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The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca An in depth investigation into the murder of Spain's greatest poet by fascist militia as well as a wider exploration of Franco era barbarism As we witness the return of Spanish fascism with Vox the message of this book is timely than ever On my second reading of this book right now I got this as a Christmas gift from my Spanish girlfriend in December 2017 following a summer holiday to Granada that year To be honest i hadn’t heard of Federico Garcia Lorca at that point poetry isn’t really my thing but history and Spain are Unfortunately for her it inspired another trip to Granada the following summer to look closely at the locations mentioned in this harrowing story Fuente Vaueros Huerta de San Vicente the Rosales house etcIan Gibson’s writing is I find incredibly accessible Historically informative with barely a hint of the dryness that could so easily have ruined another book This is not just Lorca’s story it’s a story of Granada It’s a story of a city often caught up at the centre of Spain’s violent and artistic history Without Granada there would be no Lorca and without Lorca Granada’s beauty would have certainly had a lesser impact on many who read about herThis is a fascinating read but also a sad one We learn about the years and months preceding the nationalist revolution and the incredibly dark conseuences of its aftermath It’s clearly no spoiler to say that Lorca was murdered during the first weeks of the war but the way we get there through Gibson is one in which I’m sure will intrigue you enough to visit Granada yourselves It’s one of my favourite cities and this is one of its darkest most interesting stories Having just visited Granada for the first time I found this book fascinating It was written in the 1970s the author having spoken to many witnesses of the horrific events of the Spanish civil war in Granada I realised again the peculiar barbarity of a civil war where legitimised by the conflict people can settle old grievances with a vicious brutality While in my view the book could be improved structurally by placing the last Chapter at the beginning to provide some historiographical context this is a tremendous work of historical deduction about a tragic death aming a litany of tragic deaths at this time The Chapter detailing Lorca's days in captivity just before his death is a particularly astute piece of work and Gibson offers compelling and rational reasons to support the perspectives he takes on his sources and the overall conclusions he draws regarding the reasons for Lorca's death He handily dismantles Schonberg's 'homosexual jealousy' thesis in one of several useful appendices and details the harm that such a thesis has had on the overall examination on the poet's murder Not only is the subject matter of this book enough to maintain one's interest for its entire run but it is written with a clarity and a rhythmn that belie the deep historical legwork that forms its foundation It is a shame that the English version of this worknis not yet available in electronic form as this work deserves to be introduced to a new audience A pesar del largo periodo de tiempo transcurrido recuerdo este libro ademas por su contenido ue es harto conocido porue en esa epoca lo leí en 1982 hace 32 años el autor estaba bastante de moda y aparecía un día si y otro también en las televisionesEl autor es de izuierdas y en ese año los socialistas ganaron las elecciones con lo cual parece ue intentaron justificar lo malos ue eran los de un bando y lo bueno ue eran los otros o sea ellos durante la lamentable guerra civilTengo la idea ue el planteamiento era un tanto sectario y ue no me gusto en exceso Lorca es sin duda la mejor persona ue ha dado este país en toda su historia Excelente ejercicio de investigación con información actualizada sobre las circunstancias durante los primeras semanas de la Guerra Civil como afectó este clima de guerra a la vida de Federico García Lorca su ejecución y la posterior manipulación del régimen sobre este asesinato Muy bien explicado y excelentemente documentado para mi ha sido lo mejor del libro toda la documentación ue provee sobre la información ue comenta en el libro Se deja leer muy rápido a pesar de su grosor At dawn on the 19th of August 1936 Spaniards murdered the man who most profoundly embodied the poetic spirit of their country Federico Garcia Lorca was the victim of the passions that arose in Spain as the Church the military and the bourgeoisie embarked on their reckless and brutal repression of undesirables For Lorca was not a political man; he embraced Spain from its struggling leftist movement to its most conservative traditions with a love that transcended politics His crime was his antipathy to pomposity conformity and intolerance For years the Spanish government suppressed the truth about Lorca's death In this recreation of the assassination Ian Gibson redresses the wrong Based on information only recently made available this is an illumination not only of the death of a great poet but of the atmosphere of Civil War Spain that allowed it to happen Me ha gustado mucho la manera de afrontar este asunto del autor con una documentación bastante trabajada Sobran algunas opiniones personales y he encontrado algunos fallos en datos fechas y lugares Asimismo la tipografía de ciertos testimonios debería haber sido más diferenciada de la del texto normal Every page of this book I shiver at least twice More about the events that took place in Granada during the lead up to fascist rule than about the poet it is sickening to read of the catholic fervour and nationalist barbarity that lead to so many civilians being slaughtered The poet calls himself revolutionary and not political his words about the land in which he was born the only comfort

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