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    Levin Rana and Dr Craig are back among others in part II of this subtle sci fi trilogy by game changer Allison Maruska Maruska’s economic writing style puts you right back in the mix I’m about the opening line because it sets the tone “Rana shivered as she left the cabin and eased the door shut careful not to wake the other girls” And a little further along “She ran between trees and towards the creek where the trail follows the water’s path and periodically crossed over it with log bridges”Maruska has a way combining authentic dialogue action and description in a way that keeps the reader engaged She doesn’t waste time recapping part one of the story but finds a way to bring you up to speed within the present narrative The pacing is on point pitting two genetically altered factions against each other for reasons that cause the reader to uestion the gray area between right and wrong There’s a climatic scene that will blow you away When picking up a seuel to really good book which Project Renovatio is you can only hope it lives up to its predecessor Maruska doesn’t disappoint taking Liberatio to another level as stakes are raised heavens fall and most importantly heroes emerge at great costs the stuff that transforms story to legend

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    This is book 2 in the Project Renovatio series I listened to the audio book and I enjoyed the reader and the pacing of the storyI really enjoyed this second book in the series It delved much deeply into the emotions and feelings of the main characters Levin and Rana and gave some very moving insights into young love and the effect of their unusual situation on couples both inside and outside of the project It also made the reader think deeply about the importance of home and familiar surroundings to people and the heavy price paid by refugees on the run There are some very emotional and tragic scenes in this book which are well describedProject Renovatio introduced and developed some interesting new characters with a range of skills which helped build up the tension and anticipation of a potential confrontation between the “good” group to which Levin and Rana belong and the “mislead” group that is being influenced by ideas of grandeur and superiority The story brings out some interesting thoughts and ideas about co operation tolerance and teamwork confronting egotistical idealists who lead through violence and fearI really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading book 3 in the series I rated this book five out of five stars

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    Project Liberatio does not disappoint The characters felt real and believable The storyline was engaging and kept me on my toes It left me excited and impatient for the next book I've enjoyed all her books and look forward to reading from this author

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Project Liberatio After weeks of hiding from the radical group that plans to turn him and his siblings into an army of genetically engineered supersoldiers Levin wants nothing than to get back to his old life So when he learns they have the opportunity to return home he jumps at the chance – all they have to do is defeat the very faction that has forced them to take refuge Following intense training Levin’s group pursues the faction but his focus isn’t solely on the fight When he sneaks away to visit his girlfriend he unwittingly reveals himself to the enemy Now he must sacrifice his own plans and desires and commit himself to a new mission or he could lose much than his freedom