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Occupation Casanova FROM LADIES' MAN TO BEL'S MANHe was a master at seducing womenand destined to love none of them Jake Drummond had never had a taste for innocence So when Bel Venables caught his roving eye normally he'd have blinked and kept right on scoping for Bel was untouched and unwilling to negotiate her virginity But against his better judgment Jake was enraptured by Little Miss Commitment Was it her resistance to his charms that kept him captive or the first time ever yearning to make a woman his and his alone A thousand seductions couldn't compare with a single kiss from Bel's sweet lips Would this Casanova trade his playboy ways for a lifetime of loving Bel

About the Author: Alexandra Sellers

A writer and editor for the past 30 years Alexandra Sellers has written over two million words for print both fiction and non fiction including articles reviews training material brochures websites mini series ‘bibles’ blurbs obituaries short stories and 40 books Her novels have been translated into than 15 languages

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    Jake Drummond is a rake He has spent a lot of years seducing women but he knows to never deal with an innocent's heart He still hears his grandmother warnings the Drummond men ALL cheat But then he finds that he is drawn to Bel His best friend's new sister in law is young sexy and beautiful But little did he know until it was too late she was also a virginBel knows that Jake is a Casanova He has fully informed her of his past and his intentions Finally giving up her virginity to the man she loves but tells her flat out he can not love her enough to not cheat on her is hard But maybe she can finally convince him to give them a chance for a futureNice and fast paced

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    I would have to say that I was unsatisfied by this book They fell in love too fast I cannot say the writing was bad Perhaps I just dislike short books It was only 180 pages SO

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