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A Savage Adoration Dominic acted as if nothing had happenedAs though Christy's adolescent advances had not aroused his anger and contempt The humiliation of his words had haunted her since and stood between her and all other menHer career in London had come to a sudden stop because she had been unwilling to engage in an affair so her ailing mother's need was reason enough to run homeThe last thing she wanted was to see Dominic Savage She disliked and despised him But in the end that proved poor protection against his desires and her own needs

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    35 stars I'll round up since it was a nice read on a cold yucky day I enjoyed the atmosphere of the small town on the border of England and Scotland as well as some of the supporting characters like the older Lady and the stuffy old army man who obviously had an old flame for one another Sometimes it's nice to delve into the older HPs that didn't reuire jaunting all over the world or gazillionaire heroesThis hero was a doctor He'd grown up around the heroine since his parents and hers were best friends He was 8 years older and when the heroine became a teen her feelings changed from sisterly to romantic love She on some dubious advice from a wilder school friend tried to seduce him at 17 He angrily rejected her and gave her a speech about the dangers of such behavior before carting her home like a naughty child She was humiliated and confused I could feel her to a certain extent Society tells us that men want one thing and that they are almost always willing to give it to any reasonably attractive and receptive female If they reject you it makes you wonder if something isn't wrong with you After all many of us are conditioned to believe they have virtually no standards or interests outside of sex So if they reject you you must obviously be a leper Of course she was only 17 But at 17 I liked to think I was a woman too I'd have been hurt and humiliated even though it was done very much for her own good Plus of course he loved her all alongAnyway she moves to London to be a secretary hello 80's HPLand and he moves to America to practice medicine They don't see one another for 8 years when she moves home to escape a lecherous boss and he moves back to the area to start up a family practice It's kind of sweet how obviously thrilled he is to see her and I love it how the author was able to exclusively use the h's POV yet successfully convey all the longing from the hero it all flew over the h's head of course IMHO that takes talent than being privy to pages of the H's emo navel gazing feels YMMV There are lots of misunderstandings beginning with the heroine's lingering anger over the rejection at 17 Once that is set aside she assumes that he just wants her for sex and she can't handle that so she lets him believe she actually is having an affair with her married boss I'll never understand why heroine's do that I can see not begging some narrow minded ass to see the truth but this was deliberate This hero wasn't even that big of an ass By HP and especially PJ standards he was a nice reasonable man He shook her once but come on I'm pretty sure shaking the heroine hard at least once was a contractual obligation in the old days Just be warned if you aren't aware You can't read a PJ and expect the heroine not to be sometimes annoyingly overwrought They always teeter on the edge of a nervous breakdown throughout most of the book

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    Re A Savage Adoration no connection to Savage Atonement except PJ must have liked the name Savage and we get a hint of the future Official HP Title Generator where you can just replace Savage with Virgin or Billionaire and some adjectives or formal nouns and provide titles for an entire genre of books This is not PJ's best book but I like it for it's utter PJNess If there was a typical generic PJ story that demonstrates almost every aspect of her long career this is the one to go for I recommend this one for newbie PJ readers it is a kinder gentler way to show them the ropes of all things PJ and no one has gone screaming for the safety of old skool Silhouette after finishing it unlike some of the other PJ works we have already covered This story has it all semi mature 25ish h who is borderline neurotic because of a Terrible Rejection suffered in the past A Typical PJ H for this time who delivered the Terrible Rejection when the h shyly tried to seduce him when she was 17 and he was 25 and thus subjected our shy but surprisingly career competent h to 8 years of tormented self doubt about her ability to please a man Our H is also tortuously filled with what he thinks is unreuited love for the h and it makes him a bit Mr Crankypants for most of the book It also has an evil wanna be OW who is the epitome of HP OW Scheming Harlotness but makes the virginal h appear to be a bigger Tart than Babylon because she has a fox fur coat that was gift from her former boss and his wife who picked the colour and thus drives our erstwhile DR Crankypants H to even heights of tormented longing that just has to be expressed in punishing kisses to the h There is bickering there is angsty burning longing and no H POV there is a Masked Romantic Valentine Ball to raise funds to build the H a medical clinic with all mod cons AND the h also gets to demonstrate her sponge cake making expertise thus proving she is a multilayered h with both efficient secretarial skills she worked for and a fought off a serial Lothario but Highly Productive Married boss in London for 8 years and she is also a Domestic Goddess of all things hearth and home Sadly no Rag Rolling Painting Techniues were reuired in the lead up to the Big Romantic Masued Ball so PJ missed a little shot to also show the h's home improvementdecorating skillz There are seekritly conniving matchmaking parents who just delight in tormenting our h with freuent dinner invitations to the H in the family home PJ has the Orphan angle covered in this one too the Dr H's parents have moved on to a higher existence and the H has nobly taken his Dr Father's place in the community because our H is handsome manly hot for the h and Knows His Duty as the third generational physician to a community his family has served for yonks Which practically makes him local gentry right along with the h's solicitor father and her Women's Institute organizing mum Sadly the mum is a bit under the weather in the book so the h who also Knows Her Duty leaps into the fundraisingRomantic Ball planning fray as her mum's deputy All of this is taking place in another stock PJ trope the Small But Uniue English Village and all it's attendant hot house encapsulation Oh yes PJ takes all her favorite ingredients plops them in the cocktail shaker of this book and pours out what can only be called the PJcolada of HP beverages So this story goes with the h fleeing the tormenting affections of her married Lothario boss Her mum is ill which gives her a handy out to avoid traveling with the Lothario his long suffering wife and his kids to the sunny climes of California where the Lothario is set to do some movie business The h was attracted to the boss but he is Married and Thus Not To Be Trifled With plus the h likes his wife who has excellent taste in Fox Fur Coats though I am pretty sure it was probably supposed to be a Faux Fox Fur Coat as animal rights had already hit HPlandia at this point but the copy editor was probably old skool and not au courant on modern fashion sensibilities So she chucks up the London job and heads for the hills of home Only to be greeted with the news that our Dr Crankypants H has returned to the old home turf to take over for his deceased dad AND her dad has cheerfully volunteered her Excellent Secretarial Skillz as the H's adjunct in helping raise funds for the Small But Uniue English Village Self Contained Medical Care Facility that the H desperately wants to build so all the old gaffers don't have to travel beyond the Village Borders cause is it a dangerous world out there doncha know Our h is NOT PLEASED about this because of the aforementioned Terrible Trauma that the H inflicted when she was 17 But the h goes along with plan anyways cause it is the PJ Thing To Do The h just makes it clear to our Obviously Lovestruck Without Saying A Word H that she hates him and she makes terrible glarey faces at the H too The H's Tremendous Frowns when he receives one of these looks makes the reader aware that our H IS NOT HAPPY either and is now have Terrible Suffering over the h Well good I say he was really mean in his rejection of the h and hurt her feelings and damaged her frail self esteem ENORMOUSLY so he can just stew for a bitExcept it doesn't look like our H is stewing alone OH NOES The Evil Divorced OW of Harlotness is making a play for our H and he is having dinner with the OW and her Grandmother This just drives the h to neurotic angsting She HATES the H and she Will Never Forgive Him but she doesn't want him slagging off the OW either OR her Grandmother Then the h manages to put her mum's car in the ditch during a snow storm The accident is very jarring Not to worry tho the H was following right behind the h and sweeps out of his trusty big Drmobile and carries the befuddled h into his home where he checks her over pronounces her a mess and unable to face to her mother and tries to get the h out of her clothes Unreuited love fool our H may be but he is uick on the clothes removing draw when he needs to The h refuses and the befuddledness passes she is now in a Fiery Scots Temper which she got from her ancestors and tells the H off How Dare He Try to Get Her Clothes Off When He Doesn't Want To Ravish Her Beguiling Body The h finally expresses all the pent up 8 years of hurt for his rejection The H is thunderstruck He Always Wanted Her He Wouldn't Turn Her Down Now if she Would Just Take off Her Clothes He had to reject her 8 years ago she was an innocent 17 yr old and her parents Trusted Him This ends with a punishing kiss of course and the h pushes the H away of course cause now the h knows that the H Only Wants Her for the Body and not because he loves her or anything like that The h runs home and the plannings for the Romantic Masued Ball continues Then the h's Lothario's Wife calls the h up and insists that she come to London Lothario has lost a very important script and the lovely wife needs the h to find it The h goes and manages to put the fear of the Lovely Wife Dumping the Lothario into him after the Lovely Wife confides that she is preggers again and tired of the infidelities Lothario has managed to find a new girlfriend The h finds the script and a beautiful gown with mask for the Romantic Ball Lothario gives the h a ride to the train station home and as he is enthusiastically kissing the h goodbye as he kisses all the ladies the H happens to be moseying along and sees the embrace The H is Shocked At the Changes in the formerly nice girl h But they wind up riding home on the train together anyways and then going to the h's house so the H can check on her mum The h announces that the Lovely Wife is preggers and the H is looking shellshocked The Conniving Parent trope is back into play as the mum cannily maneuvers the H into escorting the h to and from the Romantic Ball The h is apoplectic at being thus manipulated because by now the h realizes that she is in Love Forever With the H Cue bitter moping Angsty Angst for the h The H is just caustic and mocking cause his Beloved Good Girl Has Gone to the Bad he isn't worried tho he still has his OW of Harlotness and Biting Comments to torment the h with The mum is very sad that her Conniving just did not work out she had Hoped but alas that horse has run now that the OW of Harlotness has got her leg under Preparations for The Ball continue on and we get a hint of a secondary romance between the Village's Crusty Elder Major General and the eually Elderly Local Lady of the Manor who is also the OW of Harlotness's Grandmother it seems the Local Lady was widowed as a bride when her husband a distant cousin and last male heir to the Lady's Family line died in the War The Lady's Father apparently banned the Crusty Major from the house and they have been bickering acuaintances all these long lonely years perhaps the Ball will see than one union in the making?Finally the Night of the Romantic Masue Ball arrives and our tormented lovelorn h has her hair teased into a Fiery Flurry of Abandoned Curls very in keeping with her Ivory Toned Historically Correct Costume That Is Provocative In the Nicest Possible Way but fits a bit looser in the waist as our h has lost some weight The h dons her mask for utmost sartorial Romantic Masue Ball splendour and the Magnificently Tuxed and Handsome H arrives to take her to the Ball The H makes Bitter Comments about just who purchased the h's costume that she refused to show them for some reason he believes the Lothario bought the dress for the h and she refuses to tell him otherwise because He Only Wants Her Body and she Wants To Be Loved The OW of Harlotness swoops down to extract the H as they arrive at the ball the h removes her cloak and steps out to check on the decorations for the Ball feeling the Blaze of the H's Burning Contempt all the way across the ballroom as the festivities begin The h is miserable from the H's Punishing Gaze and as he dines with the OW of Harlotness and separates himself from the organizer's table the h knows her heart is truly broken Heart broken as she is this doesn't stop the h from bringing the Crusty Major and Local Lady together for a bit of a romantic dance Then the Midnight Dance arrives and the H manhandles the h onto the dance floor They dance and the H tortures the h with Long Virile Body Dancing Moves and then it is time to Unmask The h stops the H from removing her mask and that means he gets to claim a forfeit He sweeps her over his arm for a Passionate Punishing Roofie Kiss right in the middle of the floor The kiss ends the H and h are now Fodder for All the Village to Gossip about and the OW of Harlotness is uick to rush over Glare Daggers at the h and Restake Her Claim on the H's arm The h helps to clean up with the Women's Institute ladies and tries to figure out a ride home Then the H returns to escort her out with the OW of Harlotness's lipstick all over his mouthThe H drags the h back to his house rips her rented costume gown off and proceeds with the Lurve Clubbing of Ecstasy where he finally realizes the h is a virgin and that he just ruined a really pricey theatrical costume There was no mention if he was still sporting the OW's Jungle Red lipstick The h realizes that she was subbing for the OW of Harlotness after the Lurve Club High recedes and she is probably wearing OW lipstick in unmentionable places and the H believes the h was using him as a Sub for the Lothario Boss who has now left the country and is being nice to his wife The h and H part in mutual antagonism and cue Angsty Angst h moping and Bewailing by the h that there is No Seekrit Baby The h's mum is back up to par and ready to run she also conveys the news that Crusty Major and Local Lady are finally marrying after All These Years of Tormented Love and the h decides she needs to look for another London job Before that can happen the h's parents take off gallivanting out of town and the H is forced to drag the h off to assists with a pregnant Farmer Wife About To Give Birth In A Terrible Snowstorm Upon returning from the delivery the h's house is cold cause the central heating died when the Terrible Snowstorm cut the power The sitting room fire is out too and the H can't seem to remember the rules of fire building in the Boys Guide To Woodcraft So he just drags the h of to his house cause while he may not be able to build a fire he can certainly keep his own going There he and the h have their Big Romantic Reconciliation with Extra Fiery and Passionate Ecstasy Boudoir Bouncing and the H finally gets around to explaining that he wasn't dating the OW of Harlotness he was just stuck with her a lot and that he has Always Loved the h Forever but he was Wildly Jealous and he just wants the h to love him back and marry him and then have a gazillion kids together The h enthusiastically endorses this plan with her own Always Loved the H Forever Vow and the two continue to lurve it up in the Boudoir of Bliss that the h wants to redecorate in the cheering shades of Peach and French Blue for the PJ HPlandia HEA As I went through this spoilerization I tried to capitalize all the classic PJ isms of PJness to give newer readers a sense of the typical PJ ingredients that go into her confabulations Like I said at the start this isn't PJ's best book but it is one that best illustrates the Classic PJ Style All the capitalized ingredients are presented in all of her stories in one form or another and it is her mastery of blending the mix of ingredients that keeps PJ at the top of the HPlandia Hierarchy and why so many HP travelers always keep one or twenty of her books on standby Give this one a read if you are unfamiliar with PJ or just read it cause you're an HP Veteran and need to get your PJ Fix

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    Reread March 3 2020So I've re read this uite a few times already but this last re read I feel as though I totally absorbed it so much that got a different viewpoint about the hH than when I was 12 15 years old So at 12 years old my impression of the hH was down below I felt sympathy for the h than I did the H 12 year old me and my other re reads at various ages felt that H really traumatized the h Well 40 year old me now thinks a little bit different As I read from chapter to chapter the h was grating on me She was so cold mean and just clueless especially on the overtures the H was seemingly throwing at her h was definitely immature not to see how totally wrong she was for “hating the H” when he “rebuffed” her 17 25 As I read on and on I definitely felt for the H Even though we the reader are not given the H’s private thoughts I could see throughout the book how he was really dead for the h But h was totally clueless and kept being totally bitchy to him in words and actions She would act one way and her thoughts would be like how could he now know that I totally lurveee him?? Uh your words and actions throughout the book?? As for the H aww poor him He was actually a commendable H who loved and protected the h from his own desires especially since she was underage and her parents fully trusted leaving her with him yea parents why you always leaving them alone together That's how troubles start Female teen hormones randy 25 year old male? Yes H was definitely a hero for not taking advantage of her I’m just a little sad that it took 8 years for them to get together – sad for the H I mean Although I'm not exactly sure what attracted him to the h as she was kinda unlikeable in the book As for the h I was a tiny bit confused why she was such a wuss with her her ex boss and I’m not sure I still understood how she had to run away from ex boss and that whole she might have given in to him etc I still love this book and is in my keeper list and still plan to re read There was a hot scene in it hahaha although the fall from grace came too uickly after that And I wish there was a longer HEA or epilogue I think you get a different impression of books when you read it at different ages and stages in your life I guess at 12 – 25 years old the whole older man thing was the fantasy for me so I sided with the h at the time Now at 40 years old I’m like these overactive hormone teens – Keep it together hahaha Nostalgia book for me – This was one of the first romance novels I read at 12 years old secretly swiped it from my Mom got punished later hahaha When I came to the US I bought a copy for my collection Its been awhile since I re read it but based from memory and with older eyes I know it wasn’t really a perfect story I think the H seemed a bit cold and distant However this was my first book so I’m uite fond of it and will be in my keeper shelf I think the title stayed with me all these years “savage adoration” because it was just interestinguniue to me at the time The two words seemed so opposite next to each other “SAVAGE” Then “ADORATION” Id like to think the title is based on the h’s savage adoration for the H hahaha when she was a teenager or actually the h adored the H but H had a savage reaction to her Anywhoo felt so sad for the h that because of that incident she stayed away from her hometown in embarrassment I love HP’s titles I feel they were much creative poetic and significant to the story I’m going to have to re read it again and will try to give a better review in the future

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    I can't respect a heroine who is tempted to sleep with her best friend's husband

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    Misunderstandings jealousy and angst rule in this story of unreuited loveTurns out the hero had always loved the heroine I love these kind of stories but I didn't enjoy this as much as I could have because Dominic acted too distant and cruel to Christy throughout He's especially harsh with her when she tried to seduce him at age 17 'cause love and could have let her down gently instead in my opinionIn the present Dominic is pleased to see Christy again and wants to renew their friendship after eight years apart Why he never did anything to ignite the fires in between those years is beyond me as it's never explained Dominic soon rapidly descends into savage caveman behavior however after mistakenly concluding Christy is in love with her married boss Racked with jealousy and contemptuous of her love for the OM he engages in push pull behavior with Christy until they finally have The Talk at the end

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    The story felt a bit dragged on but it started out promising falling flat in the end

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    the heroine was pathetic she was jealous of dominic's interactions wid amanda awfully aware of him and at the same time she was barely civil to the man she was so annoying she was back in town as she had been on the brink of sleeping wid a best friend's husband not to say dat at 17 she attempted to seduce dominic her morals were clearly lacking and also she had a tendency to act slutty yet she cud not stand dominic and then all of a sudden she realised she now loved dominic really loved him not a teenager's infatuation any i simply cud not believe in this story as the french would say ca ne tient pas la route p

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    4 Stars Ms Jordan has a knack of drawing you into the characters' lives right from the first pages In this intense lovestory our heroine Christy returns home after eight years away only to find that her teenage crush and the man who humiliated her has moved in next door to her parents Dominic had crushed her tender heart with brutal words of rejection words that have stayed with her scarring her self worth Thrown together constantly these two hide their emotional pain behind exteriors of anger and resentment Theirs is a hard won HEA

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    A common Penny Jordan plot and yet I still love it I really like stories where the hero has been in love with the heroine for a long time and she has no idea but we can tell through subtle cues Great emotion and angst

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    This is an Old Skool HP so take it with the normal amount of 80's era male lead asshattery female lead TSTL tendencies vile OW tropes etc Basically Christy and Dominic were friends when she was a kid but when she was 17 she attempted to seduce him and he slapped her down pretty harshly Of course it scawwed her wittle soul and she hasn't been able to have a normal relationship as a result Now as adults they meet again when Christy returns home to find Dominic has done the same At first Dominic is pretty eager to pick up their friendship and the reader definitely gets the sense that he's interested in only Christy's pride is still hurt and she does her best to antagonize him Eventually Dominic's pride starts getting away with him as well and what follows is almost a French farce of miscommunication both deliberate and not with both characters doing their best to throw red herrings at the otherDominic isn't as hateful as most 80s HP males are and honestly in some ways you kind of get why he acts the way he does Christy doesn't leave him a whole lot of choice sometimes Both of these characters were a bit too concerned with their own pride but it brought a lot of campy fun with it so I was okay with itHonestly it's not a good book but I did thoroughly enjoy reading it and for me that means a lot If you don't like the miscommunication trope this won't be the book for you If a heroine who is pretty much every 80s virginal overreacting silly HP heroine you've ever read is going to bother you this is not the book for you If however you enjoy that sort of escapism you might dig this one

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