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The Rancher's Surprise Triplets Three Little Matchmakers Rancher Bo Stillwater has no plans of becoming a husband or a fatherbut he can't turn away from the three babies he finds at the county fair After leaving the abandoned triplets in the care of the doctor's daughter Louisa Clark his duty should be done So why can't he seem to stay away from the babies and their pretty caregiverWatching the town's most eligible bachelor with the little trio reawakens Louisa's unmet dreams She's found satisfaction in spinsterhood and caring for others convinced that motherhood passed her by Do she and Bo only work so well together for the children's sakesor could they both find courage to make this sweet temporary arrangement something truly lasting

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    The Rancher's Surprise Triplets was a nice LIH While it wasn't a favorite of mine as part of the story lost my interest I did think certain things were cute The romance was fine and the writing was good so I really can't pinpoint what exactly made me not love it Still not a bad book and I actually did like it overallI received a complimentary eBook copy for my honest review As always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

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    Bo a rancher is helping out at the town fair when he finds three little babies who have been abandoned Trying to find the triplets mother is fruitless and he enlists the help of Louisa the doctor's daughter Louisa has spent most of her life helping take care of her mother and sister who are sickly While she waits on them to arrive at their new home she agrees to watch over the triplets until their family can be found or an adoptive family comes forward She doesn't expect to have a family of her own since she is needed to care for her mother and sister So when Bo starts paying attention to her she's tornThis was an interesting story idea The characters were well fleshed out the descriptions gave me a great visual for the town and people The author wove some light faith threads into the story The plot was a little slow in places and I didn't understand the emotions or reactions of some of the characters on occasion Also the ending felt a little rushed But overall it was an enjoyable story that readers of Christian fiction and historical romance will enjoyI received a copy of this book from NetGalley All thoughts expressed are my own

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    Enjoyed this book Both main characters thought they had their lives mapped out but fortunately events overtake them in their live plans Jeremiah 2911 comes to mind Also enjoyed the inner acting of the twins I would recommend this book

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    I liked this read which looks at the role of women in the historical West As a poverty stricken woman cannot afford to raise her triplets she abandons them at a country fair The finders decide that the babies must be kept by the doctor's daughter a single woman until proper homes can be assigned to them One prominent gentleman rancher is attracted to the young lady but the issue of the children has to come first in a way which is far forceful than if it was one baby This is an inspirational romance which is very suitable for the times meaning that there is a good charitable spirit through the town and respectability is important also that the romance is fine for teen readers as well as adults I liked the attention to detailI downloaded an ARC from Net Galley This is an unbiased review

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    What a sweet little bit of a romance this novel is for readers Three triplets left at the county fair steal the hearts of Bo and Louisa Bo finds the little darling boys and can think of no one suited to care for them than the new doctor's daughter Louisa She is up for the duty but does feel the strain of tending to three young babies on her own Bo and his twin brother Brandon do often lend a hand Bo finds someone else stealing his heart as well and that is the beautiful young selfless woman Louisa Clark What will happen to these abandoned babies? Will the desperate mother be found? Will lovee touch Louisa's heart even as it has touched Bo's? This book brings the past to life for readers There are no cars to transport the people of the community There are no disposable diapers no washing machines no sippie cups to bring convenience for the families of young babies Louisa definitely faced a daunting task as she cared for the three babies babies that weren't even her own This book is a sweet little romance that will easily bring smiles and joy to readers While the plot is a predictable one it is one to recommend to others I would certainly want to buy copies of this one for friends and family I am giving this book a rating of 4 stars I received an ebook of this selection from netgalley All opinions are my own

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    The Rancher's Surprise Triplets is the first of three books in Lone Star Cowboy League series by Linda Ford Bo Stillwater is helping out at the town fair In the one tent he finds triplets in a baby carriage A note is left with the triplets saying the mother is unable to take care of them because she is sick Because of his father not being a good father Bo doesn't think he would be a good father or husband He thinks the kids are sick so he takes them to the doctor The doctor is out but his daughter Louisa Clark is there She says she will care for the triplets until they get better Everyone in town tries to locate the mother but can't find her Bo help Louisa take care of the triplets Bo ends up falling in love with Louisa Louisa mom and sister show up but are really sick Louisa takes care of them and she gets sick The triples goes to a rancher who hires a nanny for the triples I did not like the ending of the story The triples are still with the other rancher I wanted the triples to be adopted by Bo and Louisa when they got married Since they both loved the three boys The rancher who is taking care of the triplets is in the next book Still I think the triples should go with Bo and Louisa That was disappointing

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    25 out of 5 stars A man Bo finds abandoned 9 month old triplets at a fair and takes them to the doctor to get healthy The doctor's daughter Louisa looks after them while they get well again During the babies recovery Bo and Louisa form a sweet relationship but is what they have strong enough to overcome their own fears about themselves?I wish I could've liked this one While I liked this novel and series' setup I had a hard time with the way the plot wrapped up and how some secondary story lines never completed I meanRead of this review and TWO TEASERS here

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    What could go wrong a cowboy that says he is never going to get married or be a father a lady that feels it is her job to care for her ill mother and help her doctor father Then there are the orphan triplet boys that show both of these people just what they are capable of This is book one of three all by different authors I totally enjoy reading Linda Ford I am never disappointed

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    Just finished reading this I typically do not enjoy historical fiction but there is just something about cowboys lol I enjoyed the struggle of identity faced in different ways by the two main characters I wish there had been of an explanation regarding the triplets in the epilogue Enjoyable read Got it for 25% off at the local Fred Meyer

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    Really really loved this book I wished Louisa and Bo would have been able to keep the boys after they got married I kinda wonder if Louisa's sister will actually be able to take care of their mom or if Louisa will be pulled back in to help Will the mom be found and if she is how will everyone treat her? I guess I will have to read the other books and find out😊

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