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All Rights Reserved Received digital copy from NetGalleyThis book just grabbed me from the very first page Essentially a commentary on society and how we view words and our freedoms of speech and expression Gregory Scott Katsoulis provides a harrowing perspective of a society gone completely wrong where the policing and ownership of every single word phrase and gesture is rigidly monitored This is told from the perspective of 15 year old Speth as she is about to become a legal adult and begin 'paying back' the almighty rights holders with each word and gesture she makes Her chosen silence is something that begins somewhat of a revolution in a society built upon expression and endorsement I loved Speth despite not actually having her speak her communication with the others around her is just amazing It's something very different from what I have previously read and you get uite of an insight into her development and thinking than a typical verbal main protagonist I enjoyed seeing the dynamics within her broken family and the regrets and plans she makes along the way She didn't become a predictable YA dystopian protagonist instead forged something different and uite inspiring Katsoulis writes amazingly with absolutely no predictability as to where the story is going It kept me guessing right to the end This is a book I'd definitely would want every teenager and adult to read as it made me think uite deeply on the actual power of our words And with a price on each what and how would you communicate your deepest needs and thoughts It's one I'd definitely put up with Lois Lowry's The Giver as a definite game changer of the YA genre Can't wait to see if there is going to be follow ups and where they may lead Katsoulis has created such an amazing and profoundly deep world with lots to contemplate This is great science fiction The world building is vivid and intriguing it has a uniue plot and it makes you think Speth's world is uncomfortable to read about Every word and gesture is copyrighted and a payment has to be made to the rights hold Any slight provokes a lawsuit that eventually sends people into so much debt that they are sold as indentured servants Speth in shock and grief over the suicide of her friend chooses not to speak which makes her a pariah and even dangerous This is an engaging read with very clever details—like the secret product placers who sneak into houses in the middle of the night to leave samples from advertisers I really enjoyed this book Great for teens and adults Speth Jime is anxious to deliver her Last Day speech and celebrate her transition into adulthood The moment she turns fifteen Speth must pay for every word she speaks for every nod for every scream and even every gesture of affection She’s been raised to know the conseuences of falling into debt and can’t begin to imagine the pain of having her eyes shocked for speaking words that she’s unable to affordBut when Speth’s friend Beecher commits suicide rather than work off his family’s crippling debt she can’t express her shock and dismay without breaking her Last Day contract and sending her family into Collection Rather than read her speech—rather than say anything at all—she closes her mouth and vows never to speak again sparking a movement that threatens to destroy her her family and the entire city around them Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the pleasure of reading this e arcThis was a brilliant read I love a good Dystopian novel and this comes with such a creatively detailed social commentary I had a hard time putting it down The future laid out in this book made me pause to take a look at what our 21st century looks like and being able to imagine our society reaching a place where it costs to communicate added a goosebump inducing tension to the whole story Speth was such a relatable main character and I felt so deeply for the pain she felt when she wanted to communicate but couldn't Katsoulis does an amazing job with world building I pretty much felt like pop up ads were glowing against the pages of the book and every time I let out a sound or reacted outloud to the story I half expected to hear a beep from my very own cuff The details were so well thought out the plot grew and unraveled in a way that kept me engaged but didn't feel rushed or forced This is definitely a book you'll read and spend weeks after talking about with your friends about our relationship with technology and advertisements and whether or not we consider what it means that we get to speak without charge I can't wait for this to come out so I can recommend it to everyone The entire time I read this book I kept thinking to myself Could this BE any timely All Rights Reserved is a smart detailed commentary on what might happen if the reigns are held too tightly on copyright and freedom of expression There are so many wonderful and subtle nods to the big copyright holders in the present I can hands down say this is the sharpest Dystopian YA I've ever read I can't wait to read about Speth and Co in book 2 This book must be read by everyone nowWe are coming to that time when litigation stifles our lives Monsanto have copyrighted whole genetic seuences while cuckoo nesting farms with barren seed crops Taylor Swift has successfully registered whole sentences which cannot be used by anyone she didn't think of them but she wrote them down and now feels validated to claim ownership of them The estate of Marvin Gaye successfully sued Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke for the sound of a cow bell in their song A COW BELL Take a page from Sir Berners Lee's book and learn to shareWhen you stifle creativity you stifle progress and we will find ourselves in the situation Mr Katsoulus has so eruditely captured in this wonderful bookIt was depressing how could it be otherwise yet there was a spark of hope Our heroine a bland so so girl broke the system and became an unwitting Joan of ArcThis book has taken the oppressive idea of intellectual property rights and given us a flash of hopeLoved the book Read it and pass it on Spread the messagehttpswwwtheguardiancomenvironmehttpwwwrollingstonecommusicnewhttpwwwrollingstonecommusicnew Smart interesting and often heartbreaking All Rights Reserved may be dystopian but it often hits too close to home I was racing through the last section to see how this one would end Looking forward to the seuelI received an advance copy Hey it's a dystopian YA novel that's really about something This is actual proper social and political criticism folks In a YA novel published by Harleuin I'm pleased but not surprised Teen Vogue is providing some of the best political commentary of our era so it makes sense that Harleuin would also choose this moment to step it up All Rights Reserved takes place in a future where every word you say after age 15 is copyrighted and incurs a fee The protagonist Speth doesn't set out to be a revolutionary but when events on the day of her birthday cause her to choose not to speak she's thrust down the path of reluctant heroism Katsoulis does an excellent job illustrating her journey to becoming a leader of this silent rebellion The world of All Rights Reserved is by nature of the dystopian genre extreme but Katsoulis' exploration of poverty and the crushing inescapable weight of debt felt very very real I also really liked that this is mostly a much less action packed revolution than say Katniss' This book is mostly about silent peaceful protest and I found the sections of the novel where Speth's understated ha heroism inspires others to action incredibly movingThe book is not perfect I felt like the whole thing could be tightened and trimmed to a effective length and the bad guy seemed too weak and fallible to be at the center of such a vast system He'd at least need better henchmen if this were the case Or maybe this is part of a twist being set up for book two Nevertheless this is an excellent addition to the dystopian genre one that harkens back to the old school 1984 type oppression fewer love triangles “Words matter Words make ideas They preserve truths and history They express freedom and they shape it Words mold our thoughts That gives them value and power” ✘ plotIn the future lawyers have realized they can put copyrights on things as basic as words and now on each individual's fifteenth birthday they are given a device that tracks every word they speak or gesture they make and charges them exorbitantly for itOn Speth's fifteenth birthday she realizes she doesn't want to be sucked into this life so she decides to do the unthinkable she adopts silence as her protest Lawyers everywhere are enraged and Speth suddenly finds her entire world turned upside down as the world around her attempts to punish her for her nonconformity✘ the good The plot of this book is so uniue and unlike anything I've ever read before A world in which people are charged for every word they speak every nod or sigh every kiss or hug it's honestly a little bit terrifying to even think of especially as the story goes on to explain that people who go too far into debt are basically forced into indentured slavery to the government I loved the sci fi aspects of the story such as the ocular lenses everyone was forced to wear that could shock them for transgressions or the Ads that were custom tailored to the potential customers walking by at any given time So many features in the story just felt so innovative The Product Placers I assumed from the very beginning that they would be important given how much Speth was fascinated by them so I was pretty pleased when they recruited her onto their team Kel Henri and Margot are all such fun and sweet characters plus I was especially fond of the scenes in which Speth was getting her feet under her and learning the ropes The missions the team were sent on just sounded so intense and fun and I am a sucker for the whole lonelymisunderstood MC finds a group of misfit friends to become their family trope✘ the bad Speth This poor sad child sigh I mean the very first decision she makes in the entire book is so astonishingly poorly thought out that I just thought certainly she would have to progress in an upward fashion as the story continued right NopeShe makes one poor decision after another and by the end of the book I honestly was just wishing someone would scream at her until she finally grasped the severity of the stupid reckless and terrible choices she made Despite being a first person narration style I had a very hard time connecting to Speth emotionally The story as a whole drew me in and I found myself feeling attached to other characters at times but I think the complete lack of dialogue from Speth makes her really hard to relate to She constantly caused emotional duress to others through her silence when they needed her to speak and that made it really hard to view her as anything beyond this calloused and aloof child Without trying to spoil too much there's a serious story arc of exploiting someone's feelings to use them and it's such a sweet character who gets hurt at that and then it's just never really called out There are no actual repercussions and very little remorse seemingly Again no spoilers but there is a heartbreaking turn of events towards the end of the book that made me want to throw my kindle and never ever finish this story I literally made a Goodreads status that basically said there are books that can break your heart and make you love them and then there are books that go for the Big Traumas and just piss you the hell off This incident was the latter scenario The ending leaves a lot of things unexplained and the story is wrapped up in an incredibly unrealistic and rushed manner I know it's the first book in a series but the story would have been better to leave off on a cliffhanger than to rush through the last few chapters the way it did✘ conclusionThis was actually an incredibly anticipated read for me and I thought I would love it and totally fly through it; sadly though it just didn't cut it for me If you're particularly into dystopian titles like I am I would say pick it up give it a chance and it may be much enjoyable for you than it was for me As far as I'm concerned though I'll pass on continuing the series Thank you to Harleuin Teen and Edelweiss for providing me with an ARC of this book All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my ownYou can find this review and on my blog I've been raving about this one to my friends after receiving an ARC from the publisher The book presents a frightening future of corporate sponsorships and copyright infringement gone haywire that we are probably closer to than you expect