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Asking for Trouble Unmarried thirty year old Sophy Metcalfe told a little white lie to soothe her nagging mother The white lies name was Dominic the ideal boyfriend charming successful the kind of prospective son in law that would make any mother proud But now that Sophy's thin and beautiful sister Belinda is getting married Dominic is going to have to make an appearance in the flesh which should be a pretty neat trick since the genuine article vanished from Sophy's life after a single singularly unmemorable evening So she resorts to a very drastic measure aka Josh Carmichael the escort she hires at the very last minute sight unseenBut the trouble with white lies is that they tend to multiply The trouble with rugged too sexy and independent Josh is well that Sophy's actually beginning to like him Even if they make it through the Wedding Day from Hell together with its new intrigues old flames and all too familiar faces there's the night that follows and of course the morning after And that could end up being the biggest trouble of allA hip witty and freshly fantastic delight Asking for Trouble is the most hilarious and knowing novel to make the scene since Bridget Jones first set pen to paper to record her most intimate innermost thoughts

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    My dear friend Heather lent me this book and told me that I had to read it The novel Asking for Trouble is what the movie The Wedding Date was based on The movie was completely disappointing because the book is hundreds of miles better The book is filled with innocent misunderstandings and such depth of emotional plot between the characters that it is hard not to get wrapped up with them I had to go out and buy it before I returned my friend's copy and have since re read it countless times Set in England the main character Sophy creates a fictional boyfriend to make her mother worry less about her while her sister gets engaged When the wedding comes around Sophy has yet to dump said boyfriend and must now produce him for various family gatherings What began as a simple lie turns into a huge masuerade when Sophy decides to hire an escort to play the part Lies pile up and Sophy becomes even entangles as she discovers that she is attracted to Josh the man she hired Hilarity ensues and in the tradition of good chick lit everything turns out gloriously I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a pick me up

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    Alright written would be fine if not for all the rampant internalized misogyny boy delirium and weight obsession I couldn't like or relate to the main character no matter how hard I tried because she was so horrible to other women and hard on herself in a way that came across as insignificant and self righteous The writer also insists on having every single female character have broken up with their exes because the guys cheated on them which comes across as a case of women become unlikable if they break up with men unless they've done something unforgivable Which they are not The love interest is appealing enough though at one point I started feeling bad for him because Sophy was so full of hatred even if he wasn't aware of it The book also walked around the potential taboo ness of the premise by SPOILER having it turn out Josh was only working as an escort as a favor to a friend who ran the company Sophy called up and didn't actually work as an escort at all SPOILER which I get I do but which is also an enormous cop out And I thought The Wedding Date which is very loosely based on this pulled it off so clearly it's not an impossible plot point to handle Anyway really don't recommend this book Would go as far as to anti recommending it even

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    3 Wedding Date StarsNot like the movieAT ALL I loved the movie so much I have watched it times than I care to say without looking like a crazy person so when I had a few hours to kill I thought I would grab this book It was not anything like I was expecting It's an OK book not one I would've seek out on my own Not really memorable if I'm being honestit was just a good book to pass the time and that's OK not every book is going to be heart stopping or jaw dropping right?You don't have to like my review but it's 100% my opinion and I'm allowed to have it

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    So sometimes a girl graduates from her great books school and says to herself I want to read trash I want to read mush I want to read the kind of book that I can speed through without missing anything and I want to love it So I got Asking for Trouble for 99 cents at a thrift store and tucked into what turned out to be an awful awful book The protagonist spends half of the book talking about how fat she is and the other half of her time is spent lying to everyoneincluding herself It was a super obnoxious read which was only made worse by the fact that it ended with a billion completely unnecessary twists that had me rolling my eyes constantly I guess I will have to limit my trashy fiction to a different genre Like uirk classics I just know that I can't suffer through another 400 pages of He thinks I'm desperate I am such a fat cowwwww

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    I always liked Will and Grace so I watched Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney in the romantic comedy called The Wedding Date The movie is based on this book or so the credits said The book bears as much resemblance to the movie and F Scott Fitzgerald's short story does to Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Uh not at allI say skip the book and watch the moviesomething I RARELY say

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    It was okay After watching 'The Wedding Date' I had hgh expectations for this novel and was really looking forward to reading it Sadly it wasn't up to standards The only reason I'm giving this two stars and not one is because the banter between Sophy and Josh was actually uite lovely Other than that I didn't feel much chemistry between them Josh felt like a good friend than someone who you just couldn't wait to rip his clothes off

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    “If you ask me it's all these skinny models that make girls anorexic she went on to Auntie Barbara I can't think why they don't use real girls with a few curves

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    Presenting SophyIf you're in the mood for some british chick lit then this book is for you Have you read Bridget Jones?Did you like it? If so you're accostumed to female characters who are slightly neurotic who see themselves as fat cowsher words not mineand who see other women also as cows or bitches This book is of the same kindIf you're expecting something along the lines americanized of the movie in that case don't bother with thisYou know what i kept remembering throughout the book?That character blokethis word is used a lot along with taking a fagsmoking loobathroom and shaggingyou know that appears on the movie Notting Hill I think is name was Spike And i kept remembering him and Bridget Joneshim with his voice and his traits and her with hermany issues So no i really didn't enjoy this book's voiceFor me the author tried too much to be funny and failed completelyI wanted to read this because i really liked the movie and i thought that it would be interesting seeing the story in a detailed fashion Or so i was hoping Instead i got a bunch of characters who were just annoying as hell bitching about their love lifes or lack thereof while they drank smoked and told an awfull pile of liesThe writing was fluid so if you like Jill Mansell and like i mentioned earlier Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones you'll probably gonna enjoy this

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    Sophie has one of THOSE mothersThe kind that want the best for you As long as you want what they want And as long they can brag about you to the competition And the competition is fierce Especially when your younger sister is getting married And you don’t even have a date to the weddingSo Sophie hires oneJosh Who she intends to break up with immediately after the weddingBut it turns out it can be even difficult to break up with someone you aren’t really dating than with someone you are I’ve wanted to read The Wedding Date—originally titled Asking For Trouble—ever since I saw the movie The two share a concept rather than characters or storyline But that actually made the book uite a bit of fun because I had no idea what would happen The London slang threw me for about fifty pages but I found myself really enjoying Sophie and her hopeless knack for constantly digging herself in deeper And deeper And deeper Trouble

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    I learned about this book after watching The Wedding Date The movie is very and I do mean very loosely based upon this book So if you've seen the movie and don't think you want to read the book because you're expecting the same story you're wrong The only thing the two have in common is that the main character hires a man to be her boyfriend for her sister's wedding Apart from that the plot is completely differentSophy is pretty funny even if she talks about her wobbly bits a bit too often She is the ueen of digging herself into holes she can't uite get herself out of such as creating a boyfriend to keep her mother off her back I really enjoyed reading this and seeing how everything would turn out in the end Elizabeth Young kept me guessing and I had a hard time putting this one down

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