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Got Hope Private investigator Goethe “Got” Luck saved humankind once already With one dangerous enemy dead and another in exile for one hundred years both the mortal realm and the realm of the Fae—the Behindbeyond—seem to be safe Now Got can go back to nice normal detective work Until a beautiful cheerleader lands in front of his house strapped to a bomb Got is than ready to protect the cheerleader Hope but it turns out she’s not just a victim; she’s bait The realm of the Fae hasn’t forgotten Got and an ancient secret society from the Behindbeyond wants to use him to seize control of the Fae realm As their enemies multiply Got realizes events are set to spiral out of control and if he can’t stop them it will mean nothing less than civil war among the Fae Accompanied by allies old and new Got will do anything to end the threat But the secret society has promised to make Got serve them either in life or in death and it looks like no clever strategy no insulting joke no magic spell will be enough to stop them This time even with all the Hope in the world Got may run out of Luck

  • Kindle Edition
  • 378 pages
  • Got Hope
  • Michael Darling
  • English
  • 10 October 2016

About the Author: Michael Darling

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10 thoughts on “Got Hope

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    I read to be entertained and to escape But I connect with characters and their stories when I can relate Michael Darling delivers another page turner with Got Hope Dating and forming a romantic relationship is never easy Something always comes up or gets in the way to complicate things When I was single I could go for months without anyone showing interest in me Then suddenly I would have the attention of several ladies Who was I not to explore the possibilities with each? Right? While fun that always has the potential for turbulent seas The uestions the drama and the insecurities that come along with dating are enough to drive most sane people nutsI was left wondering at the end of Got Luck about certain characters and where their relationships were headed or not headed uite literally Hope arrived early in Got Hope and began to answer my uestions in a way I didn't expect I love when a story throws me for a loop like this one does As things turn sideways in this urban fantasy world I found myself not only buying in to the new developments but actually altering my own paradigms so that they could align with the story That might seem vague so you will just have to read it to understand what I mean I was also excited that book two whisked me back to the BehindBeyond; a perpendicular magical world that co exists with our own While Darling developed the setting well we did not get to spend a lot of time there in book one and explore that universe This time round we get to go with Got and his interesting entourage where new creatures societies and kingdoms await The story is full of foreign affairs mystery deceit betrayal and most importantly relationships that teeter on the edge of a knife The plot is well thought out and moves at a great pace Yet it gives us time to get to know the characters as life is thrown at them in full force After reading I am happy to say that I’m on a team Got Pun intended I can't wait until I have Got the Next book  

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    Got Hope by Michael Darling takes the reader further into the Behindbeyond than Alice fell into the rabbit hole I could not put it down until except for sleep and the occasional work related task and read it in three days Goethe “Got” Luck the son of the Fae King likes his life in the mortal realm even when a perky blonde cheerleader Hope chained to a bomb nearly kills him in front of his own house A new case to test his private investigation skills is a much needed distraction from his complicated marital situation with Erin With his client in tow and sometimes leading the charge Got must navigate the dangerous streets of Miami and the Borderlands of Behindbeyond to prove his worth as a PI and as the heir apparent to the throneCan Got solve discover who the bad guys are and what they want and keep his client safe before they succeed in turning them into street art?What I LikedOMH where do I begin? I don’t usually gush over a book even the ones to which I give five stars but this is not your usual urban fantasy tale Michael pulls you into his stories with the perfect combination of detail subtlety and cliffhangers Got’s snarky character is a delight and adds the right amount of humor to the dangerous situations he keeps getting pulled into I lost myself in the Fae world and in the developing relationships with Erin Hope and his new compatriotsWhat I Didn’t LikeAbsolutely nothingI gave Got Hope a solid five stars because the rating system doesn’t go any higher I’ve already got the shakes looking for my next hit of Got’s world

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    Wonderful fanciful I read his first book and enjoyed it The writing style was a little different then what I was used to uite frankly I almost didn't get this one because of the way Got talked but decided to try after all I could always not finish it if I found that it was to much for my mind to deal with I am happy I decided to go ahead and get it I found myself looking to see if there was another one Would definitely recommend it

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    I'm glad I entered a contest that exposed me to so many new great authors and that Michael Darling and his BehindBeyond series is one of them The characters setting and plot are all very intriguing I'm than ready for the next in the series but I'm afraid it will be a while since Got Hope was just released If you are looking for a new great urban fantasy definitely give this series a try

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    Well doneGot luck and got hope are a joy to read I am excited to see what comes next The humor alone in these books was refreshing The pace was well maintained from beginning to end and the characters are relatable Two thumbs up to Michael for a job well done

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    Got Luck is back and this time he’s got a perky cheerleader in tow Someone’s out to kill her her sleaze of a husband is falsifying photos of her with other men to get out of a pre nup agreement and her life is just generally too complicated She hires Got after he gets rid of a briefcase bomb that’s attached to her with a handcuff She’s got a real “Perils of Pauline” vibe about her even though she’s relentlessly hopefulWhen Got is called back to the Behindbeyond she follows him using ingenious meansWhat’s a beleaguered private eye to do? He’s got HopeFew typos grammatical errors Shouldn’t be any but oh well That’s publishing these days

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    If you liked The Dresden FilesThis is a fun series about another wise cracking magic wielding detective and his circle of evil fighting friends I can't wait for the next installment

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    Great readThoroughly great Cannot wait for the next one subtle hint thereEven loved the awful puns recommended to my fellow bookworms

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    WonderfulSo refreshing to come across this too short series For lovers of all things Dresden there just aren't enough books like this that are in that vein To readers read them To the author write them Please

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    I would like to order the next 4 Got books to be done in time for my reading vacationStar Wars references and Robert Frost poems just to name 2 very enjoyable moments

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