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The Joy of uiz Very readable with uiz uestions incorporated into the text Entertaining and informative book about the history of uizzes It deals mainly with British and american uiz programmes on radio and tv and tries to fathom why people enjoy them so much Some programmes get attention than others a lot of space is devoted to Mastermind for instance and not very much to the demanding I think Fifteen to One Some rate barely a mention for instance Criss Cross uiz which I remember enjoying very much as a child is mentioned in passing without any explanation of the format of the show it combined answering uestions with a game of noughts and crosses a right answer and you could place your cross or your nought on the board Nor is there any mention of Double or Drop the uiz that formed part of the long running children's programme Crackerjack a correct answer and you got a prize a wrong answer and you got a cabbage if you dropped any of them you were out of the game There is a chapter on the famous scandal concerning the rigging of uiz shows in America in the 1950s There is uite a lot about Who Wants to be a Millionaire? the set of which 'looked like the invasion planning deck of an imperial spaceship Answers to uestions asked on various uizzes are given as notes upside down so you have a chance to work out the answers for yourself There is one factual mistake I spotted the author is not aware that yes Columbo does have a first name it is Frank the name can be seen on his ID card in a couple of episodes This is an enjoyable book for anyone with an interest in uizzes If you love to uiz this book won't make you any better at it but it will make you better informed on this most oddest yet brilliant pursuit Alan Connor has compiled what has to be the definitive history of uiz and told its story in an easy going manner that makes this book so enjoyable to read Recommended for the uiz fan and the curious about uiz I really enjoyed this insight into the world of uiz The book takes you through the development of the uiz medium we all know today with stories of important events shows board games all with uiz uestions woven into the prose I gave this book to my #1 pub uiz mate Rob for his 50th birthday really late and then promptly borrowed it off him so I could read it before I left Vietnam It’s almost a British companion piece to Ken Jennings Brainiac which I actually its wittier and charming The Joy of uiz is VERY VERY British both in content and tone referencing many uiz shows from the past century that I’ve never heard of But it moves at a fast clip is generally uite fun and as well as delving deeper on lots of famous uiz stuff Trivial Pursuit Van Doren Ingram the book talks about the difficulties of setting uiz uestions and formats Something I’ve had a little experience with 810 Probably just as good as his book on crosswords but I'm less interested in the topic and found the uestion answer gimmick slightly annoying The text is interspersed with uiz style uestions often real world examples from the shows under discussion sometimes just facts that could easily have been included normally in the text with the answers printed upside down at the foot of the page In most cases I found this broke my reading flow without adding much interest Still good fun though Connor is a very engaging writer he bothers to do his research and he knows how to give the reader an easy time without being boringly shallow or patronising What an unexpected gem I won't leave a long review for this one but I was delighted with this book was could have been a long hard slog through uite literally a very trivial history turned out to be a informative b entertaining and c excellently written From the lawsuit and movie star studded origins of 'Trivial Pursuit' to the challenge of being a uestion writer for 'Only Connect' to the psychology of a master uizzer this was just a really great fascinating little read And the uiz uestions liberally distributed throughout were a nice added bonusDelightful little book 'An absolute must read for anyone who loves uizzes I loved it' Richard OsmanA jaunty journey into the world of the uiz from the uestion editor of BBC2's Only Connect sometimes in the form of 300 excellent uiz uestionsIn 1938 Britain started to uiz Since then uizzes have become ubiuitous entertainment from pubs to primetime suffered major criminal investigations created unlikely folk heroes and been subjected to the rigours of uestion checkers The Joy of uiz tells the history of uiz and its makers wonders how we came to make a game out of remembering scraps of information looks at the tactics of professional uizzers and reveals the shadowy worlds of setters and checkers Along the way it asks uestions such as 'What is a fact anyway' and 'Whatever happened to prizes like sandwich toasters' I expected this book to be a little repetitive and heavily referential What it turned out to be was the fascinating history of uiz interweaved smoothly with actual uiz uestions and answers In other words while it tells the history and general existence of uiz as a pastime radio and TV phenomenon and pub entertainment the book is simultaneously a uiz in itself and a very well done one tooAlan Connor is a setter of uizzes and an excellent writer who has created an absolute gem for anyone with any interest at all in uiz Growing up in a family who enjoyed uizzes much of Alan Connor's book is a nostalgic saunter through my formative years However there is much to this book The origins of uizzing are far recent than I had thought and the process of its evolution is an intriguing one as is the development of professional uizzers uestions spread throughout the text are an added bonus

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