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Dungeon Madness The Divine Dungeon #2 Enjoyable book but I wasn't as drawn in as with the first It may be that I'm reaching a saturation point with some of lit rpg books and need to take a breakSo fun book sentient dungeon which explains how dungeons respawn their monsters and how monsters live behind closed doors for years just to be there to eat your character when he or she walks inEnjoy I liked this one than the last one because we get to see of what's going on in the world and there's a bit depth to the bookThe adventurer main character is struggling how to hold on to his authority in the dungeon raiding camp dealing with elves royalties from around the world and other shit that just makes his life difficult Do you let this faction or that faction have control of security what do you do about the over abundance of royal twits coming and thinking they should be top dog How do you deal with rationing out the spoils of the dungeon how do you make roads and trash removal function properly That sort of thing There's of course dungeon raiding monsters new insights into how the magic works There was actual character development in this book rather than just characters being vessels for the plot which is fine given the story type but I always enjoy it when characters learn and grow and have development The first book was a solid 4 this one I felt was like a 425 45 This is a prime example of how much I wish Goodreads would allow half star ratings to be accurate I can't show in ratings that this book is better than the first If you liked the first book I think you'd like the second book even this series is very uniue so if you're on rfantasy and looking for a non human POV for one of the Bingo Suares and you also enjoy dungeon raiding and WoW type video games I think you should check this series out Binge read this sucker the day after listening to the first book on audible After reading this book I think I prefer reading the series to listeningOverall a pretty legit book It wasn't completely predictable which was great Cal was amusing Dani was sassy and got a tad scarier Dale got lipo and Craig got vanished but no really he went from a secondary character trainer to disappearing where'd he goI'm really curious about that Dakota guy though He seemed pretty powerful and intelligent ; Hopefully he didn't dieCan't wait for book 3 I gave book 1 one star because it wasn't a story just a 13 of a story If anything book 2 is worse SPOILERS Book 2 ends with the main character dungeon going crazy and who reads fantasy books for a large dose of mental health issues Apparently the author realized this after completing book 2 because she immediately reverses this at the beginning of book 3 in pretty much the stupidest possible way High power magic users specialize in things like healing plants etc Well it turns out that this world has one really high powered magic user who specializes in mental health He shows up tells the dungeon to stop stealing my whispers does no magic or really anything useful because the magic user is crazy too and leaves Viola the MC is sane again FOR NO REASONAdditionally this book fails to tell a complete story Sure it ends with a big battle but the combatants don't include the big bad guy the author keeps telling us about This ending is euivalent to ending a WW II book after DunkirkI can't see why people are willing to overlook such basic failings in this book but I will say that the portion of a story told in this book is well paced and written Still why would people want to spend money to read a 13 of a story Fortunately I'm getting these books through my library The author really likes to explain how the dungeon does magic but if he would have skipped some of that and written one good book he would have accomplished something As it is all the author accomplishes is bilking his readers for 3 book sales instead of 1Bottom line an incomplete book with a poorly thought out story What a great conceptThe concept of a story from the perspective of a sentient dungeon was enthralling for me Better the cast of characters were fantastic as is the overarching story line The author did a commendable job of writing an entertaining and novel story The only home I found through the entire story was that no one had any suspicion of the dungeon's sentience despite numerous clear indicators That bothered me a bit through both books but not enough to prevent me from enjoying them thoroughly 35Still silly Still enjoyable Still too many punsBook 2 continues the adventure expanding the world and characters I didn't enjoy it as much as Book 1 for a couple reasons First the in depth mechanics of the RPG leveling system began dragging it down at parts as we got VERY in depth I enjoy the creativity but it also drags Second it doesn't feel as polished which Book 1 already had some polishing problems Jokes get repeated or scenes from the same book get re capped as if we hadn't just read them A solid edit could have cleaned that up Also and this is just a minor pet peeve the book winks at the audience just a little too much Talking about that scribe names Dakota the author's name then mentioning Dakota again as if we hadn't heard it the first time or saying Dungeon Born would be a great name for a book haha get it That's the name of Book 1 just annoy me Probably not everyone but that's my gripe The book also exceeded my pun thresholdComplaints aside this is a very enjoyable novel I was bummed when it ended I'll be picking up Book 3 once my monthly ration of Audible credits arrive Better than the FirstDisclaimer In the interest of full disclosure I personally know the author and I received access to a temporary pre release copy in exchange for editing services A review was never discussed but I enjoyed the book and feel it is deserving of a review Please note I did pay for permanent access to the final copy of the book Also my personal relationship with the author has had no impact on the following review unless said impact was grading aspects a bit harshly uick Look Dungeon Madness is the second book in the Divine Dungeon series and is a fantastic follow up to the first book The concept is the same in that the main character is a dungeon but the scenarios play out uite a bit differently than in the first book Again this book is a LitRPG novel with hints of the Wuxia genre meaning that what the reader gets is a book that could be ripped straight out of a video game with some awesome fight descriptions Recommended For Readers of the first book Seriously this book is difficult to read as a stand alone novel because it isn’t one It takes place immediately after the events of the first book and ends in a way which just begs for a third That being said the first book and this one are relatively inexpensive and uite long so if you’re interested I’d recommend picking both of them up That being said I’d recommend this series to anyone who really likes video games anyone who likes dungeon crawler fantasy and anyone who likes seeing something new There are a few dungeon style novels out there but very few and the concept is still fresh SPOILERS AHEAD Pros This book improved upon almost every aspect of the previous book The mechanics of the writing took a major upswing writing uality is much better the editing is better and the consistency is better This isn’t to say the previous book was seriously hurting in these regards but there is a significant difference I attribute these to the author and his team being a bit experienced After the mechanical issues the pros start being even better The magic system gets even fleshed out while still staying simple enough where I didn’t get confused The balance of the limitations on things like runes enchantments and inscriptions while being accessible to all with the limitless nature of mana while being accessible to a very select few was a brilliant touch The creatures created in the dungeon show even creativity on the part of the author with the floating jellyfish being my favorite The humor is taken up a notch and I loved it Also while the ending is definitely a cliffhanger the ending felt less rushed and minor loose ends were tied up than in the last book We certainly have a major loose end to deal with in the next book but I feel like this was a much better ending arc than the first bookThe author also improved on a handful of the ‘mixed bag’ issues from the last book Due to the increasing size of the dungeon and the amount of time the story takes place outside of said dungeon the book doesn’t physically stagnate from being told in the same place There is enough variance throughout the different floors and the surface and the balance of time spent in each is improved that there is never the feeling like the reader is trapped On the topic of exposition or world building as I call it we see that the author has refined his ability to show us the world He lowered the overall amount of exposition and built the world through characters’ actions Even with less exposition the world kept growing and expanding in my imagination while reading the book which isn’t surprising as the author’s biggest strength is world building Mixed Bag The author uses a bit meta humor in this book He refers to himself once or twice in a humorous fashion He also refers to a few of his fellow LitRPG authors’ books Now I loved this and many people seem to love this style of humor That being said a few people may take some issue with it It does disrupt the flow and immersion a little bit as meta humor is intended to do but I found that it wasn’t enough to get me to even pause let alone completely stop reading for any length of time The author also still does rely a bit on exposition through dialogue but has definitely improved on reducing the amount of such dialogue especially between Cal and Dani and replaced it with character building dialogue Also we still see rapid character development especially as we watch Cal begin to become ‘dungeon’ and less ‘former human’ but again it fits with the vast amount of power the characters gain due to the uniueness of Cal I don’t see a major problem with any of these mixed bag aspects but I decided to put them here because they are the most likely aspects to irk people at least in my opinionCons I have the same con with this book as I did with the last one The last page sucked Not because of anything that was on the page but just because there wasn’t another page after itOverall Concept 1010 Writing mechanics 1515 Consistency 55 Grammar 55 Dialogue 55 LitRPG mechanics 810 World building 1515 Monsters 55 Environment 55 Other 55 Characters 910 Narrative 1920 Twist 55 Pacing 55 Humor 45 Other 55 Total 7680 1920 4755 An alternate cover edition for ASIN B01N4UA28Both Cal and Dale have become stronger each in spite of the other The dungeon Cal knows exactly how much their strength has increased and is working hard to become exponentially powerful His schemes are becoming complex and his dungeon his body deadly Dale has a nasty surprise waiting for him as he works to thwart the plans of the devious dungeon You see he is hearing a voice in his head that tries to distract him in critical moments and so must fight his mind as he fights deadly creatures Unbeknownst to both they are in for the fight of their lives as madness threatens the land FINALLYSo it's been months since I finished Dungeon Born and since then I've been binging on LitRPGs Now that I'm much versed on the genre I appreciate the way this series is constructed even Everything just feels very cohesive organic and fluid I'm never left skeptical of why an event happened or uestioned a characters actions Nothing feels forced or formulaic or there because other books do it or to check some arbitrary box Krout even managed pop culture references in a non obnoxious way making me grin instead of sigh in annoyance Hint to Aleron Kong it's because it was subtle and rareview spoilerIt's hard to discuss anything about the plot without spoilers as nothing ever seemed to follow the plot line I expected Krout does a good job of setting up the tensions in the world currently and so when an unknown threat starts coming for the mountain the reader naturally believes it's the Necromancer side plot they keep hinting at Instead it's a 'last of us' style zombie apocalypse that was subtly set up much earlier in the story The adventures of that doomed rider would make an excellent horror side story btwSo the last 20ish percent of the book is dealing with the hord and it's one of the most interesting siege plots I've read Maybe it's the varied events or the uniue dungeon perspective but it didn't drag or become that chaotic mess that most end up being Well done all around hide spoiler I highly recommend this novel and the Audible version voiced by Vikas Adam Adam's voice acting is superb and captures the characters and settings brilliantly A must read for fantasy or video game fans

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