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Raspberry Danish Murder Hannah Swensen #22 Thanksgiving has a way of thawing the frostiest hearts in Lake Eden But that won’t be happening for newlywed Hannah Swensen Barton—not after her husband suddenly disappears   Hannah has felt as bitter as November in Minnesota since Ross vanished without a trace and left their marriage in limbo Still she throws herself into a baking frenzy for the sake of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving themed treats while endless holiday orders pour into The Cookie Jar Hannah even introduces a raspberry Danish pastry to the menu and PK her husband’s assistant at KCOW TV will be one of the first to sample it But instead of taking a bite PK who is driving Ross’s car and using his desk at work is murdered Was someone plotting against PK all along or did Ross dodge a deadly dose of sweet revenge Hannah will have to uickly sift through a cornucopia of clues and suspects to stop a killer from bringing another murder to the table

  • Kindle Edition
  • 385 pages
  • Raspberry Danish Murder Hannah Swensen #22
  • Joanne Fluke
  • 08 January 2015

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    Raspberry Danish Murder was better than the previous Hannah Swenson book but still seems very odd compared to the rest of the series Is there a ghostwriter writing these books now? It seems every character name is overused I don't remember early in the series Hannah constantly addresssing her sisters or Norman by name in every statement during a conversation like thisIf we stop to eat we can have a break HannahThat sounds good MichelleI thought so too Hannah etc Very stiff and formal dialogue Also a lot of repeating the same information over and over and over As if the reader needs reminding every two paragraphs or so This particular book has Hannah telling Michelle that a character is beginning to develop feelings for her Michelle's response You mean you think that he might be falling in love with me? Oh honey This just means he may like you as than a friend not that he is head over heels in love with you all of a sudden I kind of feel like the ghostwriter here may be a man the dialogue between Hannah and any other female in these last 3 books is just too stiff and not at all natural Again this book finds Hannah very upset that Michelle and Mike can eat whatever they like and not Gina weight When did Hannah get so inwardly nasty? She has some downright nasty thoughts in this book At least we have Hannah realizing she knows nothing about Ross the man she married Married She even admits she didn't uestion why no one from Ross' family came to the wedding Looking back on it now I realize I have no idea how many relatives Ross has or where they live I know I loved him and I think he loved me ButI'm beginning to think that I really didn't know Ross very well at all ya think? Another example of amateur dialogue Hannah arrives home to see her answering machine light blinking The red light was blinking and the numeral five was displayed That meant five people had called while she'd been at workNo it doesn't It means five people left messages but thirty people could have called Do we really need a lesson in messages? Finally my favorite from this book Hannah frets that maybe she snores and that's why Ross has left her Seriously This is what Hannah Swenson has been reduced to A dumb ditz that worries her husband had left her with no word because she snores In the end Hannah realizes Ross has lied to her about pretty much everything but she decides to give him the benefit of the doubt because that's what a good wife would do Ok Hannah This story was at least better than #21 and thankfully Ross is still gone for most of it But there is a scene where Hannah's mother Delores accuses her of flirting with Norman while her husband is still missing A big jump from previous books where Delores was forcing Norman on Hannah in every paragraph I hope that whoever is writing these books gets let go and we get our old Hannah back In this book we find out Hannah only has a little over three hundred dollars in her banking account But if the cookie shop is turning no profit how is Hannah employing Michelle Lisa Aunt Nancy and a whole host of others that do work for her while she's out sleuthing for free?

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    A little over a year ago I joined NetGalley and Raspberry Danish Murder the 22nd book in the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery series by Joanne Fluke was one of the first books I reuested It had just been published but I was ten books behind in the series Throughout the last year I finally caught up and read this one From what I'd read given the strange arc the books took a little while ago it wasn't going to be good Forgetting the loveromance change the mystery itself in this book was very typical and fit well within the boundary or range we've seen from the authorOverall I enjoyed the story I was sad to see who was killed given she seemed nice in prior books Sometimes the good ones have to die I completely understand that as an author of a book series myself Fluke balanced the past and the present the known and the unknown in this book trying to find a way to explain howwhy Hannah's husband might or might not stick around That said it ended with a cliffhanger bombshell that makes us think are we going back to the way things were four books ago before the proposal? Wow I can't wait to see I have the next book ready to read but I haven't bought the last one yet I wonder how many there will be

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    I cannot even with these books any They have gotten progressively worse with each one This book was literally 90% people eating or talking about what they're going to eat or what they just ate or how to cook the recipe that appears on the next page Throw in boringly long pages about random things like how to recycle and scammer phone messages There was hardly anything about the murder of the week or the investigation into Ross's disappearance and what did happen happened off screen so to speak so we just got a uick blink or you'll miss it sum up This wasn't a murder mystery nothing was solved nothing was explained it was just a long list of cookies and other assorted foods being eatenI've been firmly #TeamNorman since the beginning but Mike wasn't even in this book except when he was eating and I see no reason why either of them stick around for Hannah other than the foodAlso seriously another cliffhanger ending that comes out of nowhere in a rushed paragraph at the end which I'm sure we'll have to wait another year for I doubt I'll be back for itSee this review and others on my blog

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    Hannah Swensen is still reeling from the disappearance of her new husband Ross Barton He disappeared without a trace leaving no explanation When Ross' former assistant at KCOW TV PK Alesworth is killed after eating poisoned candy that was left on Ross' desk Lake Eden police start to investigate to find out if Ross might have been the intended victim Hannah and her crew of course decide to also investigate Turns out there are a lot of discrepancies in the things Ross told Hannah about his past and his family She is unsure if Ross is in danger and fled to avoid others getting hurt or if he's just an outright cad Was Ross involved in something dangerous? Or did the murderer intend to kill PK? Well first off I am going to say that I enjoyed this book Raspberry Danish Murder is the 22nd book in the Hannah Swensen series I've read them all And I love the characters I've even baked many of the recipes from the books When I got my review copy I started reading immediatelyand didn't stop until I finished the book I waited an entire year to find out what the heck happened to Ross so I devoured this book in one sitting But I do have to be honest and say that the feel is still a bit off The last three books in this series seem to be different The personality and behavior of some main characters are changed The writing style and dialogue seem to be amateurish at times The writing is just not up to Joanne Fluke uality The books just seemdifferent That's the best word I can come up with Not baddifferent My best guess is that the new books might be written by a ghost writer I can't be surebut it's just the feeling that I get This newest book was tweaking my inner editor There is some poorly written dialogue overuse of characters' names and cookie names too much repetition and over explanation For example several times characters discovered new evidence in the case and went to share that evidence with other characters repeating the entire story about finding said evidence all over again Or repeating character names within dialogue when it's obvious which character they are addressing It doesn't seem like natural conversation Nobody repeats a friend's name over and over again during a casual discussion That's just poorly written dialogue Nowdid that damage my enjoyment of the story? No not really I feel the book could use another edit and some tweaking before publicationbutit's Lake Eden Hannah and all the characters I love from this series I've been enjoying since the first book came out in 2001I can overlook some issues The mystery mixes the search for information about Ross and the investigation into the murder of PK so there is always something going on There is also a lot of baking and cookie munching as usual The crime wrap up and the ending are a bit abrupt but the ending does answer a lot of uestions Not all of them but several important ones I will be eagerly awaiting the next book Is this book the best in the Hannah Swensen series? No Is it still an enjoyable read? Definitely I love this series I read every book and I watch the Hallmark movies despite the fact they don't follow the books And I will continue to read this series until it reaches the final book There are lots of yummy recipes included between chapters in this book as usual I definitely feel a danish baking session coming on soon Mmmmmraspberry danish But not all of the recipes are for desserts There is also pizza dip asparagus rolls and other non sweets nom nom At the very end of the book there is an exceprt from Winter Chill a thriller also written by Joanne Fluke She has written several suspensethriller novels Maybe I can read those novels to tide me over until the next Hannah book comes out I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own

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    Rather interesting characters but elementary and lackluster writing In some places the writing is so bad as to be the sort found in chapter books—We have a custard for dessertDid you hear they have a custard for dessert?I think I will order the custard for dessertTo other character at tableDid you know they have a custard for dessert?Waitress We have an almond custard for dessertAn almond custard How uniueA very smooth custardA smooth almond custard Yes I will take the almond custard for dessertRepetitive conversation of that sort isn't just elementary it's unrealisticno one talks that way And you really don't have to figure out someone to attribute the uote to when you use a cliche My great aunt used to say To her own sister? It's her great aunt tooAlso the emotional responses to things are way unrealistic and the clues are often entirely by chance It's a fun and fast paced read though Some of the included recipes look really promising and Imll be trying them out Perhaps I'll find a new favoriteThanks to NetGalley for a free review copy

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    My favorite line of this book wasAnd a school yearbook usually contains some student photosI've never seen a school yearbook that didn't contain student photos

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    In this 22nd book in the 'Hannah Swensen' series Hannah investigates the death of a television station employee The book can be read as a standalone but familiarity with the characters is a bonus Warning If you haven't kept up with the series this review will contain a minor spoiler Hannah Swenson owner of 'The Cookie Jar' confectionary in Lake Eden Minnesota is a talented baker and experienced amateur detective As the story opens Hannah's new husband Ross Barton has disappeared taking nothing but his condominium keys The police and Hannah are looking for Ross but have no clues as to why he left or where he went The mystery only deepens when Hannah pays a routine visit to the bank and makes a startling discoveryShortly after Ross vanishes his assistant at KCOW TV PK Aylesworth is poisoned by chocolates left on Ross's deskwhich PK has been using The police don't know whether Ross or PK was the intended victim but PK is dead so the official investigation centers on himHannah and her sister Michelle take up the cudgel as well and make inuiries about PK's co workers family girlfriend etcto see who might have wanted him deadIn between her sleuthing activities Hannah is running her bakery; testing new recipes with Michellehaving her former boyfriends and current best buddies dentist Normanand police detective Mike over to dinner; going to restaurants with Norman and Michelle; worrying about her cat Moishe who's sleeping than usual; getting Michelle a reliable used car; manning a cookie booth at the 'Holiday Gift Convention'; and That's the gist of the story which takes up about half the book The other half of the book is composed of recipes for cookies pastries and savory foods see below I like recipes in novels but this book has too manyand it feels like serious paddingI have other issues with the book as well much of the dialogue is stilted and unnatural; there are excessive descriptions of common things like traveler's checks yearbooks and safe deposit boxes that most people are familiar with; and Hannah and Michelle would have to be in the gym for half their lives to work off all the cookies they eatCookies for breakfast; cookies for snacks; cookies for dessert; and freuent cookie tasting to try out new recipes This would put the average person into sugar shock And anyone who drank as much coffee as these folks would never fall asleepMy biggest problem however is with Hannah's demeanor Considering that her husband Ross is missing Hannah is unusually cheerful happy and busywhen I would expect her to be sad depressed and worried One could almost imagine that Hannah is happy Ross is gone and maybe she is 😉This book seems out of sync with previous novels in the series and I wonder if a ghostwriter was involved Still I'd recommend the book to devoted Hannah Swenson fans and to people interested in the recipes which sound yummyYou can follow my reviews at Partial list of recipes in the book Raspberry DanishCherry Chocolate Bar CookiesPineapple Crunch CookiesLight Fandango Cookies Mixed Berry MuffinsBlueberry Shortbread Bar CookiesPineapple Raisin Whippersnapper CookiesUltimate Fudgy Chocolate Bundt CakeUpside Down Pear Coffee CakeMaple Crunch CookiesSweet and Salty Strawberry Bar CookiesChocolate Cashew Bar CookiesButterscotch Marshmallow Bar CookiesChocolate Caramel Bar CookiesPiccadilly Mini Cheese MuffinsOmelet SuaresJambalayaPizza Dip appetizerAsparagus Rolls

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    Say what you will about these books but the cliffhanger endings are what saves them Somehow I have got to know how this Hannah Mike Norman Ross love suare endsI read most of this all in one morning and as usual there were things that bugged me Right out of the gate p 3 Michelle says They were sitting right on top of my warmest winter scarf Who says things like that? What is she twelve?? Some of the language in these books seems stinted and mechanical like no one talks like thatOn p 7 Hannah and Michelle seem confused on how many ends comprise a danish Two They can both have an end piece of the danish Thank goodness Lisa was there to settle things for themAt the top of p 19 Michelle seems to not know when her mother's and Doc's wedding anniversary is How do you not know when your parent's anniversary is??On p 34 Hannah and Michelle are leaving a restaurant Michelle says that she's going up to the register to get coffee for the road FOUR PARAGRAPHS LATER Michelle says that she's going to make coffee when they arrive at the condo How much coffee do these two need???On p 64 Mike is at the Cookie Jar and Hannah has a couple of thoughts that almost seem rude about him She offers him cookies asking him how many he wants True to form Mike says something along the lines of he would eat the whole pan I'll give you eight for now Hannah says just ask if you want EIGHT COOKIES? Does a typical man usually eat than eight cookies in one sitting? Does Mike not have diabetes by now feasting as he so often does on Hannah's cooking??Ross has left his car keys that's a whole other conversation I could have and in the course of events Hannah decides to buy a car for her sister Michelle Hannah is thinking about her bank balance and the line goes She might need some or all of that money if the car she was going to buy cost than she originally thought All of that money? If she spent it all on Michelle's car what would she have to live on??There is what I think is a ridiculous scene concerning Swenson family matriarch Delores on pages 222 223 If I had a mother like Delores I would want to shoot myself She can be so rude and obnoxious and thoughtless Tracey Hannah's niece makes a few appearances in this installment Tracey is a precocious child and she can pronounce the word consolation but she can't pronounce protrusions??Apparently when Andrea Hannah's other sister was in high school she obviously underage went to a bar Telling Mike about it when they were all adults she made up a ridiculous excuse Who cares what she did as a teenager? Who cares that she basically broke a law when she was younger? Haven't we all done that? Mike couldn't do anything about it at that point Why lie??More uestions Why did Ross give up his car and assets? How does he have so much money? What does he DO???Actually I enjoyed all the food and going out to eat scenes in this book There are several interesting recipes in Raspberry Danish including omelet suares pizza dip and Piccadilly cheese muffins Maybe I'll actually make theseYou'll be able to find me reading the next darn book in this next darn series because for some reason I can't put these down Bright covers recipes and food that appeal to any good foodie's heart and cliffhangers for endings uick reads they're fun they're fluffy and maybe one day Hannah will finally end up with the guy who I have in mind for her #TeamNorman

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    This series jumped the shark awhile back and I just haven't been able to cut the cord though I was seriously going to stop after the last book and the surprise ending However curiosity got the best of me Raspberry begins where #21 left off but any active investigation by Hannah doesn't really begin until about the half way markway too late for a mystery Prior and after we get WAY too much cookie and food talk Take that away and the book would be a good 60% shorterHannah has completely devolved into an idiot both professionally and personally How can a store that just sells cookies pay a staff of 6 and it's expenses especially when Hannah keeps giving the stuff to everyone? Later we do find out that one of the staff doesn't get paid so how the heck can she afford to live?? We saw in the last book that Hannah seems to have lost any self confidence and it's just plain weird Why? She uestions that her husband left her with no word because she snores??? She needs Cher to give her a good slap and a Snap out of it Hannah also comes to the conclusion she may not have known Ross very well at all Really? You think so when you can't answer basic uestions about your husband??? She's also very passive as an investigator until about the 50% mark as I mentioned She used to be much proactiveWe the readers are also treated like we're brainless We have to be told that the fact the telephone is showing the number 5 that there were 5 callers while Hannah was gone? Actually that 5 messages were left could have been callers The characters have to constantly call each other by name so we don't have to keep track of their minimal interactionThe actual murder who did it and why was weak It was surprising and Hannah did investigate to get the answers but it made no sense Given what little we find out about the person who is the reason for the murder trying not to give spoilers what that person does makes no sense We're not given any reason for that person's actions therefore the murderer's decision to do what heshe does makes no sense Less than half a page of additional information to flesh it out would have helpedWhat really frosted my cookie is what we and Hannah are informed of at the very end Without giving any spoilers all I can say is WTF?? You have to be kidding me It just doesn't make sense so no spoiler here I think it's a fake outChances are I will read the next book only to find out if I'm right or to see if the series continues on it's insane trajectory into the dumpster and only if I get the book free again from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review or if I get it from the library

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    I have been such a fan of the Hannah Swensen Mysteries They’re good clean entertaining fun Well you know with murder But I have to say I’ve not been overly thrilled with the last few books in the series As with a good percentage of Hannah fans I do not like her husband Ross I cheered when he disappeared So the fact that this book would maybe be Ross free made me excited to read it But for reasons other than Ross RASPBERRY DANISH MURDER was not the best book in this series The concept of the mystery in RASPBERRY DANISH MURDER is a good one I didn’t guess the killer but I think it’s because I was so distracted by things in the book the murderer just got past me Distraction 1 Hannah has solved countless murders She’s a good sleuth But she can’t find her husband? Nothing? Distraction 2 Author Joanne Fluke’s writing was just not up to her normal standard This series has always been an easy read but this one felt like it was written for a younger demographic I would read the name Hannah but just kept envisioning Nancy Drew Maybe Fluke is using all her adult level writing in her thrillers? Distraction 3 I love recipes in my cozies And the Hannah Swenson books always serves up great ones But there were so many recipes in this book it was like reading the Hannah Swensen cookbook There is one at the end of just about every chapterEven with the above being said I love Hannah and all the residents of Lake Eden They have all come to feel like close friends Reading a Hannah Swensen mystery has always felt like going on a much anticipated vacation I’m thrilled to get there and sad when I have to leave I will return again for another visit But it will be with the hopes that the series is back to the same standards that were set in the very first book

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