O Pintor Debaixo do Lava Loiças Kindle ½ Debaixo do

O Pintor Debaixo do Lava Loiças 35 stars This is something For me it's unexpected and amazing the way Afonso Cruz express himself in this book Interesting thoughts in a poetic and different approach It's my first book of this author and now i'm curious about the other booksCertainly i will reread this one Afonso Cruz’s poetic acuteness in telling stories has not ceased to amaze me with every book read and this one is no exceptionBased on a true story the narrative is imbued with feeling throughout be it loss hope sadness joy And all told in a way so beautifully woven that it’s almost impossible not to connect and feel the same the characters in the story feel 35 starsthis book was really odd but i kind of liked it? not what i expected though the writers style is interesting but the whole story was a bit too shallow Like there’s something missing But it was very easy to read it only took me few hours and it was interesting enough for me to not put it down ‪Only a genius writer can make a book like this‬ Speechless Surprisingly well written very poetic the author is really playing with words Talking about hard things with lightness It was a pleasure to read it Warning this text may contain spoilers Vbb 📚Bookreview time📚🔵This is my first time reading Afonso Cruz and I'm impressed by his writing style and by the story he chose to share with us I can say that this book is a philosophical one as it transcends the typicality of weaving a story to a reader and make himher simply enjoy it Indeed we're following Joseph's story جوزيف سورس and we've been introduced to his world family lover interestsetc The events were both rapid and smooth and the transition from one position to another was fluent and natural despite the harshness of the events Every single word in the book demands a deeper read every thought is a speculation on Art Life Time Deathetc🔵 I believe that this novel is a call for internalization a call to dig deeper into our essence to transcend frontiers and to SEE WITH OUR EYES and SOULS 🔵There are two parts in the book 1 كتاب الأعين المفتوحة and 2 كتاب الأعين المغمضة and both parts picture the protagonist's life journey starting from his vivid childhood to his bleak adulthood ◾Rejection and Death were two major fuels in the course of events as they shape the novel and they somehow push جوزيف سورس to be who he is and to embody the image of the drifter ◾Besides being always on the move and trying hard not to get attached to what he calls تفرعات may justify his artistic nature and his passion with painting and with painting eyes in particular as he was chasing to LOOK INTO things and to SEEK knowledge through the eyes و خلاصة القول، إن الأشياء التي نراها، و تكون مشتركة في نظر الكل، أي تلك الأشياء المضاءة بنور خارجي، هي أقل بكثير من الأشياء التي نراها بنور أعيننا أضف إلى ذلك أن العالم مصنوع من مزيج النورين إذ لا أحد يرى الطاولة كمجرد طاولة 🔵Moreover what I find interesting in this📖 is the relationship between the characters the depiction of characters themselves and how they are related with Joseph I appreciate the repetition of certain patterns as they add a sarcastic side in the book as well as foreshadow certain characters' fate The protagonist's father is the best example for that 🔵I also did enjoy the dark humour embedded in the novel all along with the political social criticism of the Portuguese government and of the aftermath of WW2Finally I highly recommend this novel for all the reasons I mentioned above and also because it's inspired from REAL events Esta historia añade y desborda fantasía pero se basa en una historia real Afonso Cruz inventa los hechos vividos por Sors un pintor ue vivió debajo del fregadero de sus abuelos su familia su amada sus amigos y sus protectores las dos guerras mundiales ue azotaron Europa la huida a los Estados Unidos y el regreso a un viejo continente infestado de ideales nazis con la esperanza de reencontrar a su madre El relato de Cruz contiene verdades universales distintivas de la mejor literatura y al mismo tiempo nos conmueve y nos conuista a través de su imaginación y su manera de narrar

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