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The Saxon Outlaws Revenge The uestion 'Can Love Overcome Vengeance?' It sure canWhat a book Dark Vivid Heart wrenching And just darn satisfying Brilliant Our star crossed lovers are twisted pulled and pushed into situations beyond their control But love always saves the day Right?Aleric Brunwulf is the name of our hopeful innocent man boy hero who is ward to the merciless Robert 'ward' another name from prisoner did you know? But after he is cruelly pushed into manhood leaving behind the innocent flushes of first love and away from our heroine Constance he becomes 'Caddoc the Fierce' A hero full of fire and spirit; set for vengeance But can our heroine remind him that love is stronger than hate?Constance Arnaud a heroine with a twisted foot but no less able in mind nor spirit than the wildest of mares Our heroine is set to be broken and tamed by a line of masters but her spirit and courage are enough to bring her and Aleric out of the shadows and into the light A tale both bitter and sweet A Medieval 'Romeo Juliet' romance sure to rock your world I loved both our heroine and hero Brilliant characters Brilliant plot And the secondary characters are well shockingly brilliant 55 stars from me a highly recommended read FULL REVIEW POSTED AT wwwanonymissescomI can’t get over how much I enjoyed this book To be perfectly honest Medieval romance is a little out of the ordinary for me–the gowns and gallantry of the Regency tend are irresistible to me– but I was so happy to read Elisabeth Hobbes’ The Saxon Outlaw’s RevengeHobbes’ story reads like a romance novel and historical adventure novel all rolled into one The relationship between Constance and Aeleric long lost lovers divided by war and loyalty is very sweet and compelling while the revenge story keeps the narrative moving along nicelySet against the backdrop of the aftermath of the Norman Invasion the book nicely incorporates historical fact with modern storytelling In a refashioning of Romeo and Juliet thankfully with a much happier ending Hobbes’ romantic couple meet when both are in their teens and are on opposite sides of the divide Constance is a Norman while Aeleric is the youngest son of the recently deposed Saxon leader To make matters complicated Constance’s brother in law a delightfully Machiavellian Norman lord is the one who took the land and killed Aeleric’s father and brothers Aeleric thirsts for revenge but bound by a vow made to Constance he cannot kill her brother in lawThe story picks up seven years after the character’s initial meeting and the terrible events that shape the rest of the novel The characters encounter each other again both having suffered a great deal in the intermitting years Constance and Aeleric no longer trust each other but are drawn together by their past their mutual hate for the Norman lord and the continued passion that burns deep between themI highly recommend this book If you like medieval romance novels stories like Romeo and Juliet or Robin Hood or are just looking to read a sweet and interesting story The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge is for you I look forward to reading Elisabeth Hobbes books in the future Mills and Boon books have always been a guilty pleasure for me but it’s only recently that I’ve discovered and enjoyed some of their historical titles I loved The Blacksmiths Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes so I was really looking forward to her latest book The Saxon Outlaws Revenge But once I started to read I realised that my knowledge of that period of history was shockingly bad So off I went to that fabulous source of all information the internet to refresh what I thought I already knew but apparently didn’tConstance is a wonderfully feisty and courageous heroine and I loved her fearless journey from plucky young girl to mature woman When she saves Aelric’s life it leads to a decision for her own future unfortunately though it's one she is unable to act upon through no fault of her own But this couple are destined to have their lives entwined and at their next meeting the tables have turned leading to a dangerous liaisonElisabeth Hobbes is a very talented lady as her books are packed full of the most in depth and authentic historical details which make them a delight to read Her characters are realistic gutsy and have endured hardship making them relatable This isn’t a sweet and fluffy “will they or won’t they” romance it has an emotional intensity that goes much deeper than that It’s beautifully written and imagined that it pulled me into a world far away from my own until I could almost have been lurking within the pages myself To have spent a contented day curled up on the sofa with Constance and Aelric in a Cheshire that existed nearly a thousand years ago was a real heartwarming treatThis is an engaging and compelling tale that I can highly recommend for fans of historical fiction who like a side order of romance And I have to admit I miss this couple already The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge by Elisabeth Hobbes is dark intense yet vivid and daring Ms Hobbes writes with insight and her research sheds light on an era where conflict and the battle for power have no limitation The scenes in this book burst to life through edgy dialogue hair raising moments of violence but toned down with a strong bond between the hero and heroinethat steadily grows into a lasting and intimate reunion The charactersespecially the hero and heroine are likable strong and determined in their own uniue way The secondary characters added depth to the story and helped moved the plot along on a tumultuous nerve wrecking journey Overall a compelling novel that would definitely find favor with historical romance fansRecommended45 Stars Elizabeth Hobbes has created a magical and atmospheric tale of loss love and hope I think what really makes this a winner for me is that the amount of historic detail this isn’t just your run of the mill love story it is bloody and gory and you get a true sense of how dark and scary and difficult this era was The Saxon Outlaws Revenge is brilliant Beautifully written the best love story for an age it is sexy intelligent and one of those rare gems that can be enjoyed by not just avid Historical Romance fans but by everyone and I cannot recommend this enoughThis really is breathtaking Full review at I sat down in the evening to read a couple of chapters of Elisabeth Hobbes' book The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge with my cocoa before I went to bed In the early hours of the next morning I finished it There was no way once I had started that I could put it downThe story was page turning and fast paced but even better than that it felt real Not once did I think that could not have happened or that's a strange thing for someone like that to doFrom the first page the story had atmosphere I could feel the cold and the rain smell the smoke from the fires The tension in the opening scene gripped meA lot of research had gone into the book but it was never obvious Instead there was a feeling that this author knew her subject well and could be trusted to deliverIf the story had one flaw it was that Robert de Coudray was too unremittingly awful From page one he was not just villainous but unsympathetic a bogeyman He had no redeeming features at all and I found myself wondering why anyone would promote him to the position he was in trust him follow him or fall in with his schemes He had no charm not even a surface niceness nothing to make anyone take him seriously However the other main characters were so engaging that his one dimensionality did not detract from the story I will definitely be reading of this author's work and recommending it to my friends This poor book It wanted to be so many things but didn’t achieve any of them It wanted to be Robin Hood but there wasn’t much action It wanted to be romantic but there wasn’t much romance It wanted to be a revenge story but the dialogue just went in circles The villain was mean but there never seemed to be a reason for any of his cruelty And the hero and heroine weren’t great characters that you wanted to see succeed Another grand slam for Elisabeth HobbesThis is the fourth book I have read by Ms Hobbes and she gets better with each one The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge is her edgiest novel to date with lots of undercurrents under its romantic surface As the title states the hero Aelric is consumed with revenge for events in his past that are masterfully described by the author The reader immediately sides with the hero feeling his pain and need for revenge Likewise with the heroine Constance These are two sympathetic characters that the reader just aches to see get together and win their HEA The setting and history in this book play an integral part of the story and the author does a fantastic job of placing the reader in the time period With deft descriptions she gives us the sense of hopelessness and anguish both lead characters feel as well as their undying love for each other You find yourself reading just one chapter late into the night because the story and characters grab hold of you and won't let goMs Hobbes is an author on my must buy list and for good reason With her attention to detail and stories that totally immerse the reader in their plots I know I'm in for a wonderful satisfying read that leaves me wanting The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge is one of those books You need to pick it up today At the mercy of her enemy Abducted by Saxon outlaws Constance Arnaud comes face to face with Aelric a Saxon boy she once loved He's now her enemy but Constance must reach out to this rebel and persuade him to save her life as she once saved his Aelric is determined to seek vengeance on the Normans who destroyed his family Believing Constance deserted him he can never trust her again Yet as they are thrown together and their longing for each other reignites will Aelric discover that love is stronger than revenge Elisabeth Hobbes has done it again a highly compelling read that had me rooting for her two protagonists to the end Once again the tightly constructed story is set against a very convincing historical context something Hobbes excels at The two main characters are complex and highly plausible as they struggle against mounting difficulties and political tensions and the supporting cast is used to such great effect by Hobbes as she creates a story of a love affair during the hardships of post Conuest England As with Hobbes previous novels this was impossible to put down and I devoured it in one sitting More please

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