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Letting Go Love on Campus #1 How long do you hold onCori Elliott likes order Her schedule her social lifeeven her GPA is perfect Then she finds out her high school boyfriend's death wasn't an accident—it was suicide The devastating revelation is enough to fracture her perfectly structured life sending Cori in a downward spiral of self doubt and impulsive decisionsAnd right into the arms of Luke EvansBut Cori's life isn't perfect any In fact it's all coming apart The only way she can save herself is to let go of everything—including the girl she used to be Even if it means losing the one guy who might just be perfect for her in the process

  • Paperback
  • Letting Go Love on Campus #1
  • Jessica Ruddick
  • English
  • 20 March 2014

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Entangled Publishing LLC and NetGalley “Tyler’s car accident wasn’t an accident”“It was suicide” This wasn’t a terrible story but I just found it a bit boringCori seemed obsessed with the death of her ex boyfriend and I didn’t really like Luke at all None of the characters in this really called out to me They were all just blahThe storyline in this was about Cori and Luke botching their relationship and Cori feeling guilty over the death of her ex boyfriend There was romance but I just didn’t really care to be honest5 out of 10

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    45 stars Cori is struggling with the death of her high school boyfriend They dated through high school and one year of college One night after a bad argument between the two of them he is in an accident and dies Later Cori finds out it wasn't an accident like she thought and her boyfriend had committed suicide This book is about Cori's struggle to live with the guilt she feels and to try to move on My heart absolutely broke for Cori The guilt she feels is understandable I really enjoyed this story even though the subject matter was really hard for me The writing was really good and the author does a fantastic job of conveying the guilt that controls you after someone you love commits suicide I look forward to reading by this author ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    45 stars Cori Elliott likes order Her schedule her social lifeeven her GPA is perfect Then she finds out her high school boyfriend's death wasn't an accident—it was suicide The devastating revelation is enough to fracture her perfectly structured life sending Cori in a downward spiral of self doubt and impulsive decisionsAnd right into the arms of Luke Evans I loved Letting GoLetting Go held my attention from the first page I couldn't put my kindle down until I finished the book Loved the characters they were likable and very relatable For me this book had it all I laughed cried and swooned Cori and Luke were just perfect for each other I loved seeing them connect and fall in love And talking about Luke I loved him From the first meeting I knew I was going to be adding him to my book boyfriends list he was just perfect damn I'm still smiling thinking about him While this was a fun and romantic read it also had it's emotional and heartfelt moments My heart ached for Cori she struggled with living her life and trying to put the pain and guilt of Tyler's death behind her Having said that I did get annoyedangry with Cori keeping uiet and not sharing her painstruggles with Luke especially as he had asked her about him Also while I hated Tyler's dad I kind of felt sorry for the man Reaching out to your dead's sons girlfriend to get to know the son you never had time for while he was alive was really effed up but desperation makes people do desperate thingsOverall this was a great read and I highly recommend itWhat a great debut by Jessica Ruddick I enjoyed her writing and I'm looking forward to reading from her in the near future Thank you Entangled Embrace via Netgalley for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts

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    There’s a reason LETTING GO was a Golden Heart Finalist in 2014 It’s an extremely well written novel about intense emotional issuesCori is exactly what I want to read in a New Adult character Kids—yes I said kids—kids in college are adults in age but not in experience and maturity I don't mean that as a slam The reality is that they usually don't make decisions like full grown adult would Which is why I love that Ruddick writes Cori so genuine I ached for her struggle with grief and guilt and being overwhelmed with everything going on in her life piled on topI love the friendship that unfolds into a relationship between Luke and Cori Luke is swoon able Swoon worthy? Totally swoon tastic? However you want to say it I’m still swooning He was who he was Which was exactly what Cori needs at the exact time she needs it And sure she guards her heart and sometimes doesn’t open up to him when we really really want her to but that is part of the authentic NA character development And it helps us see Cori’s arc by the endLETTING GO tugged at my heart strings made me cry but left me filled with the warm fuzzies of a sweet read Oh and auto correct please stop changing Jessica’s last name to Roddick I know we all love Andy—but this is Jessica RUDDICK’s time to shine

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    A sweet romance full of internal and external conflict I loved the chemistry between Luke and Cori I loved Cori's relationship with her best friend I loved Cori And the struggles she had overcoming her boyfriend's death managing classes and balancing her growing feelings for Luke were beautifully rendered If you enjoy college set New Adult you'll really enjoy Letting Go

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    Check out my full review on Bookaholics Not So AnonymousNote This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewLetting Go is a new adult NA story and the debut novel of Jessica Ruddick and what a debut it is There's a lot of angst fueled drama that goes on with lead character Cori Elliott what with the death of her boyfriend which later turns out to be suicide which leaves her with a lot of guilt because she was the last one to speak to him before he killed himself Then everything else she has on her plate ie her grades college tuition anger at her parents and falling for fellow college student Luke Evans simply simply adds on to the undeniable amount of anxiety and stress The biggest problem Cori has isn't the amount of troubles she's juggling; it's her inability to share with other people what she's going through leaving her carrying all the burdens on her own instead of asking for help With her it wasn't a lack of faith or trust but of a desperate need to control everything in her world She held on tighter when everything began to fall apart instead of loosening her grip or needing to finally let go when the situation called for itWhile Cori is mature and responsible she's still uintessentially a new adult someone in the cusp of still being a teenager and someone from whom is expected This is what makes her a lead character that others in the same age group can relate to and even when the reader doesn't agree with her actions and choices they can empathize with what she's going through Even though I'm a couple of decades removed from where Cori is at I can understand the need to handle things on my own in my way and having difficulty in asking for assistance from the people around me Maybe that's why I had such an affinity for her because in ways than one I've been there and done that She does a lot of growing up in this story and discovers things about herself that make her begin to make adjustments accordingly instead of forcing things to remain in the status uo She's flawed but not entirely hopeless nor helpless even though she does tend to feel that way and with Luke Amber and her other friends she finds out she is not aloneThis may be an emotional book but it does have light moments in it mostly courtesy of Cori's and Luke's friends so I don't want you guys thinking that it's got too much drama in it Also this is the kind of story that those in older age groups such as myself can fully enjoy because hey we were teenagers once and some of us like me still act like a kid every now and again that's what keeps us feeling youthfulthat's my reasoning and I'm sticking with it Letting Go is Jessica Ruddick's first published work and there's a depth and complexity to it that goes beyond feel good love stories are a dime a dozen This makes me hopeful and I can't wait to see what other stories she'll be sharing with us in the future because you can be sure that whatever she's got up her sleeve they'll be on my to be read list I'm highly recommending this book and hope that other readers will fall in love with just like I did and that you'll welcome Cori and Luke into your lives with open hearts Letting Go gets five plus stars and I've added it to my list of favorite 2015 reads ♥

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    This was probably one of my favorite reads of the month BUT it would have gotten a PERFECT rating if the setting WASN'T a college campus But oh well I still really loved this story The funny part about this is that Jessica Ruddick the author pulled from her personal life to write this story She met her now husband at a frat party I love the idea and I think it actually makes me love the story BUT I am NOT a college setting type of girl so that will be my ONLY gripe about this story I've stated it made it known and now I'm moving on to all of the good stuffI was in love with the idea of a young girl dealing with the apparent suicide of her high school boyfriend It was a uniue premise that hadn't really been dealt with in a way that was this believable in my opinion Cori Elliott the female protagonist wasn't only a type A kind of girl but she was also struggling to deal or not deal with her loss And it poured over into every element of her lifeIn comes the VERY well written Luke Evans Bravo Jessica for writing a VERY good and authentic frat boy that I liked If he's modeled after your now husband then you're a lucky gal Luke was unapologetic for who he was but he was also a person who acknowledged his flaws The first argument that he and Cori had I KNEW that this was going to be a story that I remembered The character development through this story was so good Perfectly paced Everyone was vulnerable at the times that they needed to be and showed great strength in moments when it was needed Yes there were several times when I wanted to slap Cori but her fantastic roommate Amber who got on my nerves too at times came to the rescue and vented my frustrations perfectlyThe relationships between Cori and Amber Cori and Luke Amber and Josh etc made the entire story just a lot of fun to read They all fit really well and I don't think the book would have been the same without any of them The romance? Great balance There wasn't too much and there wasn't too little When Cori struggled with her feelings I could legitimately understand why When Luke was hurt I felt him pain Jessica emoted through words really well Overall I felt that this book did exactly what it should have done told a great story that one will remember While I didn't like the setting the characters and the plot than made up for it I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's just wanting a nice contemporary romance with a bit of angst

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    College student Cori isn’t looking for romance when she meets Luke Her high school boyfriend hasn’t been dead long and she’s still dealing with the loss not to mention the guilt Then there’s school and life and a million other reasons she doesn’t have time to add romance to her life but sometimes we find ourselves falling for a person even when we don’t want to Letting Go was a fast and easy read with fantastic writing that really pulled me into the story There were a lot of moments when I teared up moments when I laughed out loud times when I was frustrated with Cori or Luke for making what I thought were stupid decisions and even moments when I got angry at them But even after all that when I got to the end of the book my overall impression was how sweet because that’s what this book was Sweet Cori and Luke had an instant connection but I didn’t feel like they were being pushed together unnaturally and the chemistry was good They were two average people who had busy and realistic lives and problems and there were plenty of hurdles to overcome not all of which they did gracefully but in the end I felt like their progression was very realistic which is what I look for in a story Perfect characters who don’t make mistakes don’t hold any appeal for me Overall a uick and easy read light but emotional at the same time and a new adult book well worth picking up

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    I really liked this book a lot There is no sex it's implied not described it's low on angst but heavy on real There is nothing extraordinary about the story that will leave you emotional or angry for days but it still manages to be a great romance that I want to read over again Luke is perfect because he is absolutely not perfect at all and when he messes up he fesses up He's gorgeous helpful honest and even a little vulnerable I liked Cori because while she's a little bit cracked she's not completely broken She's not trying to check out of life completely after the death of her boyfriend but she definitely struggles with guilt about his death and the fact that she is able to move on fairly easilyThe way that her and Luke fall into an easy friendship that eventually turns into is the best part of this story Sometimes a slow burning romance is the best kindI loved the writing the character development and the idea that this story was inspired by the authors real life college experience Actually I'm kind of jealous of that last part She's got a real life Luke at home people I can't wait to see what comes next from her I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    A lovely brilliantly told story of loss and finding a way to move on Cori is a beautifully written character and I loved her whole story Luke is a patient and wonderful love interest and once again I felt all the feels with this book Ruddick is a gifted writer Her characters are real and multidimensional As I read LETTING GO I felt Cori's pain I understood why she struggled to move on It's the mark of a talented author to be able to get the reader to feel and experience the same emotions as the characters coming to life on the page LETTING GO is a lovely debut and I can't wait for from Jessica Ruddick

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