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Brothers of the Flame Ariel Kimber #1 Ariel Kimber is a 17 year old girl who thanks to her mother has had a life full of unpleasantness and abuse And it’s about to get a whole lot worse After her mother meets a man online Ariel is forced to move to a different state leaving all that she has ever known behind Any teenager’s nightmare But Ariel isn’t like most teenagers she’s different and she has literally nothing to leave behind No friends no nothing They move next door to a house that remains empty all summer long until the day before the first day of school A school where the other kids treat Ariel like garbage because of who her mother is and the fact that she’s different from them save for a few – her neighbors Tyson his mysterious Uncle uinton and twins Abel and Addison They uickly become her only friends but Ariel soon finds out they are hiding things from her keeping secrets from her And she wants answers Surprisingly they give them to her What do you do when you find out you’re not who you always thought you were and your whole world gets flipped upside down Ariel Kimber stumbles into a world she didn’t know existed a world of magic and nothing is as it seems Thankfully she has the guys to guide her to hold her hand along the way and she is going to need a whole lot of hand holding This is a Reverse Harem series There is adult langue and some mature content so be warned of that

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    Rating 3 starsReread with the publication of book 3 These boys were sweet but annoying the characters are batshit crazy ; if i were to ever meet Uncle uinton in real life i would have an orgasm and run for my life ; the writing is redundant and it bothered me during my last read ; the book is both brilliant and messed up but than everything else completely addictive

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    RidiculousUtterly ridiculousWho in their right mind would like a book like this?Well it's good for me that my mind is not right because I loved it Don't get me wrong this is not great writing or deep literature but it entertained me and kept me happy 3 stars for that factorReading books like this is like eating cupcakes No real substance and if you consume too many you end up looking at your hands like they betrayed you for indulging so much You know that if you go back for seconds it is going to ruin the next real meal you have but you just can't help yourself

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    375 stars

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    I imagine this is how people feel about Twilight The MC is pathetic The whole school treats her badly on her first dayunrealistic btw bc of the actions of one guy and the second said guy apologizes everything's good Why? Bc he's gorgeous of course yeah it's one of those You know when the girl will stand for everything just bc wow pretty Ariel falls asleep with Tyson in her room when she knows pretty much next to nothing about him I'm aghast at her utter stupidity and foolishnessHer personality is nonexistent Can you see the Bella parallels yet? No? How about this the guys are domineering she puts a token protest then let's it go bc oh well they've done this or that so the least she could do is be polite Or they get too close and oops train of thought what even is that?At least Bella had her curiosity going for her; Ariel is so superficial as a character that even that eludes her She has no problem telling complete strangers how badly her mother treats her but never went to the police? Didn't tell her practially step father? Yeah noIf she loved her mother I would've understood how it could've been difficult going to someone capable of solving her situation But she didn't so all that came across was that she had no guts whatsoever All in all I should've DNF d this 10 pages in

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    Brotherly Love I can promise you that one of the things I hate in a series is a lack of any indication of when to expect the next book Surely the perfect example of this is the numbers of reduced readers shown in stats for each successive novel So let's times that by three which appears to be how many series this author seems to be in the process of writing at once To finish off I'll point out that I would like to read the next book but it's not going in my calendar for obvious reasons and has thus already fallen off my radar

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    I think this was a fairly good intro into the series I thought that the story progressed to uickl though I think the book covered two weeks at most However there is def potential The heroineshe was a little difficult to like sometimes with her attitude I get that she has a messed up past and I completely understand her reasonings BUT the hardness needs to balanced with the soft and due to the uickness of the progress in this story we didn't get to see a substantial amount of softness to counteract her hardnessI'm mixed on the Heros because their words and their actions are contradictory ALL the guys are aware of who she is to them and her importance yet Tyson is an ass to her the first day and two others refuse to give up a girlfriend and the ONS The twins are totally in but are rather weird I'll continue the series as I find it interesting but all the characters have a long way to win me over

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    This book was childish af It took a long ass time for the book to finally reveal itself as a Fantasy read and not contemporary The male characters are so basic there are two twins who call each other twin Wtf are you a 12 year old Berverlly Hills bitch?One of the other male characters is the UNCLE to another male character both of them being romantic interests to the main character Look if there's an uncle in the story I sure as hell can only envision a bald round bellied man and if he likes underage girl that can only mean something to me pervert pedophile Even if he is 21 it doesn't matter he is the UNCLE to another romantic interest If I ever had to be in a polyamorous relationship I sure as fuck wouldn't want to share my bae with my fucking aunt

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    Okay I like this book so far but as I've learned with the last 4 books I've read just recently not to get my hopes up to high Treading very lightly with this series on giving it any praises here's hoping this isn't just another dudOverall rating4 A Good Read so far

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    SO MANY FUCKED UP THINGSMY GOD There are so many fucked up things going on here It's a complete and utter train wreck and I could not look away I am only sorta ashamedSo this one is real deal HS self fulfillment fantasy in its finest The heroine is goth and pierced but still incredibly pretty She's the new kid in school cause she's SEVENTEEN god help me and somehow is being chased by the hottest guy in school by day 2 Day three has her paired up with Hot guy #1 #2 and #3 all who live next door to her and are related And who are only supervised by a 21 yo Who is also super hot And has the hots for our TEENAGE heroine And he's super protective of our teenage heroine who he has known for all of 5 minsShe also has a mother who as Brittain puts it is a basket case caught in a train wreck wrapped up in poor life choices I thought that was a super nice way to put it

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    I agree with most of the other reviews this could use a serious editI did skip over a TON of internal monologue but the story was interesting enough for me to move on to the next book

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