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    Slick's reviewI want to call this a second chance love story but in all honesty it is than that; The Best Man’s Baby is about two people who fell in love at a very young age and never really fell out of love They went on to grow to experience and to discover all that life had to offer but they never forgot and while they both made some pretty big mistakes over the years the bond between them was unbreakable I enjoyed this story a lot; this was a couple who connected physically with ease spiritually and with their whole hearts but were unable to let their heads believe what they had was true I ached for these two because it was so evident they wanted to be together but neither was willing to voice it and that led them down the path to lots of misunderstanding and heartache over the years A love story years in the making with a little push from fate I thoroughly enjoyed this book Julia Keys has found fame and fortune working as a Hollywood actress but she doesn’t have the one thing she wants than anything the love of a good man She knows she’s made mistakes in her man choices over the years and finding out she’s pregnant and not sure who the father is makes her cringe with what tabloid fodder that will be but first she must get through her sister’s wedding and seeing Logan Brandt her high school boyfriend and the man she spent an entire weekend with three months ago at their high school reunion and one of the two men who possibly fathered her childI really loved Julia and Logan together despite everything in their past I will admit that Julia’s inability to let go of what happened after their reunion got on my nerves uite a bit and I hated that neither she nor Brandt tried to actually have a conversation about it but I could also understand the extreme pressure she was feeling The moments they spent together both in and out of bed were truly magical and it was easy to see the friendship and love between them not to mention the sparks I only wish there had been of these scenes and less of Julia’s family I’ll be honest that I was disappointed in her family the way they treated her and especially the way her sister acted throughout the majority of this book made me absolutely crazy at one point I was ready to take scissors to the woman’s wedding dress just to make her see what an outright btch she was being I was so thankful that Brandt’s mom was a calming voice of reason and made him look at all sides of their situation I always appreciate when a couple has to navigate difficult times to get to their happily ever after because I feel it’s good practice for what life throws at you during a marriage and after everything this couple went through to be together I have no doubts they will be just fine in the long run A whole lot of crazy some intense sexiness and two people finally figuring out how to be together made The Best Man’s Baby a wonderful romanceReview copy provided with no expectations

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    High school sweethearts Julia Keys now a successful actress and former baseball star Logan Brandt have seen their share of ups and downs Though they broke up long ago when they were headed off to different colleges the connection between them never really went away and with every successive high school reunion they’d ended up playing on their attraction to each other but always holding something back The last time they saw each other three months ago they tipped over the edge into a two night fling Brought abruptly back to reality by a tabloid article linking Julia with her current co star Logan ended things and vowed not to get involved with Julia again knowing there would be no future for themBack in town for her sister Tracy’s wedding Julia harbors a secret She’s pregnant And the crux of it is that she doesn’t know if the baby is her ex boyfriend’s whom she broke up with just before her last high school reunion or Logan’s from their passionate weekend together With both of them involved in the wedding party Julia and Logan will be spending plenty of time together When Julia tells him about the baby Logan makes some uick decisions With the paparazzi hounding Julia and threatening to ruin Tracy’s wedding Logan steps up and proclaims them a couple Can a fake relationship and a pregnancy give them a start at a brand new future together?This couple sure has gone through their ups and downs They really were in love in high school but Julia’s insecurities made her believe that Logan wouldn’t be faithful in a long distance romance and so she ended things with him breaking his heart and her own in the process While they have seen each other many times since then they’ve both been wary to commit to each other again in a meaningful way The baby changes all that though not necessarily for the better at first While Logan is happy to say he’ll marry Julia if the baby is his she worries about what will happen if she commits her heart to him again and the baby doesn’t end up being his after all Will that be the end of their relationship? She wants someone who will stick with her for the duration no matter who the real father of the baby is To his credit Logan eventually realizes that he wants to be with Julia no matter what which goes a long way towards cementing their relationship In the meantime they share several sexy scenes together – their attraction to each other is just as strong as everJulia’s sister Tracy though she’s a piece of work A bridezilla of the first order she’s not a very likable character It’s not Julia’s fault that the paparazzi followed her home but Tracy takes it as a personal affront Julia’s pregnancy is unintentional but when the family finds out Tracy uses it as another thing against Julia as if she planned it to ruin her wedding I felt sorry for Julia having to deal with her while going through the unpleasant side effects of early pregnancy And I felt bad for the guy marrying Tracy too In the end everything gets sorted and the wedding goes off without any major disasters but she sure made for an annoying characterJulia’s parents aren’t very supportive of Julia either and it’s no wonder she feels insecure about where her life is going Luckily Logan pulls through as a man Julia can lean on despite their baggage In fact overcoming everything that has come between them in the past and the chance to be parents together makes for an emotional connection that gets stronger over the course of the story We get a happy ending for this couple complete with the birth of the baby you’ll have to read it yourself to find out if Logan is the father The Best Man’s Baby is an enjoyable second chance romance This review appears at Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review

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    Love this second chance romance Julia and Logan come across as real and relatable even though she is a popular Hollywood actress and he is a former baseball superstar This story has it all interesting twists a bridezilla sister relentless paparazzi a baby on board funny banter and scorching hot sexy times Logan is such a great hero sigh Another winner from Ms Booth

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    Plot 45Characterisation 35Prose 45How much I enjoyed it 35

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    Volatile Chemicals at WorkThe Best Man's Baby is another fantastically written story by Karen Booth We get her humor amazing romance witty banter and moments when I just want to throw the book Thanks Karen It's the chemistry between these two lovers that makes me give all the thumbs up Logan Brandt is gorgeous and so smitten by his long time love Julia Keyes Papa didn't raise no fool though He knows a good thing but plays her just right to get her back to him He knows which strings to pull and the words to say to make her realize that there's no better place to be than by his sideJulia good grief lol She's everything we feel and dare not say She is loving and smart yes but is totally incapable of realizing where her heart belongs However she is written with such a grace and giving nature that I can forgive her for passing up Logan at first I can't blame her though when she has the crazy family that she does I still want bop Tracy This romance is definitely Karen Booth signature steamy Whew Goodness Note to self Don't read on the metro You just may miss your stop

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    Karen Booth truly has a talent for writing i thought this after reading her Langford Family series but after reading The Best Man's Baby its even so Booth has an amazing gift to make you feel for her characters and be invested in the story in such a short time She made me ache for Julia after Logan ended things with her after their reunion amd again everytime her family blamed her for things outside of her control She made me annoyed with her family and I truly couldn't stamd her bratty bitchy sister Tracy But also she made me care creating feelings like the ones of wanting Logan to take Julia in his arms and make everything ok And to create that much emotion in such a short book creates an amazing book journey Add in two people who fell in love young and keep falling in love through the years and some very steamy romance scenes its a definite must read

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    Wow Such unlikeable characters except Logan Poor Logan Where to even begin Julia is pregnant and doesn't know who the father isher sister gives bridezilla new meaning No one is nice and I got tired of all the attitude Happy to put this book behind me

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    It's a good book especially for one telling an IR love story The cover was beautiful and eye catching I typically go for BWWM so I thought I'd switch it up with a BMWW one I liked the main characters for the most part The hero was strong without being overly Alpha The heroine was a little weak but I liked her style She's a movie star but totally doesn't act like it It was actually a little unsettling I loved the fact that race was treated as a matter of fact type thing as opposed to being an issue I feel despite all the craziness in the current societal climate this is where we're headed if not already there The supporting characters were very lacking and shallow especially the heroine's sister I feel there was a backstory there that was only slightly touched on Also the ending was HORRIBLE I felt robbed I wished I hadn't read the epilogue at all You'll see what I mean How editors let that go for a romance book that's supposed to be HEA is beyond me I guess they were going for something different In women's fiction it would have been great For contemporary romance it was infuriating There was a lot of potential here that was missed somehow But the love story and tone of writing were good so that's why I give this book a three star rating

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    For a while the two main romantic protagonists seem to have no real cohesive factor other than they’re both good in bed Well she may also be carrying his child but that’s a separate issueisn’t it?Reading about Julia and Logan’s attempts to hammer out a working relationship one that would encompass love and the rearing of a child was difficult Not because the writing was bad—it is rather good for novels of this sort It was because they were both beset by anxieties insecurities and differing notions about what it took to create a stable connectionLogan thinks that every child deserves two parents and he proposes based on that uixotic but frankly outdated notion Julia is a famous acting star one recognizable practically everywhere she goes You figure that she probably has plenty of money and doesn’t need Logan’s input She’s yearning for Logan’s love affection and support no matter what and is offended and hurt by the idea that he’s proposing marriage out of some silly chivalrous idea of “being a man” or “doing the right thing” She thinks that a marriage under such an onus would be headed for disaster Having a child as a way of keeping people together? Tough burden to place on an infantThere’s also the problem that she doesn’t know who the father is and flatly refuses to take a paternity test to find out Logan’s initial assertions that he’ll stay if the baby is his raises her hackles and deepens her fears that he’ll walk out on her if the baby turns out to be another’s Julia is going to love the baby no matter who the father is and I could only applaud her for her staunch affectionAt this point I was feeling than a little teed off at Logan Brandt’s attitude But the novel takes them both to a place where they manage to overcome their separate terrors and suspicions of each other There was a little too much sex for my liking especially when I thought there should be conversation before they predictably took each other on the sheets But otherwise this is a refreshingly different slant on the “She’s Having My Baby” trope

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    sigh Finished in one day Booth as usual delivered a story that pulled me in from page 1 with wonderfully fleshed out characters and a romance to root forAlright as I've said before about Harleuin this isn't a title I'd necessarily pick up myself Cheesy title aside it's by Karen Booth and y'all the woman knows how to write a romance The Best Man's Baby has a lot going for itsecond chances small town setting close knit families Oh And it happens to feature an interracial couple For all that I can overlook the title I'm a sucker for second chances and Julia and Logan's story offered up a wonderful one These two essentially grew up together and were high school sweethearts But Julia broke things off before they both left for college feeling a break up was inevitable and not wanting her heart broken later They've kept in contact over the years though and hook up yearly at their high school reunion However following the most recent reunion Logan decided to break things off for good feeling Julia doesn't have it in her to commit for the long haul Cut to the present they're both in town for Julia's sister's wedding who happens to be marrying Logan's best friend and Julia has uite a bomb to drop on Logan It doesn't take long for the flames between them to reignite I immediately liked both Julia and Logan They both fiercely loyal to their families and friends Logan doesn't want to let anyone down and Julia is out to save everyone They're both giving but Julia for some reason doesn't trust easily Probably because in her effort to save people she keeps getting into relationships with the wrong men I also liked their families I could tell they were close and always had each others' backs However Julia's sister Tracy did get on my nerves at times She acted rather bratty uite often and her being the bride didn't excuse her behavior in my book The interplay between Julia and Logan was fun but also poignant Their chemistry was combustible but they were truly a match everyone seemed to be waiting for them to figure it out The only issues I had aside from Tracy's behavior is that Julia's career and the repercussions from being pregnant were never resolved Otherwise I found the characters realistic and the story engaging Another winner from BoothI received a complimentary copy from the author I voluntarily provided a review

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The Best Mans Baby It's a second chance baby Julia Keys has everything going for her beauty brains and a Hollywood career So why does she keep ending up in Logan Brandt's bed The sexy former pro baseball player has wreaked havoc on her heart for years But when their latest fling ends with a plus sign on the pregnancy test Logan makes the case for marriageJulia knows the only wedding in their future is the one they're both attending no matter how hot the chemistry between them still burns Can two high school sweethearts who've made a mess of love finally get it righteven if the baby isn't Logan's