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Killdarlings From the great Dan Schaffer DOGWITCH ; THE SCRIBBLER Two psycho supermodels wreak havoc on the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous Vacuous mink wearing celebutantes beware NOMI and TALULA are here to make sure you're gone when your fifteen minutes a

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    This book is a satirical look at celebrities Tallulah and Nomi are Ultra models Their view of reality is very skewed They kill people who they do not like Naomi eats the victims and her world is seen without color when she loses touch with reality Tallulah sees the kills almost as robotic commands She also has a deep hatred of and gets migraines when listening to manufactured boy band music She explains that it is not an art formThis book is a strong comment on how celebrities can lose touch with reality It also speaks volumes about how the world views certain celebrities Even with evidence mounted against them these women are not convicted by their adoring public They are seen as victimsSatirical comics can be hit or miss Some like the Bomb ueen series are brilliant insights into the government police and superheroes Other books miss the mark by being to sarcastic andor to wordy and boring This book's look at celebrities and how they are worshipped is good However not everything works in this book The scenes of the women speaking about and painting with their period blood is unnecessary to the plot The art fits this unusual and shocking story well

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