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My Surrender CONNIE BROCKWAY sweeps readers into the ballrooms and boudoirs of Regency era London and on to the Scottish Highlands in a sizzling tale of scandal deception and breathtaking passion Charlotte Nash is the most impulsive of the Nash sisters Using her position as one of London's most popular and naughty debutantes she assists English spies in conveying messages that will help them infiltrate Napoleon's inner circle and fulfill the mission her father died trying to achieve But only as a courtesan can she infiltrate London's most notorious gatherings and retrieve a crucial document Is she ready to take part in a deception that will leave her reputation in shreds And when Highlander Dand Ross a dangerous disreputable blackguard reappears in her life and offers his aid dare she accept it The exuisite pleasure she finds in his arms might be worth the price of her surrender but is the dark Highlander who loves her so passionately really just luring her toward the ultimate betrayal

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    Well I wrote a review but it never got posted Let's try this againThis is a romance book but it is also a book about choices and sacrifice At least three of the characters in this book had to make choices and sacrifices that destroyed their reputations and their credibility to achieve a goal As this book begins I saw Charlotte on the crux of changing her life irrevocably And it only gets hairy I asked myself why it bothered me that she was going to do what she did Should I have worried so much about that Reputation is important but is it that important to me that I truly regretted what Charlotte did even knowing why I was involved in this story but not necessarily in a good way at some places I guess that's makes a book successful for me When I read this book I wasn't just marking time I was feeling a lot and suffering along with Charlotte She showed courage and that courage translated to me as I read I don't look at fiction books as a guide for behavior but I do believe that almost every book I read has some gem that I can ponder and let it help me in some way That might sound strange to most people but not to me It is rarely a literal thing Most often it is an encouragement in my own walk of life From this book I took the idea that I had to take advantage of the adversity I face to let it build me up instead of tearing me down That courage is not being unafraid or uncertain Courage is doing in the face of that fear And the fears are many in life If we let one fear overtake us we will fall beneath so many It's a domino effect The reasons don't have to translate directly to my life But deep down that human experience always doesAs far as the romance I felt the potency of it Charlotte and Dand both seemingly hardened to such a thing found love together A common goal brought them into each other's sphere and love found its way into both of their hearts I like to think that a mutual respect was the foundation to that love When others around them saw little but the facade they projected they looked deeper and saw the whys and not the whats Considering the path that their lives had been forced into by circumstance that was a rewarding thing in this book Overall although I didn't like some of the aspects of this story It has me wincing emotionally in parts I loved the romance between Charlotte and Dand and I loved their characters and their willingness to sacrifice so much for doing the right thing That's the core of this book and that's what calls to me as a reader So I count this as a well written enjoyable read

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    Charlotte Nash has been romping through society for years collecting tidbits of knowledge she passes on to aid in the fight against Protestants and France Nobody suspects anything because women amirite so everyone just thinks she's a floozy Dand Ross is also a spy When Charlotte needs to go undercover by going under the covers heh she turns to the one man pledged to aid her however she might need it Dand Lights inappropriate touching love 1 This was actually a rather well done reflection on the 'fall from grace' a woman might suffer if she opted to circumvent society's dictates on proper behavior?? While there are holes in it and it could have used slightly fleshing out in place of some of the spy games nonsense watching Charlotte determine how to move forward with her ruination in spite of her friends concerns was intriguing Her family is notably absent which is one of the aforementioned 'holes' but There's a sense of very real conseuence to Charlotte's decision and one passage in particular where Charlotte is realizing the impact to her friends and family and attempting to harden her resolve was so well done I may have teared up??—don't tell anyone Anyways2 That said the spy games werewhatever It was less about the actual spying and about reminding us that Charlotte is an information gatherer and Dand may or may not be a well known spy from the continent?? THE MORE YOU KNOW The reality is that the spy stuff was not interesting to me and the implications of the very important letter were lost on me 3 Rose Bros HO 4 The premise that 3 men bonded by an oath to each other then marry the 3 daughters of some man who saved their life is silly And with that silliness prowling in the margins it made it hard to believe that Dand and Charlotte were actually falling in love because they connected over a shared worldview and that Dand was the last of the Rose Bros available to protect Charlotte and of course they end up together because NEAT ENDINGS SELL ROMANCES? IDK it ended up feeling lazy rather thenlike it fit like it worked 5 Very little of this novel is from Dand's POV; basically he's a shadow with a mysterious aristocratic background that has boners for Charlotte 6 Also the ending was a complete disaster It ends when Charlotte's brothers in law arrive and knock out Dand THE END There is zero resolution to any of it It's sloppy and shoddy and removed a lot of my goodwill by being so ridiculous PS THAT EPILOGUE DOESN'T EXIST YOU CAN'T TELL ME OTHERWISE7 In spite of all my complaining and italics I did enjoy this the most of the 3 I think or from what I can remember of the other 2; I just wish the spylooming villain crap had been left where it belonged Bourne's hands and there was a little development to Dand

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    This book the third in the Rose Hunters Trilogy was a bit of a disappointment I did like the romance which was well done However I found the resolution of the mystery that ran through all three of the books of the trilogy to be somewhat confusing I had enjoyed the way the author had set up the mystery during the first two books and was looking forward to its solution in the last book of the series You can imagine my chagrin when I found the wrap up of this tantalizing mystery to be so unsatisfying and confusing Here are some of the issues that I felt were never adeuately answered and were confusing view spoiler according to the first two books it appeared that someone had betrayed the mission of the three heros and that's why they ended up in a French prison But according to the third book they were betrayed while they were in prison If that was the case why did they get arrested in the first place? How did the French know they were spies? Also it was never clear to me who Dand the hero of this book was working for He was working for the British government but was he also working for the Scottish abbey that raised him? And what was the abbey's role in the English war against Napoleon? Did they work with the British government or have their own agenda? And just what was their agenda? Finally I was totally confused as to what Douglas' role was in the heros' betrayal and what exactly he had been doing in France for all those years after he supposedly died Plus what exactly was his motivation in running around killing all the people he did? He said he thought everything would go back to the way it was supposed to be once all his targets including the three heros were dead but none of his explanations at the end made a lot of sense to meMaybe the author explained all this at the end but not clearly enough for me I just ended up confused by the resolution of the mystery I didn't feel that the author did a good job of tying up all the threads And that's a shame because she's a good writer and the romance between Charlotte and Dand was enjoyable to read hide spoiler

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    What a splendid conclusion to The Rose Hunters Trilogy sigh I love this series This third addition was fantastic I loved Charrlotte and Dand's story very much It was wonderfulBoth hero and heroine were strong and brave Dand Ross drove me crazy I wanted to simultaneously slap him and kiss him at the same time Ugh He was stubborn hardheaded and very determined Charlotte was corageous and strong heroine I really liked her I loved the romance between themWhat I loved most about this story is how Charlotte slowly creates cracks in Dand’s tough façade Deep down Dand Ross is a wonderful and caring man and Lottie was just the right woman to bring it all out without really fully changing him He’ll always be Dand but with heart Cheesy I know but I’m a sucker for these types of stories My favourite kind of heroes always men who are madly in love with the heroine all the way through and can't say anything about it And Dand Ross defenitely fit that description The only complaints I have are the abrubt ending and the fact that we didn't get a lot of insight into Dand's heart It would be great to see of his feelings for Lottie

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    I know a lot of readers really liked this trilogy From the start I did not buy into the story It was draggy to me There was a lot of redundancy in the story line I think these three books could have been reduced to one if you eliminate the number of times that each heroheroine was seduced tried to be seduced wanted to be seduced or pretended not to be seduced I kept skip skip skipping along so I could confirm that the traitor was whom I had identified in the first book Oh well they can't all be wonderful

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    I knew it I had 90% certain guessed who the bad guy was and I was right I loved Charrlotte and Dand's story though maybe not as much as KateKit and HelenaRam's But once again the writing was seemless and the plot sweet I just wish we'd gotten insight into Dand's heart and head and I felt that some of their time together was passed over a little too uickly for my tastes D

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    There is nothing NOT to like about Charlotte Nash as a heroine and Dand Ross as a hero Charlotte is an innocent idealist and patriot willing to risk her reputation virtue and life for her country thus her decision to take the place of a courtesan spy in going to a comte’s castle to become his mistress This will give her an opportunity to look for a letter that holds the fate of the war with France Dand is one of the Rose Hunters three menspies who vowed to protect Charlotte and her two sisters after their father exchanged his life for the men’s when they were held tortured and about to be executed by the French Ram and Kit have already fallen for the other two Nash sisters The less emotional and unreadable Dand seem unlikely to follow suit with Charlotte But he does and she does in return as well The repartee between them is witty amusing heady and passionate Dand does not say what he’s thinking or feeling but they are in his intent looks in his body language and nuances And he’s intense The perfect romantic hero But I just feel that Ms Brockway could have pushed for the emotions further She could have made us privy to Dand’s thoughts and feelings not too much but just enough All the right words emotions and situations are there but she always stops just before you want to sigh at the romance of it all Even at the end when I would have appreciated a clearer detailing of the epilogue that Charlotte was embraced back to society how she and Dand were toasted for their patriotism and bravery how they found Douglas the antagonist who was once a “brother” and co conspirator of the Rose Hunters but went mad with the guilt and shame of betraying their secrets under torture’ body and how the three Rose Hunters talked about the past and had some closure Ms Brockway only hinted at all of these It actually fits the characters Less talk action but it always brought me back up every time I am about to fall in love with this book The passages about the Rose Hunters’ past with Douglas are really fascinating and compelling though – from Dand’s hinted royal blood to the four orphans meeting and training under the watchful eye of monks their brotherhood until they all became spies for the country to the moment that they were captured and tortured with Dand not revealing that he knew it was Douglas who betrayed them thinking that he didn’t want to betray Douglas whom they all thought had been executed

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    I came in late for this onehave not read the first two in the trilogy That made for a bit of disconnect but the freuent flashbacks explained the misssing parts of the story This book was a slow starter for me but a great finisher Only thing I didn't care for was just as the action was getting very interesting it stops and flashes back several yearsThis was my first Brockway book but having read this one I will go back and read books one and two as I liked the characters very much

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    A fairly nice afternoon read I'm still put out little details here and there are not factually correct Plus it genetically near impossible to have sisters who have one has dark hair a third who has an unusual shade of blonde and finally one who has ginger hair

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    SpoilersI think what really lost me is the lack of hero pov I get why she did this but the intrigue really ruined it for me I already knew the hero wasn't the villain I already had an inkling who it was And after the two maybe it's him maybe it's not him pov's it just didn't sit well with my reading experience And then she threw in there while in the villain's pov about some dark master? How do you throw in a dark master and not actually have a dark master? It made it seem like there was a higher entity pulling the strings when really it was just insanity which again it was HEAVILY alluded that it was just insanity Nothing about this was really surprising And I think it was trying REALLY hard to be surprising Which again lost a lot of my enjoyment I like having the hero's pov especially if it's heavily heroine oriented It just balances the energies out At least for meAnd it seems kinda too random that bit by bit the hero's pov lost it's intrigue like she lost steam halfway through and was like ah fuck it I know that you know that I know this isn't working so just here's the hero being an actual hero povNot to mention that Dand was really excited and maybe it was just cause Lottie was always exited to be around Dand that it made the audience me wanna be next to Dand and therefore INSIDE Dand's head that I NEEDED his pov Not to mention that I want depth to him How did he feel about being the only member of his family Does he feel happy that he has a kid and therefore has blood family again? What were his thoughts about Lottie and the way she worked it out? Was he happy for his brothers' to have found happiness and were moving on from the past? He feels so incomplete that it just further downgraded this story to meh ville The thing that really saved this however was that she did compensate by having Lottie really well rounded since we were mostly in her head any way So this was really her story with bits of Dand every where Yet that's also a problem because again it's not just HER story this involves the brotherhood the past and it machinationsAnd then the villain dies and that's it No one talks about it again There isn't any brotherhood bonding after years of thinking it was probably Dand because he was the most shady on them all and the devil's own Whatever that meansJust so underwhelming It's an ok story It's even an ok love story because even though you don't really get inside his head he shows that he is in love with her so that's not a problem But everything just sort of happens and I REALLY need the commentary I love for commentary And not to mention it's the end of a series Shouldn't we have a pretty bow? Can't we have everyone gathering about the fire or with brandy snifters and being like Yeah bro I didn't really think it was you Kit and Ram had that Where's Dand's? And where's the grief?I feel like I'm not talking in circle now So just an underwhelming end to a somewhat intriguing series Lots of potential but not uite there for me

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