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Stolen Encounters with the Duchess David Smith is a member of Parliament even though he is a commoner he is sponsored by a Maruess and a baronet he is still in not accepted fully by the ton Upon walking down a London street he helps a woman being robbed and surprised its the one woman he hasn't seen in years and yet could never forget Duchess Faith Evers stole his heart years ago before her marriage to the Duke of Ashedon but knew he was never good enough for her to his lack of station Now they are reunited she is a widow whom needs help and needs to regain control of her life including her sons Which he offers her friendship and guidance While helping her his feelings become harder to hideFaith Evers is the Duchess of Ashedon widow to the late Duke now as a widow she wishes to regain what she always wanted to be a full mother to her children and prevent her eldest son from following his fathers footsteps One evening she is rescued by MrSmith and tells him of her troubles and they decide to rekindle their friendship even though before her marriage she fancied herself to having feeling for him Upon helping her rekindling her relations with her sister guiding her to make decision for her sons and ridding her of her disgusting brother in law she too developed feelings for MrSmith again but fears it would take her kids away from her Will these two ignore society and their rules or will they let the was of the ton interfere with their love for one another?This is a great friend to lover plot as always I'm forever addicted to this author's way of writing Its has a great pace great characters and the plots are never boring This author always finds away to make them come to life Good combination of a second chance and friends to lovers story Faith is the widow of a Duke one who had professed his love for her until they were married After that he became controlling cut her off from friends and family and carried on numerous affairs He died under scandalous circumstances leaving her to face society's gossip and disdain Escaping from yet another evening of such misery Faith is attacked by thugs and rescued by a passing gentleman That gentleman turned out to be an old friendDavid an up and coming member of Parliament used to work for her uncle They met when she was sixteen and he was twenty and became good friends David would have liked to be but their statuses in the world were too far apart When David came to her rescue he barely recognized the girl he once knew This Faith was a shadow of her formerly glowing self He was determined to help her regain her joy in lifeI loved seeing how uickly Faith and Davie reconnected Faith found it easy to confess her troubles to him and was happy to renew their friendship She did not expect to be so aware of him as a man Davie also uickly realized that the love he'd had for the young Faith had never died and that being near her only made those feelings stronger Though he knows that there is still no chance of a future with her he still takes every opportunity to spend time with her I really enjoyed the way that they were still able to talk about anything and everything I loved how Davie took steps to bring her into his circle of friends that are active in political and social issues It was so sweet to see how he watched her like a proud parent as she uickly made a place for herself within the group His support and belief in her also went a long way toward repairing her confidence in herself Before seeing Davie again Faith seemed to be easily intimidated by her snotty mother in law and the often vicious society women With his support and some timely advice by her new friend she gained the courage to stand up to them I especially loved her death glare at the snide remarks made by one womanSpending time together as they did the attraction between them continued to grow I was a bit disappointed in Faith as she considered having an affair with Davie but never considered that they could have I did like seeing her take her courage in hand and make advances to him even though she wasn't sure how it would turn out As hard as it was for him to do I had great respect for Davie as he refused to do anything that could bring disgrace to her name Both Faith and Davie had some serious self worth issues that were keeping them apart Davie couldn't see past the social divide and believe that he was no longer that poor farmer's orphan I loved that moment of truth when he realized that the Reform Bill that they were working so hard on showed that he was easily a good enough man to ask for her hand But he was still cautious and I loved the way that he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't create problems for her The support he received from his friends and mentors was wonderful Faith had spent so long being diminished by her husband her mother in law and society that she couldn't believe that she would hold Davie's interest for long She was willing to accept whatever time she could get with him just for the momentary happiness it would provide I ached for them both when Davie made his case and Faith couldn't believe that it would last I loved how her sister was able to talk sense into her and Faith's big moment after thatThe secondary characters were all terrific and important parts of the book Faith's mother in law was rather a nasty piece of work with the way she was constantly putting her down I loved seeing Faith gain the confidence to stand up to her On the other hand Faith's brother in law was just plain creepy His unwelcome advances and threats were scary and I certainly understood Faith's fear of what he would do I loved how Davie dealt with the problem while at the same time keeping his promise to Faith My favorite of the secondary characters were Faith's three sons I loved seeing how her relationship with them changed through the book as she was able to spend time with them I especially loved how she was determined to make sure her oldest didn't grow up to be like his fatherI also really enjoyed the attention to the detail of the politics of the time It was fascinating to see the work done on the Reform Bill and its efforts to make things euable for all Englishmen Even the riots were accurately portrayed I enjoyed the touches of the personal as Faith took care of one of the tenants and ended up showing the woman's radical grandson that not everything was as bad as he thought I also liked seeing Davie and Faith team up to defuse another potential problem This second book in Julia Justiss’ Hadley’s Hellions series is easily read as a standalone although characters from the previous book – Forbidden Nights with the Viscount– do have parts to play in this one Stolen Encounters with the Duchess is a very readable cross class romance which plays out against the solidly crafted backdrop of the work of a group of political reformers in which our hero David Tanner Smith is one of the key playersReaders of one of the author’s previous books From Waif to Gentleman’s Wife may recall that a lad called Davie Smith was instrumental in rescuing the heroine and thereby earned the gratitude of the hero Sir Edward Greaves Davie was sponsored by Ned at Oxford then worked as his secretary before realising his political ambitions and becoming MP for Hazelwick He is now a hard working respected member of parliament and is particularly dedicated to the cause of political and social reformYears earlier when Davie was working for Ned he encountered sixteen year old Faith Wallingford whose brother the Maruess of Englemere was one of Ned’s closest friends In spite of the huge difference in their stations Faith and Davie became fast friends freuently enjoying discussions about anything and everything from art to music to books and of course politics But theirs was not a friendship that could last and they haven’t seen each other for than a decadeWhile Davie has spent the last ten years living a fulfilling and interesting life doing something he loves Faith’s life has been the opposite She fell in love with the handsome charming Duke of Ashedon married him and gave him three sons only to discover that his freuent and indiscreet infidelities had made her a laughing stock among the ton Not only that he had insidiously made sure that all ties with her family and friends were cut leaving her completely dependent on him for everything It’s only now in the months since his death that Faith has discovered how isolated she is; cut off from everyone she used to know and even prevented from spending much time with her sons she is a very different young woman to the vibrant and uick witted girl that Davie Smith fell for all those years agoTo make matters worse Faith’s critical officious mother in law has decided to move with her so that she can make sure the new eight year old duke is receiving the proper guidance Which to her means teaching him to be a rude arrogant and self entitled arse like his father And then Faith’s dissolute brother in law keeps making unwanted advances which are becoming and threatening She is anxious about her boys weighed down by the continual carping of the dowager and is at a very low ebb having no friends or family she can confide in Until that is an odd uirk of fate propels her into the arms of a stranger who saves her from the unwanted attentions of a couple of ruffians – and turns out to be none other than Davie Smith all grown up filled out and ridiculously handsome They haven’t seen each other for over ten years but Faith knows he has become a rising star in political circles – even though such things as politics are thought to be far too difficult for ladies to understand Realising that Faith is starved for good company and intellectual stimulation Davie invites her to the “discussion evening” being held by friends of his the next night and agrees to meet her earlier in the day to bring her up to speed on the likely topics for discussionI enjoyed this story of young lovers reunited after a long separation Davie is as much in love with Faith as he ever was and just as aware of the distance between them Even though he knows he can never be to Faith than a friend he helps her to rediscover herself and to again be the bright assertive and lively woman she had been before her marriage With Davie’s support Faith is able to start living her own life once re connect with her family take control of her sons’ education and to stand up to the dowager His obvious admiration also helps Faith to regain confidence in herself and her attractiveness but she is as conscious of the social gulf between them as Davie is and worries that their relationship will be misconstrued in such a way that will affect her position in her sons’ livesCross class romances can be difficult to pull off in historicals because the social strata were so strictly defined and I appreciated the fact that Ms Justiss has taken such a detailed look at the difficulties faced by her protagonists in this story In fact their consciousness of the difference in their stations is really the only thing keeping Davie and Faith apart but it’s not a pointless road block on the way to HEA land; it’s a real concern and both characters are going to have to make major reassessments as to how they see themselves each other and what they want from life if they are going to be togetherFaith’s situation as a woman worn down through an unpleasant marriage is presented with accuracy and sympathy and her dilemmas feel very real Davie is a steadfast honourable and attractive hero and I particularly liked the few scenes which clearly show what a good influence he will be on Faith’s sons in spite of his low station The character of Faith’s brother in law effectively shows the fallacy of the assumptions made at the time that those of the upper classes must necessarily have been everything that was right and good and presents a strong contrast to Davie an orphaned nobody who has integrity in his little finger than can be found in half the aristocracyStolen Encounters with the Duchess is enjoyable and emotionally satisfying with a well integrated historical background and two engaging and attractive protagonists At category length it’s a uick read but it doesn’t lack depth or nuance and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone looking to read a tender second chancereunion story Faith Wellingford Evers Duchess of Ashedon anxiously flees a soiree to escape the endless slights and gossip about her philandering late husband Unfortunately she stumbles right into the path of thugs Just when they are poised to attack an unexpected but unforgotten savior appears David Tanner Smith the orphaned son of a farmer and now a rising politician and Member of Parliament has only ever loved one woman But the disparity in their social standings allowed him only to be her friend Yet when they encounter each other again sexual tension replaces those friendly feelings Is the chance of satisfying those desires worth the risk?What a beautifully sweet story of two people finding love in spite of society's rules As a wife of a duke Faith now a widowed mother of 3 boys had been a trapped lonely and neglected wife Her husband had isolated her from her family and discouraged any friendships Even after his death it was no better as the duke's mother insinuated herself into Faith's home and continued to criticize and attempt to control her every move Seeing Davie again brought back memories of her youth and the times they had spent together His calm counsel his stimulating ideas and his zeal to create a better future had inspired and excited her She'd fancied herself a bit in love with him She missed those carefree days with him in the country As she and Davie rekindle their friendship the unexpected sensual tension makes her feel desirable How long had it been since she'd had anyone to talk to who cared about her feelings or needs? Just the touch of his hand gave her such feelings of emotion The boy she so fondly remembered had grown into a man and in spite of the danger and objections about being in his company she was anxious to spend time with him Under Davies assistance and that of his friends she was introduced to the world of politics where her opinions were wanted and respected She welcomed the opportunity to escape the petty problems of her day and sit and observe discussion of important ideas His encouragement made her remember the competent and confident girl she had been and wanted to be again She wanted Davie and he wanted her as well if their stolen kisses were any indication but with the dowager and the future of her son's to protect she'd never be free of being duchess Never be free to choose what she wants Davie Smith had dedicated his life to social reform Though the son of a farmer as a rising politician in the Whigs he was making uite a name for himself and was well respected He's surprised when he runs into Faith again He'd been in love with her for 10 years and had never forgotten her His friends often teased him about his obsession with the unattainable one Yet Davie had never pursued than friendship As a girl Faith had hung on his every word as if he were the most fascinating man in the world Talking with her now he hated seeing how sad she'd become and wanted to give her encouragement and opportunities to bring out that girl he remembered If he could help her break free from the unhappiness of her life that would be enough Or so he told himself Even though he knew he couldn't have her that didn't make him stop wanting her The uandary Faith and Davie find themselves in was exasperating but in a good way The passion that had been simmering since they met flared and enveloped them in heat and need Though very aware and tempted by their feelings for one another they were also very aware of what stood in the way of their happiness Much as Davie wanted and loved Faith he would not tarnish her honor with an affair with someone beneath her in society Having her and then giving her up would destroy him Faith didn't care if she was disgraced but she had to consider her boys After her husband's death she'd vowed to never be manipulated again but even now threats from her lecherous brother in law and society's condemning eye dictated her every move Can the two defy convention and finally have the happiness they've waited so long for? This is not your typical class difference romance I loved that Ms Justiss chose to go with the lady loving someone beneath her rather than the popular reverse It's a lovely sweet romance with historical accuracy The hero and heroine are loveable characters as are many of the secondary characters I adored Faith's sons And what romance would be complete without a nasty villain? This story had a couple of repugnant characters that added to the tension of the story As Ms Justiss is a new to me author I'm delighted with this introduction and look forward to reading A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection I won a copy of this book from the author and was not reuired to give a favorable review This is the second book in this series and I enjoyed it very much I am glad that I was given the opportunity to read such a great book Thank you Julia for writing great books Stolen Encounters with the Duchess ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Written by Julia JustissWhen Faith Wellington Evers married the Duke of Ashedon she was a girl stepping off to a new life and was so in love as well as infatuated by himHer sister tried to discourage the marriage She saw another uite evil side to this Duke and could readily see the lies he shaped for her sister Faith did her duty and gave the Duke his heirs three boys Edward Matthew and ColinDuring the marriage and shortly after the birth of her last son the Duke made it clear to her he has no use for her any longer It was during one of his many debaucheries the Duke was in a carriage accident and diedFaith at that point had no love for him and found herself as a shell of the person she once was Living with the mother of the Duke only contributed to her depressed state On one evening when she escaped a drawn out evening of belittlement by her mother in law Faith was accosted by robbers and ruffians To her surprise she is saved by an old friend from ten years prior Faith spent a summer ten years back at her uncle and met Davie Tanner Smith who apprenticed for her uncle Davie had now become a well known member of Parliament Both Faith and Davie were like an incandescent flame to each other as they reacuainted that night Davie saw just how mentally beaten down the sparkle of a girl he once knew had becomeDavie being a son of a farmer always placed Faith and her Ton family way beyond his reach He has loved her for ten years unbeknownst to herThis story is so magnificently written as you find yourself entering the lives of these two people due to class issues were deprived of their true love I so enjoyed the way the author did not hesitate to bring in some unsavory characters to help develop her plots She had several going at once This was no run of the mill historical This book was orchestrated to perfection I love the way Ms Justiss takes her characters to the limit and back Not to spoil this story for anyone but there is a touching part when Ms Justiss brings in a simple piece of string wait for it you won't be disappointed I would highly recommend this novelA Book Obsessed Team Review Selection Plot 35Characterisation 35Prose 55How much I enjoyed it 35 David Smith is on his way home back from a long day in Parliament when he hears a scuffle and witnesses a woman being robbed by two men He rushes to her rescue swiftly disposes of her aggressors then runs after the fleeing woman to see if she’s alright To his astonishment the victim is Faith Wellingford Evers the widowed Duchess of Ashedon David’s best friend from ten summers ago David has been madly in love with Faith since then but he knew marrying her was impossible she an aristocrat he a penniless farmer’s orphan Even though David is now a respected politician and rather well off he is still not her eual in society However both miss that bygone enchanting summer and decide to rekindle their friendship David surmises that it’s better than nothing but his feelings for Faith have never dimmed and keeping it platonic will reuire efforts on his part than he ever imagined David is a very honourable man and even if it weren’t for the malicious gossip he wouldn’t consider an affair with Faith however she is not averse to the idea What to do? STOLEN ENCOUNTERS WITH THE DUCHESS is a very ingenious love story where the romance is directly related to the hero’s occupation and preoccupations David is fighting to have the Reform Bill approved which would also make it possible to marry Faith without any problem especially since Faith had sons with her late husband Ms Justiss’ knowledge of the era’s political scene is staggering as is her understanding of the class differences and this makes for captivating reading from a historical point of view but also how it affects Faith and David’s relationship No matter how hard they try to convince themselves the fires of passion still burn bright for Faith and David but Faith’s sons and mother in law also live with her which makes it very difficult to meet without doing anything publicly scandalous Ms Justiss has created in David a wonderful hero understanding upright loyal and compassionate; he and Faith are an ideal match as she is adventurous and uite passionate but still respectful of society’s rules at least in public The author handles prickly situations very adroitly and I loved the subterfuge when getting rid of a villain Julia Justiss’ writing is as gorgeous as ever measured yet lyrical; the dialogues are impeccable and always according to the era’s language Readers who enjoy a tale of true love where historical accuracy is paramount will be delighted with STOLEN ENCOUNTERS WITH THE DUCHESSI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 'Stolen Encounters with the Duchess' is book two in the Hadley's Hellionsseries This is the story of Faith Wellingford Evers Duchess of Ashedon and Member of Parliament David Tanner Smith Davie and Faith meet when she was sixteen and he was twenty But he was just a regular 'Mr' and her family had a Title in mind for her as a husband But they were friends and one day Faith did meet a title gentlemen who she thought she loved and married But about eight years later her husband has past with a bad reputation of cheating Faith was isolated from most of her friends and family while married to him Now Faith has run into Davie again and they both seem to be dancing around how they feel and their status But will fate allow them to get together this time? Greateasy readI received this book in exchange for an honest reviewA Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team SelectionhttpswwwgpprofileA2Hhttpswwwfacebookcomsallymae39httpswwwfacebookcomgroups17091 She would rather burn in his presence than pine in his absence Faith Wellingford Evers Duchess of Ashedon is tired of society's endless gossiping about her failings and her late husband's infidelities Seeking escape one night she's attacked by ruffians but is saved by an unlikely figure from her past Having risen from penniless orphan to Member of Parliament David Tanner Smith is no longer the uiet boy Faith once knew With the first spine tingling kiss their old friendship is transformed And in its place is an explosive mix of illicit encounters and forbidden desire

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