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Capo One mob capoOne transwomanOne lethal secretMarshall Vincenzo has his hands full with running the Angel City casinos now that his best friend Dante is the new boss of San Torino Not only is he left in charge of operations for the haven of gambling but he still has to deal with new demands made on him by his Uncle the Don of the Vincenzo clan But when he gets a distress call from the one woman he has avoided for years his protective instincts have him going on a rescue missionSofia Guirrez is hiding in plain sight Born in the wrong body as Samuel and rejected by her family for living as a woman she ran from her past and took refuge working for men who know nothing about her previous life When a new assignment goes wrong she has no option but to ask for help from the one man she's craved but knows she can never have For one thing she can never allow him to find out her secretTogether they have to deal with a crazed ex and a bloody coup among other dangers To survive Sofia has to trust Marshall who is determined to tear down her mask and offer her the things she's always wanted—love and acceptance But what happens once her lethal secret is out

  • ebook
  • Capo
  • Kai Tyler
  • 04 July 2014

About the Author: Kai Tyler

Kai loves writing stories about forbidden men and relentless love about gangsters with heart antiheroes who do what they need to do to survive in a crazy world These men commit to the lives they lead 100%—with heart body and soul and when they fall in love you can be sure they bring the same level of passionate devotion to the people they love