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    Blair Sansome didn't need this It's not the job of evaluating the hotel that bothers her it's the manager Powers Knight Five years ago she had a one night stand with him believing he was her fiancee Jason That was the best night of her life The last thing she expected was to see Powers again If only she avoids him everything will go okay So she sets out with a wig colored contacts and figure obscuring clothes And then she meets his father in the airplane and then she gets struck in an elevator with him and then You got the point Powers is attracted to rather mousy Blair from the start of course he noticed her sexy legs and lips She reminds him a bit of Love LaFramboise Blair's real name no wonder she had it changed the woman he can't forget He is intrigued by her and wants a future with herI liked Powers he was patient gentle and willing to look underneath Blair's mask to the woman hidden So unlike a man to pay so little attention to looks But his name was a negative point The moment I read it I thought of Austin Powers view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Under The Covers is the fourth romance novel by American author Roseanne Williams Blair Sansome has a job evaluating hotels The St Martin Hotel in San Francisco should have been evaluated by her boss but an unfortunate accident means Blair has to step up Unfortunately the hotel manager Powers Knight is the man she spent a night seducing three years ago in a case of mistaken identity Armed with several disguises that include wigs dowdy clothing coloured contact lenses glasses and even a dental prosthesis Blair hopes to get the job done without alerting Powers to just who she is But she doesn’t count on Powers father Matthew a man eager to get his son married The premise for this romance is sound but the execution suffers from being a bit too long and repetitive Certainly there is plenty of humour much of it slapstick and this would translate well onto the screen 35 stars

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    I read this one long ago but never reviewed It was overall a great novel to read I enjoyed the duplicity and sensuality

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    Protagonistas Powers 7 BlairProfesiones Empresario InvestigadoraPaĂ­s USA

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    Ceritanya sih bagus tapi terlalu bertele tele bagi gw walo kadang suka senyum2 juga lihat hero nya begitu romantis dan gigih merayu heroine nya yg juga gigih meluangkan waktu utk menghindari hero nya Dan ini namanya pembalasan aksi nyamar menyamar

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Di Balik Selimut Under The Cover Would he respect her in the morningBlair Sansome was desperate she had to win back her fiance So wearing lacy black lingerie she slipped into his apartment with just one thing on her mind seduction Shamelessly she took control Their lovemaking was incredible like nothing she'd ever experienced but she woke up to face a strangerHumiliated Blair fled She dumped her fiance Single she vowed was the only way to be Then Blair was assigned to inspect the hotel that man managed She tried to avoid Powers Knight but he was hell bent on seducing her Disguised as a plain Jane Blair wanted to give in But would Powers want her when he realized that it was Blair under the covers