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To Win His Heart uestion a beautiful bubbly blonde heiress Olivia Duchess has made it perfectly clear that she's attracted to Luc de Falcon He's attracted to her Only he knows that his brother is infatuated with her Only he knows that his brother is infatuated with her What should he do Be honorable bow out and leave them to it or if she has no interest in his brother then Luc would be a fool to walk out out the love of a lifetime

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    This book is part of a series where three heiress sisters go looking for Riviera playboy husbands This h is crazily in love with the H since the first book while he holds her in utter you tramp contempt The determined girl tries everything – from chasing him pestering him seducing him even reverse psychology to catchinterest him So while I love stories where the hs show some gumption and go all out to get their guys this over exuberant h reminded me of OdieGarfield dynamics than a romantic chase per se His contemptdisinterest is directly proportional to her over enthusiastic infatuation So while her initial shenanigans are amusing even endearing it gets uncomfortable and cringe y pretty soon Nothing he says or does can shoot her down Also I found it immensely selfish and thoughtless of her to drag him out for trips on sailboats when he’s recovering from knee surgery Even when she takes good care of him I don’t think a boat deck is the best place to recover from a serious knee injurysurgeryOr maybe it’s just me and my low ish energy levels that fizzled out pretty fast trying to follow her ditsy and never say die antics Though I’ll say she may exasperate but she’s never totally unlikable The H is sadly uninterested till the penultimate chapter whence he flees from her as soon as ‘healthily’ possible So with a morose and for all practical purposes absent H it’s left to the h to sink as well as float the boatumm book But with that ending – bounces back to almost 3 stars

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    i love a heroine who knows how to go after what she wants and olivia was definitely dat she was just crazy about luc de falcon the chemistry was absolutely hot and palpable for these two though they did not have sex in the book

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    To Win His HeartThis is the second book in this series Olivia and Luv have had a difficult time in their own uest for a happy ending He thought she was a F1 groupie Wanting only to meet his famous brother At cross intentions they are also at odds with their feelings for each other What happens he finally realize that he has lost the one thing he truly wants is the rest of the story

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    2 of 3 Not as good Better towards the end

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    رواية أريد قلبك ريبيكا وينترز هل مازلت تفتشين عن زوج على شاطئ الرايفييرا يااوليفيا كان هذا ممكنا لو لم تخربوا رحلتنا ويجب ان تصلحوا الامر الانمن يعلم ربما اتعرف الى شاب جذاب صالح للزواج ولكن عندما يكتشف اخوك انني ذهبت لقضاء اجازة معك سوف يتخلى عن اي فكرة بالزواج منيفقال لوك بغموض لماذا تظنين ذلكمرة اخرى تحمل اوليفيا طبيعتها المتهورة على الاندفاع قبل التفكيرلكن الامر جاد الان اكثر جدا من وجودها نفسه كان لوك هو الذي تحبه من كل قلبها وكلما طال صمته ادركت انها اذا لم تعطه الجواب الصحيح فقد تخسره الى الابد

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    3 12 Stars For book two in the Husband Fund trilogy we have Olivia determined to warm and then win Luc's cold heart Luc sees Olivia as an opportunist out for a good time and Olivia has a hardtime shaking his resolve But at every turn Luc is constantly being surprised by Olivia's resourcefulness This is a charming instalment to the trilogy Great settings and a sigh worthy HEA

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    This novel was awesome for me as the author used to deal with love as one of our spiritual needs not the physical needs as some authors do loved the title ; the plot ; the smooth movement between the situations and the idea of love at first sight although I read about it many times before

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    Sometimes I feel irritated to Olivia but I love her anyway Luc is such a sweet person I like the ending

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    Olivia's one of the most resilient heroine I've ever read so far And she managed without being pathetic or a push over But I think Luc needed to grovel he did say very mean things to her

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