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Scandalous They call him The Mute for a reasonHard cold and calculated he rarely speaksWhen he does it’s with disdainWhen he does his words aren’t meant for meWhen he does my stomach flips and my world tilts on its axisHe is thirty threeI am eighteenHe’s a single dad and my father’s business partnerI’m just a kid to him and his enemy’s daughterHe’s emotionally unavailableAnd I amfeeling Feeling things I shouldn’t feel for himTrent Rexroth is going to break my heart The writing isn’t just on the wall it’s inked on my soulAnd yet I can’t stay awayA scandal is the last thing my family needs But a scandal is what we’re going to give them And oh what beautiful chaos it will be

  • 315 pages
  • Scandalous
  • L.J. Shen
  • English
  • 19 April 2016

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    How the hell does she do it?? Every single time Every single book They keep getting better and better Scandalous is complex emotionally riveting and an intricately plotted work of art It's thought provoking and guaranteed to steal your heart I was in tears at the end #BestEpilogueAward I always expect the unexpected with the Hotholes and Trent did not disappoint Oh God He was such a sociopath And I was in so much trouble It was a completely different experience My reaction was visceral and cerebral Days later and I'm still thinking about the story still thinking about the sacrifices these characters were willing to make for those they love It's LJ's best writing to date She had me all up in my feelings I always enjoyed the broken in the fairy tales better The apple always looked shinier because I knew it could destroy me What stands out most in this installment of the series are the main characters They're all broken They yearn for something and those yearnings became my own Any reader can relate to wanting the things they desire Another standout were the relationships between various characters They're all unconventional perfectly imperfect Folks this isn't a cookie cutter everyone is perfect let's go skipping through a field of daisies type of romance It's like real life messy unfiltered and beautiful The characters aren't average or typically and neither is their love I don’t comment on the age or race difference because the relationship is as it should be in my opinion Love doesn’t discriminate And I will never love anyone else the way I do you because it's not about my age It's about my heart Now for the shockerEvie is my favorite main character I can identify with Trent his experiences past love for his family pretty much everything except being a dude However Evie stole my heart She's strong and resilient mature beyond her years and determined woman Loved herSo to sum up this long ass rambling reviewI really enjoyed Scandalous and highly recommend it to everyone It’s a page turner that is guaranteed to entertain fans of the series and new readers alike Another 5 read from LJ Shen Highly Recommended For of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️12 Scandalous stand alone May December contemptuous office flirtation between the boss his intern set on sabotaging “The ocean is her drug She is mine” Books in Sinner of Saint series are stand alonesBook 05 DefyBook 1 ViciousBook 2 RuckusBook 3 ScandalousBook 4 BaneScandalous stand alone opens up to a heated confrontation between mogul Trent Rexroth aka The Mute and high school senior Edie Van Der Zee Though they are off to a rocky start Trent has something Edie’s father wants enough to blackmail his own daughter into helping him While Edie pushes Trent’s buttons infiltrates pries and steals they must both fight an intense attraction The contempt Trent feels towards his new intern is mitigated only by the way Edie handles his mute daughter Luna Their lust filled feud soon escalates into a forbidden affair and beyond only to unravel into a race against time for secrets and truths that threatens everything they have come to hold dear “I’m sorry sweetheart I don’t do children” Nine words to describe Trent Rexroth Laid back reflective private reckless brooding loyal forgiving patient and complexEight words to describe Edie Van Der Zee Loyal lonely desperate observant resilient snarky fierce and captivatingScandalous told from dual POVs is explosive and forbidden May December office affair between two lonely souls caught in a uest for vengeanceSuspenseful Endearing Scandalous “What a fucking way to break my rules with a girl who was both at my mercy and tasted of betrayal” Hero ★★★★Heroine ★★★★★Plot ★★★★Storytelling ★★★★★Sexual tension ★★★★★Sex scenes ★★★★12Story ending ★★★★OVERALL RATING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️12Angst | MEDIUM FOCUS |Darkness | MEDIUM FOCUS |Humor | MEDIUM FOCUS |Kink | LOW FOCUS |Romance | HIGH FOCUS |Sex freuency | MEDIUM FOCUS |Suspense | HIGH FOCUS |Thank you to Liz for our ARCFBR ARC provided to me by author LJ Shen in exchange for an honest review

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    OMG this book was RAW and EMOTIONAL and gutted me I was falling fast and deep for Trent and he might just be my newest obsessionBut besides having one gorgeous hunk of a man SCANDALOUS really lived up to its nameIt was SCANDALOUS TANTALIZING and PANTY DROPPING HOT in the most exhilarating way I was so not prepared for Trent and Edie There was no way I could have imagined how explosive this couple would be From the very first moment they met the world stopped existing faded away to leave Trent and Edie on an emotional and life altering roller coster rideI must say Trent was an amazing and deeply enigmatic character He was the uiet but dangerous sort of hero The way he manipulated everyone around him was incredibly appealing The uiet personalities often turn out to be the most interesting of all characters And Trent was a perfect example He had me glued to the pages I was fascinated by every step he took every word he spoke and his thought process made me all hot and bothered he was delectableHe checked all of my jerk boxes Crude straighforward blunt uncompromisingly himself His barely checked attitude towards everyone that wasn't his daughter or the rest of the HotHoles had me salivating for I'm so strange DI adored how he slowly revealed parts of himself On random occasions he threw bits and pieces at Edie almost like a plea to not give up on him And every single time Edie turned into a gooey mess Me tooTrent was FANFLIPPINGTASTICNow Edie was a touch cookie herself I was impressed and amazed by her determination and loyalty Her situation broke my heart but her steely resolve and willpower made her a fierce character and a perfect partner for Trent She was as broken and flawed as Trent But even though Edie was much younger she was his eual in many ways Because when it came down to just Trent and Edie she matched him in every way that counted Her ferocious loyalty and fierce protective sense her passionate and sexual appetite her no nonsense and take no shit attitude all struck a chord with Trent Two broken souls finding their match It was a love story of scandalous proportionsLeigh Shen gave Trent the PERFECT woman to fall in love with No other women could have touched his heart and awoken such fundamentally changing feelings in him It seems like he was waiting for Edie his entire life From the very first moment they met he felt that he would never be the same again And in a strange way he accepted it and that was one of the things I LOVED the most about himI could go on and on about this bookI'll end this review by saying that this book ROCKED my world I never thought that Leigh could top VICIOUS but SCANDALOUS was as fascinating as it was emotionally gripping It was a MASTERPIECEFind reviews and book recommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagram

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    I suspect whisper synced a different book to my Kindle otherwise this book sure as hell doesn't even come close to being a 2 star much less one deserving of the array of glowing 5 stars Just putting that out there Although the gang of sinners are supposedly successful businessmen in their 30s they however inevitably come across as petulant and at times just plain stupid with no distinguishable character growth or maturity I find the whole lot of them crass and insufferable and it's time I said goodbye to this seriesWhat on earth happened to the LJ Shen who gave us Sparrow?FYI Trent has sex with other women Explicit sex 😤😤

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    35 stars Scandalous is the third book in Shen’s Sinners of Saint series and can be read as a stand alone though I would recommend reading the first few books before this You don’t want to miss out on the greatness of Vicious and Dean’s books I wanted what was forbidden and wrong and fucking crazy I wanted my partner’s daughter who was nearly half my age 
Lovers of forbidden romance this is the book in the series for you Not only were these two ‘forbidden’ because Trent and Evie’s dad are business partners but Evie is half of Trent’s age and only just legal What I loved about this book is that both of the main characters were broken Both of them had a lot to lose by being together and both of them were fighting for something bigger than themselves “When it’s all over when all that’s left of us is sweaty flesh and shattered minds and torn hearts you will remember me as the man who made you cry and I’ll remember you as the girl I had to break to stay afloat” Trent was not the typical hothole He’s uiet and broody He’s called the mute for a reason but Evie brings out a different side of him Evie is young but she’s grown up in a way that has made her older than her years She wasn’t immature or too young for Trent personality wise so the age gap didn’t bother me one bit This has been an addictive series and this book was no exception Trent’s book was different than I expected but one thing that was consistent was the fact that it was captivating sexy and had a lot of feeling I loved that Trent was a single dad It was an original story line Dean’s book Rukus is still my favorite but this was a great addition to the series The ocean is her drug She is mine

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    45 STARS The ocean is her drug She is mine” The Sinners of Saint is my crack and LJ Shen my dealer The woman writes some of the most addicting and sizzling enemies to lovers romances I've ever read Trent Rexroth has always seemed like the most tame of the HotHoles when compared to Vicious's vicious streak and Dean's shenanigans If you think Trent was the nice one of the bunch think again You know what they say about those uiet ones don't you? A dark deprived animal lived inside me Whenever I let it out—and I always let it out in bed—it bloomed Freedom gave the savage inside me a good buzz which was why I sometimes got a little carried away The only female to hold Trent's heart is his adorable daughter After the baby mama up and disappeared on them both he's been doing his best to keep his head above water with the whole parenting thing Having a daughter that won't utter a word or so much as smile at him certainly doesn't help matters But when it comes to matters of the heart? Well Trent doesn't believe in all that jazz A rough dirty screw is all he has to offer and he makes no ualms about it He doesn't promise hearts and flowers and he never willEnter Edie Van Der Zee His new partner's daughter and eighteen year old pain in his ass An entitled spoiled little rich girl that bends to every single one of her daddy's commands Or so he thinks But not all is at it seems with Edie She's drowning in her own world barely keeping her head above water stuck between a needy and helpless mother and a vicious power hungry father I’d finally found him The one man scarier than my father Not that I was looking Because while Vicious made a lot of noise Trent Rexroth was the silent hunter who would circle you for hours striking when you least expected it Trent and Edie play a dangerous game of cat and mouse Barbs and insults being their flirting and antagonization being their foreplay I have mad respect for LJ for keeping true to her characters with this book Trent is no knight in shining armor The man is so far from perfect and he certainly puts Edie through hell Whatever we were we were toxic A lullaby on a thoroughly scratched record that keeps hiccupping again and again on the line that you hate This can’t happen This can’t happen This won’t happen Not only is a relationship forbidden Edie's father has sets his sights on Trent and is determined to push him out of the company Falling for his daughter can cost Trent everything But this is a man that likes playing with fire I wanted what was forbidden and wrong and fucking crazy I wanted my partner’s daughter who was nearly half my age If you're looking for a sweet and emotional romance you've picked up the wrong book my friend When I say Trent and Edie are absolutely toxic for each other I mean it But they also burn up the pages together Their connection is palpable and the sexual chemistry between them undeniableTrent makes his share of decisions that I wanted to hate him for But they made sense for the man that he was in the beginning so I begrudgingly forgave him You’re my Delilah Edie and I’m your Samson You want to ruin me destroy me strip me of my power and betray me I should stay away from you but I want you too fucking much And when it’s all over when all that’s left of us is sweaty flesh and shattered minds and torn hearts you will remember me as the man who made you cry and I’ll remember you as the girl I had to break to stay afloat” Scandalous was a delicious sizzling and angst filled ride from beginning to finish This series just can't seem to disappoint and you'll never find this reader complaining Admittedly I had a little bit of a tough time getting fully on board with Trent and Edie at first There was just something missing that made me completely connect to them as a couple which kept this being a full 5 stars for me But they totally won me over in the second half and I ended up absolutely loving them ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    Disappointment I really cannot believe that Ms Shen started the series with something so uniue as VICIOUS and then continued with mediocre books afterwards I didn’t love Book 2 which is Rosie Dean’s story as I didn’t approve their relationship at all I also felt disturbed about the way Mel Jamie’s story started Book 05 – not the age difference not the teacherstudent thing but how it started Now I disliked Book 3 even disapproving Edie and Trent’s relationship as well This book is now my least favorite of allAnd I regret to say that Sinners of Saint Series is no one of my favorite series However VICIOUS is one my all times favorite books on its own and this won't ever change Book 3 SCANDALOUSTrent is a single dad with a 4 year old daughter He is 33 years old The mother of his child was a stripper He had sex with her without using a condom under the influence of drugs at the age of 28 Yes at the age of 28 not 18 when he was young and naïve but at an age he was supposed to be a responsible adult This only tells me he isn’t a person I would like Trent looks after his daughter alone as the mother left them when the child was one year old His daughter Luna knows how to speak but she chooses not to speak AT ALL That is why he is taking her to a therapist regularly He has never dated or never had a girlfriend before He explains that is because his parents had a special kind of love and he never felt it with anyone Now he is having sex with her child’s therapist on the one side and with the private investigator he hired to find his daughter’s mother on the other side Casual non exclusive hook upsEdie Van der Zee is the 18 year old daughter of the partner in the firm HotHoles own When Trent sees her he is physically drawn to her although he knows she is nearly half his age and a teenagerHere are the thoughts of Trent when he watches Edie in her shorts She looked so much like a kid I wanted to punch myself in the balls for imagining her writhing under me while I’d pounded into Amanda the other night Edie’s legs were still curveless two straight toothpicks Not very different from Luna’sShe was young So goddamn young Her body was straddling the rope between ripe and juvenile It still hadn’t reached its full potential and gotten all its defined curves Thinking of her in this way and then comparing her to his 4 year old daughter Luna was disturbing for me and a book that started on such a perv side had little chance to win me over later and it did not Not at allTheir affair was so not my cuppaI didn't feel the thing between them as there were no feelings talked about I couldn't connect to these characters at allEdie is in high school not even going to college If she were 21 and he 33 I would have felt better about their relationship And what started and developed between Trent and Edie was purely physical If they had love even insta love or some deep feelings for each other or a bonding on some deeper level I might have overcome that big age gap between them but the way it was presented was not the way I could embrace itThe writer tries to draw a different picture of a teenager with the character of Edie so that we can accept her relationship with Trent Edie has casual sex with a guy and likes it hard she is no vanilla type I believe the writer did that so that we would feel OK with the purely physical rough and hardcore affair between Edie and Trent laterHere is what Trent thinks and says when he finds Edie in a reservoir with her boyfriend and gets pissed The notion that I could slam her against my hood and fck her from behind was too much Or maybe I could spread her and eat her out before I fcked her in the middle of the reservoir She would let me and that was the worst thing about our situation Edie would let me do that to her and not because she was a naïve girl with daddy issues But because she’d come here to fck and I was a willing body to her Nothing less nothing He acts in a weirdly jealous way and forbids her to have sex with anyone He is not promising anything not offering or starting anything Just forbidding her to have sex with another personAnd the next day when she says she didn’t listen to him and had sex with her casual boyfriend his punishment is fcking a woman in front of her in his office while she is watching She gets jealous of the woman but still watches the scene Well knowing is something but seeing is something else I could never wipe that memory out of my mind I wanted to move Knew that I needed to fast But I was overwhelmed by everything—my being caught them being caught and the realization that I was about to catch on fire with jealousy I was glued to my spot unable to tear my eyes away from the scene in front of me I didn’t have to make myself known I was standing right in front of them choking the doorknob with my grip mouth comically agape My heart parachuted making my stomach roll in both agony and thrill Trent’s eyes locked onto mine his hips rolling forward as he showed me how he fucked Thrusting moving demanding He twisted the tresses of her burgundy hair between his strong long fingers And he watched me Watched as if it was me bending for him taking him in I returned his gaze“Van Der Zee you’re here just in time for the eight o’clock show” I don’t have much to say about this book other than that it wasn’t my cuppa I disliked how they started their affair I didn’t like that the second time they had sex he wanted to try anal and they did And I also disliked the way he talked to her calling her kid or child one moment and then saying he wanted to do grown up things with her another moment I also didn't like the pain pleasure thing their intimate scenes includedIn fact there isn’t anything I liked in this book other than the scenes where Vicious appeared and did the talking his epic talking I love that jerk no matter what This book also has a very slow pacing and it is kind of boring with a lot of family drama on both sides It is draggingIt is told by dual point of view so we read the thoughts of both sides Edie TrentBy the way I don’t know why the title of the book is Scandalous Only they call their affair scandalous themselves but it causes no scandal in town Sooooo Everyone is sharing their favorite uotes from the book but since there is no uotation I can put here as my favorite I will unfortunately do the opposite and share a few that I disliked Here we go “I’m going to jerk off until my dick falls off With you in my mind on my fingers and my lips Edie Teenager or not you’re about to do a lot of grown up stuff with me”Did I have feelings toward her? I didn’t think so But I liked having her around Liked how she put a smile on my daughter’s face How her fckable ass and lean surfer’s body felt against mine How she responded to my touch the same way you respond to your first kiss With uncontained rawness She was clay I could do whatever the fck I wanted with her And I wanted to do everything Down to the last sordid fantasy that sat dormant in my head“I want to hurt you” I said because that’s what I always said because that’s what I always felt But I didn’t feel it now I was on autopilot Like people say they’re hungry at noon sharp just to get the fuck out of the office and take their lunch break “Then do” she moaned into the pillow completely pliable and she fucking came clutching my dick and shuddering like she was having a seizure “Hurt me Trent I love your wrath on my skin”“Next time you make a joke about someone else fucking you just remember I own every single hole in your body including the one I’ll leave in your heart when I’m done”

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    How do I write up a review that does justice to this book? Answer is I can't ‘SCANDALOUS’ is the third book within the ‘Sinner of Saint’ series by LJ Shen Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ Edie is eighteen Trent is thirty three Their story is not perfect The first time Trent had noticed Edie Van Der Zee was at a barbecue celebrating Dean’s son’s birthday the second time he’d laid eyes on her was when he caught her doing a five fingered discount at the promenade where the rich freuented now she’s right under his nose working at Fiscal Heights Holdings Edie was lost and floundering through life though she had been accepted to five universities out of state but nothing in this world would make her attend one obvious reason is her surfing it fed her soul and gave her the oxygen to breathe but the main reason was that the only person she truly cared about was right here in California and nothing could make her move away Now her father has told her she has to come and work in his company There is no love lost between Edie and her father a ruthless heartless man that isn’t beyond manipulating Edie to do his dirty work with a high cost to her if she doesn’t pull through Where Edie is concerned things don’t add up but only someone with an eye for detail when it came to struggling to make ends meet would see all the signs and Trent sees all those signs in colour And he’s going to get to the bottom of it Trent Rexroth was the silent hunter who would circle you for hours striking when you least expected it A desolate panther wild uiet and slick Trent Rexroth is a hard cold and calculated man raising his daughter Luna single handedly they call him the mute for a reason he barely spoke a self made rich man rising up from the gutter to make a name for himself in Todos Santos he worked hard for what he had and nothing and nobody was going to get in his way Life was not a game of chess Life was fucking Jenga You tried winging through it hoping it wouldn’t fall down in spectacular fashion and bury you This book took me brutally captive and did not let me go it threw everything that I could've hoped for and the angst the emotional rollercoaster of a clusterfuck ride was had god the feels they just kept coming and coming they never stopped this series this author just gets better and better You can't compare this series to anything else you can't compare the characters stories to any other this author is beyond talented Everything I love I crave I seek I need I want all boxes were ticked Trent is beyond my favourite the silent mute that had so much to say This book was the best of the best I don't think LJ Shen could've found a better character to match Trent Edie was his eual in every way where it mattered she challenged him where he needed to be challenged She was perfectly imperfect for him I don't kiss I fucking hate it I don't do relationships One last warning I fuck rough Deepthroating is a reuirement not an option Trent made me swoon like a teenager beyond alpha a dirty sexual man who had the woman he bedded begging for mercy But only one was his match Edie the teenager that looked like a goddess but had the sting of a bee these two were heartless in their pursuit of the most tantalizing sexual chemistry between the sheets If you want to be strong be

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    45I am an unapologetic cover whore Always have been Always will be I picked up Sparrow by LJ Shen last year because of that fact and after I finished reading it I’d never been so thankful for my whorish ways From the moment I delved into that book I knew I had found something specialsomeone special Alphas and assholes are my favorite kinds of heroes and it was obvious to me that I had met their master Making a true asshole hero that you can fall in love with can’t be an easy feat but Leigh does it every single time Scandalous was no different Trent Rexroth aka The Mute loves his daughter Luna than life itself and that’s why it kills him that he can’t reach her He doesn’t grace many people with his words but he freely gives them all to her and never receives any in return Being deprived of the kind of fatherdaughter communication most people take for granted guts him completely Edie Van Der Zee lives in a mansion but her life is anything but luxurious She spends her days taking care of her mentally ill mother and trying to collect as much money as she can in any way possible She needs money desperately despite her insanely rich parents because at the age of 18 she is helping to take care of someone else and that someone else is not living in her home and is at the mercy of her father’s whims Edie’s father Jordan Van De Zee is a cruel man that is anything but a good husband and father He barely acknowledges Edie unless he wants something and she should have known he wanted something when he forced her to come work for him Using the only leverage he has over her that would make her do absolutely anything he drops the bomb on Edie that he expects her to steal from Trent for himTo say that Trent Rexroth and Jordan Van Der Zee don’t get along would be an understatement so when Jordan brings Edie to work and demands that she be allowed a job Trent’s first reaction is to fight him on itthat is until he sees her with Luna Because Trent spends a huge chunk of his time at the office Luna’s therapist suggested that he take her to work with him sometimes Edie happens to run into her and her nanny in the breakroom which is where he sees the thing that changes his mind about Edie’s employment completely Somehow she manages to have Luna smiling and engaging in a way that he only dreamed of He knows right then and there that he can’t let her goSomething else draws Trent to Edie though and it drives him crazy They don’t get along in any way Every verbal exchange they have becomes a sparring match but underneath it all is a burning desire that neither of them can extinguish In fact over time it becomes increasingly apparent that they will inevitably combust Scandalous is well written sexy heartbreaking and heartwarming It’s a book that I wanted to go on forever because aside from how phenomenal of a story it is the reality that Trent was the last hothole I would read about broke my heart This series will go down as one of my favorites of all time I adore it and it solidified L J Shen’s spot in my heart forever It is no secret that she has become my favorite author I fangirl for her like a teenager over their favorite boy band and I will never be ashamed of it Amazing talent like hers is rare and the fact that it comes in the form of an eually amazing human being is the icing on the cake There were two little words in this book that caused tears to unexpectedly burst from eyes and once you read it maybe you will know what I’m talking about Of course there is a chance you won’t but I can guarantee you that you WILL be touched by something This is a book about people that have never had an easy time in this world but they survive and they thrive and it’s an incredibly beautiful thing to witness If you haven’t read this one yet drop everything else you’re doing and one click it now If you haven’t started this series yet rectify that immediately The Sinners of Saint series is one that no romance fan should miss

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