's redemption was too rushed James was a plot device but Eleanor's involvement was a curveball and didn't fit at all with the rest of the book made Eleanor seem a little too much fairest of them all Regency Hero is a drunken moron who sleeps with anything that moves and thinks this somehow punishes his father for marrying the woman he thought he loved Heroine is too perfect for words Her slutty sister was a typical plot addition although she did add some interest to the plot The so called hero's redemption is rushed and not particularly believable My first and last by this author AN UNASSUMING LADYFor newly married Cassandra Crawford there was no courtship simply a written proposal from Jared Moreland Viscount Carlisle which her debt laden stepfather uickly accepted on her behalf And so she finds herself wed to a handsome wealthy and very distant stranger Jared seems determined to avoid her leading a life of angry drunken abandon Cassy has plenty of love to give but how can she convince her husband to accept itAN UNREPENTANT RAKEJared Moreland is bent on revenge against his own father for wooing away the woman he once loved Since then Jared has done his best to humiliate him by revelling in public debauchery but his most golden opportunity presents itself when he is told he must marry to continue the family line Cassandra Crawford a social and financial nonentity is perfect He intends to ignore Cassy completely thereby insuring that no heir is produced But Jared never counted on his new wife's unexpected charm compassion and strength Suddenly his heart is launching a rebellion of it sown gradually drawing him into an unexpected love

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