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Off the Grid Christmas HOLIDAY HIDEOUT When computer expert Arden DeMarco hacks secret files and discovers evidence of treason a price is put on her head What started as a mission to help a friend is now a fight for her life with assassins and the FBI tracking her down There's no time to get distracted by her brother's best friend Kane Walker but the security expert promised Arden's family he'd bring her safely home for the holidays Instead they're dodging bullets—and fighting their growing feelings—while Arden races to break the encryption and find out what's hidden in the files she stole But as they're hunted by armed henchmen determined to make sure those secrets are never uncovered keeping Arden safe is the only Christmas gift that matters

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Off the Grid Christmas
  • Mary Ellen Porter
  • 02 February 2016
  • 9780373678563

10 thoughts on “Off the Grid Christmas

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    This one was a fun little mystery with some unusual elements which I liked The brilliant computer developerhacker has a great obsession with Christmas and a tendency to chatter rapid fire when nervous which was fun She also ends up on a cross country trek with a cat under her jacket which I honestly haven’t seen before in fictionFun read that kept me on the edge of my seat

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    Mercy but I think this might just be one of the best Love Inspired Suspense novels I have ever read It's seriously riveting suspense and awesomely toe curling romance and I never expected to laugh so much in the middle of all the desperate danger and fearsome pursuits That laughter comes courtesy of Arden DeMarco an intense nerdy computer expert who has the habit of spouting off inane facts when she's nervous And Kane finds that he uite enjoys this chatterbox's rants These two sizzle in every scene I think my fingers are scorched So I'm all into rabidly navigating the plot twists and turns and then wham Silas and company show up and I'm suddenly stereo hyperventilating and praying that he and company are the heroes in Porter's next book And please please please let that be soon If you only buy one LIS novel this month make it this one

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    Arden has the FBI after her And she is stubborn She won’t let anyone help her The only reason Kane gets a foot in the door is that he is in the right place at the right time to assist herShe has the proof that could put some people away for a long time So needless to say they don’t want her telling on themA lot of running around going on in this one I did do my fair share of skimming but the book was good solid Definitely worth the read Check it outI bought this book with my own money

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    This was yet another little paperback that took me by pleasant surprise and I'm glad I picked it up on a whim when I didTruth be told it took a little while for this book to hook me Don't mistake that for it being slow; it's hardly slow paced From page one you're moving at breakneck speed with the background of the situation coming to light as events unfold Still it took me a while to really get into the story itself and I'm not entirely sure around what point that happened Hazarding a guess perhaps it was a third of the way into the book and event then I'm not sure what exactly hooked meAs seems to be the case with nearly every book published by Harleuin that I've read thus far I really would have liked of the extra information fleshed out What we have in the story to go off of isn't bad but it's sparse I would like the story to be longer for the backgrounds of the characters and their personalities and the like to be expanded upon so there's of a feeling of heart and soul behind it all But for a very clean story centered around romance andit's categorized as suspense but it feels like intrigue it's well written and the interactions between the two main characters and the ending are very sweet and fluffy If you want a bit of an action packed little intrigue story set around Christmastime with a sweet warm little romance this is one I definitely recommend looking into

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    My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Off the Grid Christmas Mary Ellen is a fairly new author to LIS but I really have enjoyed her books They are well written action packed and faith filled You are going to love itComputer Expert Arden DeMarco discovers a secret file with evidence of treason She was just trying to help a friend but now she is in trouble and is running for her life She needs to break the encrypted program she hacked Her brother sends his best friend to help her and bring her home for ChristmasSecurity Expert Kane Walker is sent to find Arden and bring her home to her family He never dreamed they would be fighting assassins running from the FBI and dodging bullets She is his best friend's sister so she is hands off no matter how attracted he is to her Can he keep her safe without loosing his heart?A struggle to stay alive surrounded by men trying to retrieve the evidence and kill them God has a plan for these two; a plan for good and not for evil God has a plan for you too Give Him your heart and watch Him straighten out you mess

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    Loved this sweet romance This was my first time to read a Mary Ellen Porter LIS but it certainly won't be the last I've already bought the book that came before this one and is about one of the heroine's brothers This book takes place over a pretty short time span but the romance didn't feel rushed This was my favorite sort of romance no angst or misunderstandings I loved both the main characters immediately and immensely and was very sad to say goodbye In fact I reread the last chapters as soon as I finished I can see this being a favorite to read each Christmas season I'm hoping Ms Porter writes books for the unmarried brothers too

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    I love the heroine in this book Arden is an expert with computers and listening to her talk is refreshing She is incredibly intelligent fortunately Kane is not put off by her intelligence as so many men would be I enjoyed how the heroine takes the lead in this story all the way to the end Great book

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    This is a fun mystery set at Christmastime I enjoyed Arden's determination to solve the mystery and Kane's focus in keeping Arden safe This book kept me engrossed from start to finish A great read

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    Lots of action Fun to read

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    My interest in this genre is restored This book was very entertaining It has interesting lead characters delightful repartee an intriguing plot and a believable budding romance

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