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Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War All things in their time Candy uackenbush's adventures in the Abarat are getting stranger by the hour Why has the Lord of Midnight sent his henchman after her Why can she suddenly speak words of magic Why is this world familiarCandy and her companions must solve the mystery of her past before the forces of Night and Day clash and Absolute Midnight descends upon the islandsA final war is about to begin I love the imagined worlds created by Barker This is another one For Barker a lighter read than usual But entertaining and fun Scary exciting weird adventurous awesome and so many things that describe just how brilliant and horrifying this book really is After I had finished reading Clive Barker’s first “Abarat” book I was just dying to read of this fantastic and scary world that our heroine Candy uackenbush has gotten herself into So I finally got around to reading the seuel “Abarat Days of Magic Nights of War” and I was just so impressed with what I have just finished reading “Abarat Days of Magic Nights of War” is definitely one seuel that you just have to check outCandy uackenbush still continues her adventures at Abarat along with her new friend a geshrat named Malingo and they traveled among the islands of Abarat together Unfortunately the Lord of Midnight Christopher Carrion wanted to capture Candy for he senses something unusual about Candy’s presence in the Abarat and he sends the Criss Cross Man Houlihan after them Now Candy and Malingo are on the run from the Criss Cross Man but further in the story Candy soon discovers that Abarat feels familiar to her since she could call out magic spells that she has never learned before and seems to escape danger wherever she is The Candy starts to discover about herself and her connections with Abarat the that she starts to realize the intentions of Christopher Carrion the Lord of Midnight and those realizations could change Candy’s life foreverCan I just say that I think that this seuel of the classic “Abarat” series is WAY better than the first book? I loved the first “Abarat” book just as much but the second book in the series “Abarat Days of Magic Nights of War” really got me hanging on the edge of my seat as it was full of action and pure shock value that really got me invested in this book Clive Barker has done a fantastic job at making this story extremely exciting and scary at the same time and I really enjoyed the adventures that Candy had when she was on the run from Christopher Carrion and meets new people on her journeys Candy uackenbush has always been a great heroine to me as she is shown to be kind hearted and brave and I loved the way that she cares so much for her friends and is willing to put her own life on the line in order to save the people she cares about I also loved the way that Clive Barker started to unfold Candy’s backstory and how she is connected to the wonderful and strange world of Abarat since I was curious in the first book about how Candy suddenly felt like she belonged in Abarat I was pleasantly surprised when the mystery of Candy’s backstory was revealed and now I am determined than ever to see how Candy handles the new revelations she discovers about herself I have mentioned so many times now that this book was a bit scary and that is all thanks to one of the big villains in this story Christopher Carrion I loved the way that Clive Barker really made the readers feel frightened whenever Christopher Carrion comes up in the story and in this book Christopher Carrion was beyond scary as he tortured many innocent people and the whole idea about living nightmares swimming around his face and eating off of people’s fears whenever they are free was just as disturbing I was also interested in learning about Mater Motley Christopher Carrion’s grandmother who seems to be evil than Christopher Carrion himself which is saying something because in the first book she seemed like a background character but Clive Barker further developed her character in this book and the results were amazing Clive Barker’s illustrations are just as wonderful and surreal in this book as they were in the first book and I loved how all the characters look like from the Abarat as you have images of some characters being a mixture of animals and human beings and the illustrations are wonderfully colorful I especially loved the images of Christopher Carrion himself as he looks truly frightening as his face looks like a skeleton and he has worm like creatures swimming in a container he has attached to his faceThis book might be a tad bit disturbing than the first book since there is nightmarish imagery and many characters are killed off in this book The images of Christopher Carrion are a bit too disturbing especially the images of Christopher Carrion getting angry and his skeletal face is a bit scary for anyone who does not like seeing skeletons in books Also the biggest shock factor for me in this book was the fact that many characters are killed off and that might be unsettling for people who do not like reading about deathOverall “Abarat Days of Magic Nights of War” is easily one of the best seuels I have read from any book and now I am definitely looking forward to reading the third bookAbsolute Midnight just to see how everything goes for Candy after all thisReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog The final war is about to begin In this second book of the Arabat series Candy uackenbush with the help of the forces of Day must use all their special powers to stop Christopher Carrion and the Army of Night's plot to establish a Permanent Midnight throughout the 25 islands that make up Abarat Barker lends a dark shadow to what would otherwise be a kind of Dr Seuss book The bad guys Christopher Carrion and Mater Motley are incredibly deep I found myself wondering is Christopher was really evil or was he like Jessica in Roger Rabbit “I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way?” Was he thrust into the role of “bad guy” by still stronger forces? I liked this one better than the first the story seemed to flow smoother perhaps because I already had some level of familiarity with many of the large cast of characters developed and brought into to this second book The ending left many threads dangling in the air like leaves on a tree in late fall I will no doubt begin the third book in the series to learn where those leaves might fall A fantastic seuel And I for one cannot wait to sink my teeth into book 3 in this ongoing saga Absolute Midnight here I come Only this time I must have a physical copy so I can take in the beauty of Clive Barker's artwork ETA I read this beautiful story on my Kindle sans artwork I feel I should mention that the story clearly stands strong on its own no artwork needed to move the story along

  • Paperback
  • 569 pages
  • Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War
  • Clive Barker
  • English
  • 07 September 2016
  • 9780060596385

About the Author: Clive Barker

Clive Barker was born in Liverpool England the son of Joan Rubie née Revill a painter and school welfare officer and Leonard Barker a personnel director for an industrial relations firm Educated at Dovedale Primary School and uarry Bank High School he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department It

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