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Awaydays It's 1979 and in Birkenhead smack and Maggie Thatcher are still less of an issue than Lois jeans and Adidas Forest Hills training shoesFor Paul Carty 19 and his mystical Joy Division loving mate Elvis life revolves around The Pack a mob of violent Tranmere Rovers supporters Carty and Elvis travel the Northern wastelands always by train causing mayhem in the 'woollyback' strongholds of Halifax Crewe and Chesterfield For most of the mob The Pack is their reason for living But Elvis who loves Ezra Pound and Carty still getting over the death of his mother are starting to get bored of it allThe uestion is will the Pack let them go And can they get by without each other

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    This is by far the most literary of the hoolie oriented books I've read The author Kevin Sampson for those of you who might know remember care was the manager of the band The Farm Yup those rascally Liverpudlians who meshed footballterrace culture with social issues and infectious dance beats At any rate Sampson weaves a tale of hooligans who support Tranmere Rovers in the late 1970s The subtitle of this book at least what it says on my copy is like Catcher in the Rye with Stanley Knives Stanley knives of coure being the widely available utility knives a metal case holding a razor blade that were used by some hooligan firmsThe reference to Catcher in the Rye isn't lost That might be one downfall of the novel At times the parallels are a little strong The relationship that the main character has with his little sister is truly an homage to Saliger's workSome of the strenghts of this work are in the sub plots that weave through the novel The death of the main character's mother the relationship with his sister and father and his relationship with work are all very noteworthy Check this book out

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    Look yeah I thought this would be entertaining I don't know that I thought it would be good but definitely entertainingSo when I wrote on the inside cover 'like Trainspotting but with Birkenhead casuals? Or like kinda like Catcher in the Rye according to one Goodreads review' I meant it as a complimentAnd now I'm trying to pay it a compliment I mean at least it was short?It tried too hard to be all things Northern laddish and nostalgic and ended up being unmitigated shite

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    The main themes of this book are thuggery the sex obsessions of an 18 year old image consciousness and as with Freshers see drink and drugs bingeing The main character is a middle class A level drop out who for reasons not entirely clear falls into this lifestyle in some sort of uest for self affirmation following the death of his mother from cancer It is not explored much beyond the statement “I see now the time I knew for sure that Mum was dying is the time I started hiding in their midst looking for a new outlet a way of expressing myself Not that I really felt like saying much I wanted rude action I wanted out of school I wanted a job and money I wanted stuff that that was me sic mine – nothing to do with this plan Mum and Dad had mapped out” That’s about as deep as it gets The sex and violence are pretty graphic and I found myself speed reading chunks of the book Only towards the end did I slow down when something of the protagonist’s relationship with his mate Elvis is explored But even that is left hanging I’m not even sure the book gets to the heart of what football violence iswas all about The violence is romanticised and overblown – it is not a realistic representation of football violence in the 1970s There are better books that cover football violence such as James Bannon’s Running with the Firm I’m coming to the conclusion that giving Kevin Sampson is not my thingSee for other football fiction

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    First I saw the movie Awaydays which I liked a lot Especially the amazing soundtrack; Ultravox Joy Division Echo Bunneyman The Cure etc I kept in mind the movie was filmed by Sampson's novel So I bought the bookWhere the movie is a bit dramatic and depressing the book is graphic and detailled Especially main character CartyA lot of details about graphic fights and trips to rival football teams as Wrexham and Crewe Alexandra Drawings of the FA Cup nights of party's and brawlsBut also friendships mischiefs and the continue threats are described very well I think this book is very complete because it has some drama family issues adventure action friendship and violence It has it all and good combined

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    Found this book by accident really was searching you tube for the one and only blood tub pub which is sadly no and found the film version of this and then ordered the book Took it with me on a recent stay in hospital and got one word for it fabulousThought provoking and painfully honest Was rather intense reading though so couldnt read it in one go took me a few days to finish which is unusual for me Dont know wether i would of got as much from it if i hadnt been local though because a main element of the book was the relationship between the different gangs ie the WEB which the authour described and portraied excellently Well worth a look

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    Pointless jobs Pointless lives Work Television Football I look across to Wales and I think that the hills are nice I'll go over there one day and just sit there for a whole day and see no one and not say a word That'll be good But right now I just feel badYou can't leave

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    Sampson manages several things at once in this slim novel set in the suburbs of Liverpool over the course of the final six weeks of 1979 The story follows Paul a middle class late teen with a government job who lives at home with his decent father and younger sister His self identity is wrapped up in his affiliation with a crew of hooligans who support an awful third division club His struggle to ingratiate himself with the group while uestioning his own motives and desires is a mirror of every teen's desire to belong to some kind of group When not describing the prelude to and execution of battles with other club supporters Paul is perpetually chasing after girls with his best mate Elvis His friendship with the perpetually crazy and sad Elvis is another running theme as is his family life as the family struggles to remain connected after the death of his mother Some of the slang and period references especially the fashion are beyond even British pop culture aficionados like me but the story holds together on its own Not as impressive as John King's trilogy The Football Factory Headhunters England Away but still a good portrait of a youth trying to come to terms with himself and his future in the midst of a weird little subculture

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    I read Kevin Sampson's Freshers a good few years back when I was listening to John Peel at the weekends and trying to live the student lifestyle despite not being a student and I really enjoyed it I'm not sure why I never read anything else of his at the time but it kinda feels now like I've missed the boat Awaydays is a decent read but it really just feels like the same story only with football casuals instead of students He's a good writer and manages to convey that sense of teenage angst well but it's hard to relate to when you're almost 41 and hate Joy Division

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    Basically a book about birkenhead scallies Well wriiten though

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    Particularly interesting if you're from the local area

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