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Virgin Midwife Playboy Doctor Margaret McDonagh presents the eighth in the Brides of Penhally Bay series From the moment this story begins the reader enters the world of warmth and devotion that Chloe Makinnon shares with her friends colleagues and mums to be However when Dr Oliver Fawkner joins the team Chloe realises that her safe secure world is spinning wildly out of controlThis is another beautiful emotional story that readers have come to know and love from Margaret McDonagh The author is a natural at tackling sensitive issues with an emotional intensity and creating characters to rescue the hurting party Virgin Midwife Playboy Doctor encompasses this and far Margaret McDonagh creates real empathy with both the hero and heroine and it’s wonderful to witness how Chloe and Oliver grow during the course of the bookVirgin Midwife Playboy Doctor has the reader empathising with Chloe and falling in love with the sexy passionate Oliver I’m looking forward to reading Margaret McDonagh’s November finale to the Brides of Penhally series Dr Devereux’s Proposal 385 An emotional and compelling story with a very satisfying HEA ending Enjoyed it very much McDonagh is a new to me author I will definitely look for of her books Penhally's most eligible bachelor finds a wifeOliver Fawkner is new to Penhally Bay And this seriously sexy doctor who has a playboy reputation has caused uite a stir with the female population But Oliver is only interested in getting to know beautiful midwife Chloe MacKinnonChloe loves her job and dotes on her patients She has always put work before her social life hiding from a traumatic past that has left her very inexperienced with men Oliver has won her trust and awakened something inside her But Chloe knows that he's only passing through Penhally—dare she risk her heart for this playboy doctor

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