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Without Trust She had been hurt too many timesAccused by a malicious cousin of committing a scandalous crime Lark Cummings was devastated And in the British courts the prosecutor ruthless James Wolfe showed her no mercyThen incredibly the case was dropped And out of the blue impoverished Lark was offered an ideal job by a rich widow She gladly accepted unaware that disconcerting James Wolfe was her employer's enigmatic sonWith James's reappearance in her life Lark feared the powerful currents pulsing between them She couldn't bear to risk her trust Not to the man who'd once treated her so callously

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    Lark's cousin Gary accuses Lark for a crime she didn't commit Lark goes to trial but the charges are suddenly dropped and she is offered a job as personal assistant to Mrs Mayers whom she's never met before to help with her charity work Lark gratefully accepts the job since she desperately needs the money Then she meets her employer's handsome son James who to Lark's dismay was the prosecutor in her trial This was a lovely Penny Jordan romance I really liked the wonderful hero and the London and Boston settings Enjoyable read

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    Re Without Trust PJ dips her toe into innocent h's hauled up on the dock for this one The 22 yr old h stands accused of blackmailing her male cousin with her sensuous charms into embezzling a ton of money by computer from his work place and the H is the prosecuting barrister who takes one look at her standing in the dock and falls instantly in loveThe book opens with the h on trial for what exactly isn't stated but something vaguely to do with incitement to embezzle The h is an orphan and was raised by her dubious Aunt and Uncle alongside her rotten cousin The cousin is the one who embezzled lots of money and then committed suicide by taking a bunch of acetaminophen causing his liver to fail Since he did not kick it right away he had plenty of time to accuse the h as the instigator of his crimes The h is totally innocent but somehow in PJ's province of HPlandia the police fail to do a real investigation and big corporations can just haul ladies into court and accuse them whenever they want they can even hire soon to be ueen's Councils to prosecute the caseThere is a lot about how the h is horrified and frightened and bitter and angry that such a thing has come to pass She is terrified of the H and upon his uestioning of her she has a total meltdown in the dock After her testimony is done she goes off to await the trial's outcome and is joyously relieved when her solicitor comes back and says the charges have been dropped Since the solicitor did not seem to believe she was innocent just like the rest of the tabloid reading world the h has no idear how her dismissal happened but she will take whatever little grace she can getShe leaves the court a free lady but now she has bigger problems She lost her beginner PR person job when the allegations were made about her she has little money and lives in the reuisite grotty flat She has been hounded by paparazzi and men are making extremely suggestive propositons and her aunt and uncle have refused to acknowledge her She has some savings but that won't last long if she can't find employment There is some interesting backstory where the h ponders her aunt and uncle just abandoning her The h recalls that their son her cousin was always trying to get out of any trouble he had started by blaming her while they were growing up he also broke her toys and threatened her with being put into a home The h also recalls and speculates that maybe her parents did not leave her as financially impoverished as her aunt an uncle always claimed because her parents owned a nice Chelsea house with a ton of antiues Supposedly the money was spent on her education and the h did go to uni but PJ leaves the deep impression that her aunt and uncle basically stole her inheritance and then dumped her when their son got involved with the wife of a local big business tycoon and blamed her for his theft and died Unfortunately these hints remain just that for the entire story and the h really never does get her name cleared nor do we find out what really happened However the best guess is that the cousin got involved with a greedy married mistress tried to keep up with the monetary demands she expected got caught and died and her aunt and uncle were unscrupulous guardians and took money meant for the hSuddenly the h gets a job offer via her skeptical solicitor she is to work as a live in assistant to a nice older wealthy lady who runs a charity for a special genetic defect in both the US and GB The h goes along to the interview and gets the job The big shocker is that the woman's son is the same barrister who was prosecuting her in court He shows up at her grotty flat before she knows who he really is and tho she is afraid of him his roofie kiss is awesome and the h doesn't know how to handle it So the h moves in with the H's mum and starts her new job There is a lot of misunderstanding cause the H is dying of love for the h but she thinks he still believes she is the Jezebel of Soho and inciting men to commit crimes There is charity work and computers to be organized and then we all go to Boston The h is relieved cause not only does she have to put up with the H's lustful loathing glances she can't tell which they are there is an OW goddaughter who is a total society witch and making claims on the H while totally dissing the h In Boston she can escape them and her painful feelings While in Boston the h meets some of the other board members of the H's mum's charity and one of them is close to her age and really nice but very shy They have a dinner date and the h is sad that she can't fall in love with such a nice and really wealthy man but her heart is taken up by the H and he is apparently the property of the OW goddaughter The h is on the beach below her employer's Marble Head house after her dinner date and the stars are out and a naked man comes up out the surf It is the H and the h is eyeballing him in licentious ways tho she denies this when he asks This leads to a passionate kissing moment that turns into love on the beach and somehow no gets icky sand in intimate places but the h is chaste no longer There is some confusion the next day when the H admits he was jealous of the h's totally platonic dinner date and the h is busy running away from the H cause she thinks he was using her for a fling The H finally comes right out with his big love confession and the h wants to believe but she has so much mistrust and thoughts of the OW keep running through her mind She also is concerned about the differences in her and the H's social class Which she was right to worry about cause the H's mum was definitely a bit of an unconscious snob tho I don't think PJ meant it that way There was definitive exclusions of the 'wrong sort' of people in the story tho there were servants doing the tugging of the forelock bit The lifestyle the H's mum has is really not very inclusive to the lower classes and when the h and H and OW and his mother were all dining together the H and his mother did nothing to stop the OW's social put downs toward the h in fact the H was taking the OW out after dinner so the h had valid reasons to worry The H brushes all that aside tho and he and the h are lurvin it up every chance they get Then the H returns to England and the h is left in Boston to finish up the US side of the charity work before returning to England to organize the big charity ball at the H's grand EstateEventually after some doubting mopey moments the h returns to England and the H is ready to lurve her up but he has to take the OW out first The H is a gentleman and this was a long standing prior engagement The h is not pleased by that at all and when the OW shows up the next day and claims to be engaged to the H the h is just flat out horrified When the H shows up that night at his mum's to hook up with the h she tells him off and is saved from the H's wrath when the nice man she had dinner with from Boston shows up and she claims she has a dinner date with him The H decides this means war and he demands that his mum get the h and herself down to his Estate right away We all get to the Estate and the h is feeling horribly used tho she did apologize to the nice man for backing her story up he was very understanding and did not take it personally Finally the H's mum decides to step in and see what all the drama is about She is very angry that everyone has just decided to run amok and she wants it sorted The h explains about the OW and the engagement the H's mum tells her that the OW is total liar The H made the mum take the on as an assistant cause he took one look at the h in court and knew that she was innocent and that he was instantly in love The H made the company drop the charges and the h realizes that she has been had She runs off to find the H and they declare mutual love and a big HEA since now she knows the H never thought she was guilty tho he does say that if he had thought she really had done the crime he would have prosecuted her and put her in prison So now that the h is sure the H doesn't think she is a tart and we are assured that the H wouldn't break the law for love we can all bask in a really sweet HEA and another innocent h gets her just rewardsThis one is okay but it was really really long and the H and h never really connect until almost three uarters of the way through the book When the do connect tho the lurvin is intense and the OW drama was pretty well done There was just too much unfilled back story to really make this one excellent and the h never really gets a public clearing of her name so while the love story is sweet cause the H was totally nice and lost in love it wasn't as good as Carole Mortimer's Love's Duel and just amounts to an okay read if you can't find CM's take on the innocent but accused h trope

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    I do love a falsely accused heroine and the hero who has to change his mind about her Unfortunately for angst levels in this story the hero changes his mind about her in an instant and it's off page This isn't the story of the heroine being falsely accused it's the story of the hero making it up to the heroine and trying to win her trust Title is accurate Since heroine is a wounded doe and just as skittish he has his work cut out for him Heroine is a great PJ heroine she's sensitive and sweet Hero is honorable and unableunwilling to explain himself at crucial moments in order to keep the tension simmering along Hero's mother is a sweetheart There is an unconvincing OM and OW to muddy the waters as well The detour to Boston seemed really random so I hope PJ got a free trip out of it All in all I enjoyed this and I think it will improve for me on a second reading since I would know this is a story of healing from a false accusation rather than the nightmare itself

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    Maybe there's something in my water or perhaps I bumped my head somewhere because my PJ shades aren't working This is the second in a long string of PJ books with good ratings which did absolutely nothing for meTwo stars only because Hero was one of PJ's best ever and the sex scenes were steamy without being raunchy Difficult to pull off for 1989 So heroine is a complete imbecile All PJ had to do was make her seventeen and maybe this book could have been fixed But at twenty two to believe that the Hero must be the devil personified just because he had a job to do as a prosecutor and grill her on her role in the embezzling of funds by her cousin was just too muchAnd she uses this throughout the book as the main reason for assuming the worst of him and not trusting him StupidoSo this ninny hired the dumbest possible lawyer to defend her didn't rat on the cousin who killed himself but not before instigating that she was the evil mind behind the embezzlement withheld information that she caught her cousin cheating with a rich married woman in essence protected the cheating woman who should have been dragged into court to explain about the cousin chose to be victim to tabloids that claimed she slept with her own cousin and blackmailed him incessantlyIt didn't help that PJ never explained exactly why the cousin lied and implicated her just martyr introspections that he was a douchebag and she felt responsible not to hurt her aunt and uncle who took her in as a child when her parents died even though she realised they like their offspring were not exactly models of exemplary behaviorHero sees immediately that view spoiler she's innocent when she breaks down under his uestioning and unknown to her convinces the company to drop all chargers of embezzelment Months later knowing she is without job or money he sets her up as his mother's assistant again without her knowledge He had fallen in love with her at first sight hide spoiler

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    Heroine is being accused of a crime she didn't do The prosecutor is James Wolfe a ruthless well known lawyer Suddenly the case is dropped and Lark returns back to her life but now she is jobless and as poor as a church mouse Luckily she is offered an ideal job by a rich widow She accepts and she is happy until she realizes that her prosecutor James Wolfe is her employer's sonPenny Jordan is definitely my favorite Harleuin author her books are full of passion angst and romance However James is not your usual Penny Jordan hero He is beta and caring and kind He loves Lark and pursues her He is jealous and possessive and sexy In other words Lark is one lucky heroine cause James is totally my dream man

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    45 starsI'd looked forward to reading this based on the plot and Kindle excerpt and am happy to say that neither the romance nor the hero James disappointed view spoilerJames fell in love at first sight with Lark in the courtroom in which he was cross examining her Lark was initially clueless to James' assistance in helping her rebuild her life and could not help being drawn to him despite her reservations hide spoiler

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    Lark the heroine could give some Greek Italian fill in the blank Mediterranean country tycoons a lesson on jumping to stupid conclusions and inner monologuing There will hardly be any need for the H and h to converse in the future as she always knows exactly what he's thinking and how he feels UghPlot The heroine was set up by her lying and now dead cousin in some kind of scheme He blames her for his larceny as he commits suicide Why he committed suicide who knows as it is just one dropped plot line among many So is the evil OW he supposedly stole for in the first place The h is grilled by the H as he is the prosecuting barrister Lark has decided to focus all her anger and hate on him the guy who is simply doing his job rather than focus on Gary the lying dying cousin crook or the aunt and uncle who may or may not have stolen some of her parents furniture andor money Charges are dropped and she just knows how angry the H must be A miraculous opportunity with a sweet older woman in charge of a small charity pops up for the now unemployable Lark Turns out her son is the prosecuting attorneyview spoilerHe's also the man who set up the job as well as forced the prosecuting company to drop the charges Oh yeah worthy of her contempt hide spoiler

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    “Without Trust” is the story of Lark and James Our heroine is an innocent dove who is falsely framed by her relatives and undergoes a long ordeal in court where her confidence career and happiness all take a beating The biggest hurdle she faces is the vicious prosecutor our hero who scares the heroine so much that he haunts her nightmares She finally has an outburst of denial and miraculously finds her charges droppedThe heroine is then suddenly offered a job to be a widow’s assistant which proves to be a lifesaver for her How she realized the hero’s role who turns out to be the widows son and feelings forms the story A very sad naive and sweet heroine who had a terrible background hence craved love and wore her heart on her sleeve This belle is captured by our totally smitten hero The drama was just their insecurities as the confession for love happened much earlier than the ending Some OM OW jealousy that were baseless a matchmaking mamma and a lovely ending Thoroughly enjoyed itSafe455

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    The poor h criminally charged with something she has no hand in the ruthless judgmental lawyerprosecutor H out to nail her innocent behind and then we are told that the strong hostile vibe in the court was actually passion and not hate Sounds familiar? One of my favorite tropes but not my favorite book of that tropeThe book took it’s own sweet time to find it’s groove and when it did it blew me – at least on the hotness scale I am not a big PJ fan a minority I know but even I know for a ‘vintage’ writer she could do passion like none of her contemporaries could Coming back to the book the h was at her irritating prickly best for most of the book but so in the first half Why do these 80s hs have to so hateful only to the H? Okay we are given to understand it is a sublimated feelings thing but still it makes for a highly disagreeable read The H was basically a sweet nice guy – a rarity in PJland He goes behind scenes to get her case dismissed and then enlists his mother to employ her as a PAcompanion All this is unknown to the h who goes on alternating between her bitchy and poor me moods I almost did a dnf with this one as the H was almost absent for the first half and the all the talk about charities and arranging benefits and balls and whatevers was a big snoreBut then the mother and the h fly off to Boston to my despair but happily the fun begins here with the H following them view spoilerThe sex scene on the beach was amazingly hot and the book catches fire with it But the h continues with her daft ways Imagine the H confessing his love to her and still she is not convinced hide spoiler

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    35 🌟Other shelves betta hero hero in his 30's hero is not meanReview to come

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