My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected Vol 3

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected Vol 3 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Light Novels #3 Everything is as usual No friends no girlfriends no social lifeor so it should have been but there's been this uncomfortable and unfamiliar feeling growing inside Hachiman Was it really the absence of a certain girl from the club room that made him feel this way But there's no way that either Hachiman or Yukino would have the social skills to solve that kind of problem and their efforts lead to nothing but misunderstandings Hachiman shares a bittersweet moment with Totsuka witnesses Zaimokuza's wailing and roaring and sees a side of Miss Hiratsuka that he was never meant to seeand then gets tricked into a strip card game Surrounded as they are by all these characters rampaging alone in all the wrong directions will the Service Club ever go back to the way it was before Presenting the third volume of the twisted loner teen romantic comedy

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected Vol 3 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Light Novels #3
  • Wataru Watari
  • English
  • 15 January 2016
  • 9780316318068

10 thoughts on “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected Vol 3 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Light Novels #3

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    35 stars

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    This series reminds me a lot of the YA books I was forced to read in school back in the days before Harry Potter and The Hunger Games Books that meandered around for two hundred pages without any semblance of a plot or even a goal for the characters to seek after

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    Hachiman Hikigaya is this close to having real friendsSad isn't it? Not that Hikigaya knows it or that his friends know of it but yeah in some weird and twisted way the world's greatest misanthrope has somehow managed to almost acuire real life human friends It's uite sadThis third volume of MY YOUTH ROMANTIC COMEDY returns to the brilliantly depressed silent and violent ruminations of the original narrative Hikigaya sucks at life so he endeavors to eschew as much of life's grand attenuations as possible I'm a nothing person I don't affiliate myself with any kind of label The truly stalwart don't run with a group Being alone is like standing against the whole world Me versus the world p 51 As such youth remains an illusion and happiness is as relative as it has always been Human satisfaction is ridiculous if not downright ridiculing and the Kafkan institutions around which one orientates these greasy tendrils of emotional fulfilment are naught but cosmic disruptions of the one eternal truth man is aloneThis sounds haughty sure but one of the great things about this series of light novels is that Hikigaya's bad behavior and pretentious musings usually carry a slice of truth to them For example when he and Yukinoshita venture to the mall only to slink into the section for women's clothing the young man's assessment of his culture's ill contrived attempts at gender parity and the subseuent danger of compartmentalizing co opted interests isn't just cynical it's actually uite validAnd twenty five pages later when the duo crosses paths with Yukinoshita's ebullient elder sister Haruno's physiue is perfect she's academically peerless she's intelligent and athletic and she's kind and caring to boot Yukinoshita p 88 Hikigaya's standoffish response is typical but it's also spot on She's wearing a maskMY YOUTH ROMANTIC COMEDY is a swan song to the loner in ways than one What with the enduring threat of social media video programming and the regular and everyday pressures of professional and academic obligation the plight of the lonesome human is slowly fading into obscurity as ironic as that sounds Thankfully Hikigaya's resurrection of all things great about solitude cynicism and self loathing proves yet again the value of observational skills contemplative thought and on many occasions just not giving a shitThis volume at large centers around the club's inability to retain members however few there may be and ultimately settles on repairing the non relationship between Hikigaya and Yuigahama It's fun to see these characters who will never admit they care for one another do everything they possibly can to stay true their flimsy friendships Yukinoshita won't admit she likes being relied upon; Hikigaya won't admit he likes being proven wrong if it means he'll be enlightened even further; and Yuigahama won't admit she is as bitter as everyone else yet hopeful at the very same time It goes without saying that this is one very very weird group of friendsThe only sore spot for this volume of MY YOUTH ROMANTIC COMEDY is Chapter 5 which follows the club as they play a ridiculous card game for 50 pages It should come as no surprise to learn that this is a Zaimokuza chapter Fittingly the novel series' worst and most annoying character earns one of the series' worstmost annoying chapters There are some incredible monologues toward the end What's so praiseworthy about entrusting your sense of what's right to someone else? p 131 but this chapter is very sluggish and suits neither the pace nor the temperament of the greater seriesStill this is a solid book Watari has fully regained the initial spark of despondence that made this concept so comically sharp And considering the author toned down the relationship pairing and funneled such commentary into situational comedy instead of making contriving it a function of narrative design the character dynamics have returned to their snappy originality too Hachiman Hikigaya is still a rotten boy But that's okay Rotten or not he's almost always right I've stopped bothering getting my hopes up and watching them die when all of it's just in my head I expect nothing from the start I expect nothing in the middle and I expect nothing up until the end p 150

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    I really like this series but it annoys me how there isn't an ebook release so common YenON get on that Nothing much really happened in this volume but the characters are good enough that I didn't really mind

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    This was a great volume We had some progression with the overall plot and also we are getting to know the characters deeply The interactions between Hachiman and Yukino are pure gold Also there were some additional tales in this book which did not make it into the series

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    additional stories that weren't present in the animeWorth the read

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    Still losing one star for the use of the word 'slut'

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    Great to see some character development of the ueen of Ice Yukinon As I thought from Day 1 Yukinon and Hikki have really good chemistry

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    Perfect Book for Introverts learned a lot from MC Hikki

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    Pros Strong character development Hikigaya is better able to integrate into his new small circle of friends Yui is beginning to reveal her true emotions rather than suppressing them Yukino is starting to become expressive; less cold towards those closest to her Romance is finally developing

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