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A Searing Acuaintance “I don’t know why I ever thought we made sense”Smart educated people are fools in love especially when they’re mired in denial and misunderstanding In this modern spin on Jane Austen’s classic tale Elizabeth Bennet a grad student with literary aspirations has found her big career break—and broken up with yet another forgettable boyfriend While grateful for the professional lifeline thrown by sports agent George Wickham she is intrigued by the man she calls “Mr Noir”Fitzwilliam Darcy marked by tragedy is a man accustomed to living his life in the spotlight even as his heart dwells on the dark side of loneliness When he first meets Elizabeth he thinks she looks like “a bloody pumpkin” but he soon sees so much She however can’t even decide what to call him Mr Noir Nurse Darcy Sleazy British playboy Ferdinand“So it’s Fitzwilliam right That’s an amazing name you know Which came first—the name or the accent He looked at her “Oh come on It’s like the name of a subdivision or a sofa at Pottery Barn ‘Please note the extra firm cushions on The Fitzwilliam’”Can an accidental encounter that leads to shocking intimacy change the course they’ve both set and bring them into love’s light Or will they stay mired in cold words and angry misunderstandings overshadowing the deep connection they each feel Getting beyond their own mistakes to find each other again is one thing; they also have to heal the wounds of their pasts Can they do that together

  • Kindle Edition
  • 403 pages
  • A Searing Acuaintance
  • Jan Ashton
  • English
  • 09 December 2016

About the Author: Jan Ashton

Author and editor of Austenesue novels lover of history and romance co founder of uills & uartos Publishing

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    This is one of the emotional versions of Pride and Prejudice I've ever read It incorporates many of the characters and major elements of that book but I wish I had the words to describe what a beautiful and sensitive retelling this truly isElizabeth and Jane Bennet are the products of a very broken home Their mother Sylvia abandoned them and their father Ted the day after Elizabeth's 8th birthday He has since married Barbara who has 2 daughters of her own Mary and Lydia As it happens both Ted and his ex wife are selfish and self absorbed Sylvia goes years without any contact but pops in on her daughters sporadically expecting to still be treated as if she's a doting mother Ted Bennet's detachment is emotional than physical; his deprecating humor in this case includes Elizabeth who has made some life choices that don't match his hopes for her Although Barbara is a stabilizing influence in the family she is invested in relationships with her own children than her stepdaughters After seeing the bad examples in their family Jane is always looking for someone to love her while Elizabeth has shied away from close relationships with men altogether Elizabeth had also been a college athlete a soccer player but suffered a career ending injury that still causes pain in her leg at timesAs the book begins 24 year old Elizabeth has been seeing a guy for a couple of months but as usual it's a pretty lukewarm relationship and ends uickly She works for a publishing company and is putting together a coffee table book featuring athletic heroes so Darcy keeps seeing her with different men that she's interviewing for the book Fitzwilliam Darcy as in canon is an orphan His life story here includes family tragedy than that and has left him scarred in every way All Darcy lovers will swoon over his characterization He is wonderfully flawed awkward shy tentative and haunted Darcy's friend Charles Bingley is uickly smitten with Jane when they all meet at a college football game Charles' sister Caroline isn't featured very prominently but she's a good foil for Elizabeth in some early encounters Charlotte Lucas is Elizabeth's best friend Darcy's cousins Rich Fitzwilliam and Annabella DeBourgh also factor into the story Rich's character is similar to what I'm used to seeing but Annabella is decidedly different as a wacky practitioner of performance art Wickham as usual is a troublemaker This time it's not Lydia who's his target but Elizabeth whose trust in him puts her professional career at risk It is interesting that Darcy's Aunt Catherine is instrumental in bringing Darcy and Elizabeth together in a completely different way than dedicated JAFF readers might expectThe heart of this book uite literally is when Elizabeth and Will both finally get past misconceptions and misunderstandings and come together There is a long section devoted to the gradual unveiling of the secrets of their past as they tentatively reach out to each other and their feelings for one another grow It captures the essence of those first weeks of being in love and being loved and I found it very moving They do make love often before marriage described tenderly and tastefully interspersed with revelations and declarations that all seem entirely realI think that's what really impressed me in this story It ALL feels real By the time I finished reading this it seemed as though I'd experienced it with real people rather than characters in a book It is possible that it bounces back and forth too much between the thoughts of Will and Elizabeth third person omniscient and perhaps it dwells longer than it needs to in those falling in love scenes but I can't bring myself to be critical of any of itWarning There are some moments of profanity including at least one instance where the F bomb appears

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    The author has my admiration as to her in depth looks at Elizabeth's and Darcy's thoughts and feelings Loved this Darcy and loved her interpretation of various events and characters from canon in this modern take off of Pride and Prejudice set mainly in the northeast USA NYC the Hamptons NJ etc Yes even Catherine Fitzwilliam de Bourgh is written as someone of interest The language is all her own and is told in a way that I am sure will keep you turning pages as it did meThe book description gives you the basic premise but there is so much here in this long variationI found that this was a tale in two parts first we have the meeting the friction the sexual chemistry and misunderstandings between our dear two people This Darcy has a much darker history and he reminded me of a Mr Rochester No he doesn't have a wife in the attic But Princess Coco and the memories connected with her bring a small part of the poignancy that is the story of this Fitzwilliam Darcy The development of his character and learning of his background along with Elizabeth Bennet’s own discovery of such made me fall in love with him He doesn't walk away as he reconnoiters his strategy in knowing what his life is missing and seeking to fill the void I found myself in tears many times in the first part Be prepared to read of intense emotions Elizabeth seems hell bent to ignore signals or misinterpret them So what else is new for her? But this is a modern woman and she has a lot going on in her young lifeSecondly we have the story of just how our couple learns to handle their respective families and their places in their lives while trying to plan a life together and attempting to insure the best understanding between each other In this second half we read of the background and relationships with both sets of parents and how the growing up years have affected both Darcy and Elizabeth Part of what I enjoyed was the reading of viewpoints and then decisions about earning respect and earning a place in another’s life – be it as a partner or as a parent While we have a Mr Bennet we also have two wives two daughters and two stepdaughters The Matlocks are present and their characters are basically the same Cousin Richard acts his supportive role as in canon But you will find some humor in Annabella de Bourgh’s part Bingley his two sisters Mr Hurst Charlotte and then Bill Collins each find a place in the tale And some is laugh out loud funny I truly enjoyed the talk Darcy had with Sylvia the perceptions set forth and the effects stated Well doneThe author was very creative in using the same main characters with new nuances and then inventing new uses for other items from canon ie the University of Meryton I found her Mr Tom Bennet and his marital situations presented with much humor as well as using those traits we all are familiar with in slightly different ways Mr Bennet sitting in his library and finding humor in his study of human nature gains a new interpretationone many readers will find to fit how they judge his responsibility andor his neglect of such in PPThere are some scenes for mature audiences onlyMs Ashton’s writing was superb in my opinion I loved her descriptions her ability to bring us into the heart of soul of ODC She touched my heart and yet then wrapped this story up so well as we read of Elizabeth’s nostalgic thoughts on an anniversary Well done I look forward to from this new author

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    An emotional in depth and romantic modern adaptation cannot believe this is the author's first book

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    Take one Fitzwilliam Darcya handsomeshy and rather uiet manan eligible batchelor whobehind the mask presented to strangers is lonely and sometimesuite alone Add to this mixture one Elizabeth Benneta fiercely independentoutspoken and aspirational writerthe victim of a dysfunctional familydivorced parents absentee mother and the perfect foil to said FDarcy Blend these two strong willed and adorable charactersnot forgetting the physical psychological and emotional scares both bravely carry from their pastthe spice of essential chemistry needed to ignite the flame and simmer over a gentle yet unrelenting heat for as long as possible until the mixture boils over The result??? A beautifully crafteddelicious and highly recommended treat Enjoybut be warnedyou will find yourself coming back for as one helping will simply not be enough

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    An Emotive and Sensitive Tale of LoveRating 45 out of 5 starsTYPE OF AUSTENESUE NOVEL Modern Adaptation Mature AudiencesSETTING Present day New YorkSYNOPSISA modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth Bennet is a grad student and striving to establish her career in the literary world and Fitzwilliam Darcy is the ultra reserved unhappy looking friend of her sister’s new boyfriend Thrown together often by the happy couple – Jane and Bingley Darcy finds himself intrigued by Elizabeth and surprised at how he easily opens up to her And Elizabeth begins to feel some sparks for Darcy too or maybe that’s just the Vicodin but sadly mistaken assumptions and a lack of communication drive these two apart before something develops What happens when they continue to encounter each other? And what happens when Elizabeth learns the truth about Darcy’s past?WHAT I LOVED Touches of Pride and Prejudice I love that this story doesn’t parallel Pride and Prejudice in every way and how Ms Ashton doesn’t utilize all of Jane Austen’s characters the same This story had its own course and it was interesting to see the uniue alterations Ms Ashton made with these characters I thought the changes to both Elizabeth’s family and Darcy’s family were inventive and stimulating to explore I especially enjoyed Aunt Catherine’s surprising helpfulness and Richard’s ever present playfulness New Themes While there are traces of pride in this story prejudice and the conseuences of making hasty judgments come into play Both Darcy and Elizabeth are uick to asses and judge each other and it takes both a little bit of time to realize the errors of their first impressions In addition an important central theme introduced in this story is the healing powers of love Both Elizabeth and Darcy carry baggage and deep pain that they hide in different ways The second half of this story beautifully illustrates how love can help erase past pain unleash unbridled happiness and forever change a person It was a very moving experience to see Elizabeth and Darcy on this emotional journey together A Balance of Light and Dark With the pain of heartbreak and past tragedies this story does have some moments of seriousness and heart wrenching poignancy But Ms Ashton did such a marvelous job of making sure she balanced her tale with plenty of scenes and seuences that are “light and bright and sparkling” I especially loved seeing the sense of humor Elizabeth has with Darcy – her nicknames for him how she makes fun of him to his face and how he loves it Not to mention there are many achingly sweet romantic moments where there love for each other is everything that is fierce devoted and whole hearted A uintessential Darcy He may be reserved and have made past mistakes but because this Darcy isn’t too proud and haughty he was very easy to love He has many of Jane Austen’s Darcy’s sterling character traits but some wonderful new additions include his sweet love for animals his adorable playfulness with children his supportiveness to his family in all their crazy endeavors and his vulnerable and sensitive side that he keeps hidden Ms Ashton created a most endearing and attractive Mr Darcy for us to admireWHAT I WASN’T TOO FOND OFJust a few minor uibbles about the pacing some developments could have unfolded a little slower and some parts could have been a little tighter and one or two moments of awkward dialogueWARNING Some uses of strong language and a few intimate scenes are interspersed throughoutCONCLUSIONEvocative sincere and empathetic – A Searing Acuaintance is a poignant and powerful debut release that beautifully explores overcoming your past rising above difficult relationships and discovering the precious powers of unconditional love I applaud J L Ashton for her sensitive adaptation and her skillful yet plausible addition of a bit of shade to Jane Austen’s beloved masterpieceAustenesue Reviews

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    Nice but a little too long

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    A Searing AcuaintanceExcellent modernization story of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice The characters meet at a football game for the University of Meryton They are in Jane's boss's skybox The stiff uptight Darcy and loveable Charles are seated several rows behind Jane Elizabeth and Charlotte Charles always looking out for a beautiful blonde young lady gravitated to Jane Telling Darcy that he's going down to introduce himself Charles mentions the brunette to Darcy He replies that she looks like a pumpkin in her school's orange colored sweatshirt Well that remark started Elizabeth on hate the British snob Charles and Jane connect very well indeed He invites Jane and Elizabeth to his country house Netherfield but Elizabeth tries to stay out of Darcy's way Charles has surprised Jane with concert tickets and they leave Elizabeth and Darcy alone at Netherfield Elizabeth is out walking when she hurts her leg Finding one vicodin table left over from when she had her broken leg in her fanny pack she takes it Hoping it kicks in soon so that she limp back to Netherfield Darcy finds her standing in pain He offers to help her back She struggles against him but Darcy continues to be as stubborn as Elizabeth When it begins to rain he lifts her and carries her fighting him all the way Inside Darcy starts a fire with hopes of warming them up uickly Putting the lasagna in the oven he pours wine for them both When the vicodin kicks in mixed with the wine Elizabeth gets rather loopy They discuss many topics and he tells her about his family His life has been sad and Elizabeth feels his pain Before they both realize what is happening she pulls him down for a kiss which escalates Putting back Darcy says he cannot do this Elizabeth misunderstands his meaning leaving her with the impression that she's not good enough for him Jane and Bingley have car trouble and check into a motel Elizabeth is such a happy camper by then she can hardly contain her ire Dinner burnt Elizabeth is angry and Darcy is clueless because he thinks that he was acting as a gentleman to take advantage of her will not thinking clearly Then she meets the swine George Wickham Thinking him an honest man he gives her names of sports figures she can interview for her book she's writing for the Phillips Group that paid her tuition after her sports scholarship was withdrawn because she broke her leg Every time Darcy sees her she's with another hunk of a man and every time she sees him he has a blonde on his arm Believing Wickham about Darcy's desolate habits she avoids him The night that Wickham shows up Darcy wants to kill him She and Darcy have a few harsh words and after she's sure she has hurt his feelings she leaves Charles and Jane's wedding draws near and Darcy gives them use of Pemberley by the seashore for the big family party Darcy was not going to be there but he took his mother's half a century Mustang for a drive and had car trouble Darcy and Elizabeth confront one another but neither are clearly thinking Darcy is forced to stay throughout the festivities and Darcy and Elizabeth come to peace with one another On the news that evening several of the sports figures she interviewed for the book are convicted of taking enhancement drugs Elizabeth is crushed because she'd worked hard to finish the book Darcy tells her that he would help her find interviews with baseball players They determine that the men accused were names given by Wickham He scum found out that payback is a bitch He is accused of selling enhancement drugs to his clients police found all sorts of drugs at in home Darcy disclosed Wickham's blackmailing endeavors plans to smear Elizabeth's name and her job credentials and he's tied to the training farm giving drugs do sports figures Needless to say Wickham's going to jail for a long time Elizabeth has met all of Darcy's extended family members and wonders will never cease but his Aunt Catherine and the Matlocks adore her When they all see how happy Darcy is they welcome her with open arms When he finally asks her to marry him she answers Yes A must read to understand Darcy's sadness in his life and that is made so happy by Elizabeth's love

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    Just what it should beThis is THE perfect modern adaptation of PP I'm glad it didn't spend a ton of time on Wickham and it gave ODC believable backstories Knowing why Darcy was so sad and serious finally made sense

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    This was an absorbing emotional and realistic modern adaptation of Pride Prejudice The book description provides the premise of the story but there is much depth to it Elizabeth and Jane Bennet are products of a broken home and a dysfunctional family Elizabeth hides her pain behind humour and wit that at times can be brilliant or sarcastic Jane just hides behind a veneer of 'everything is fine' Both have trust issues but Elizabeth also had her sports career ending in disaster I did find Elizabeth to be a bit too prickly for my liking at timesDarcy is vulnerable in this story due to his tragic family history He hides behind his 'Darcy Mask' This Darcy for me was a tortured soul and very endearing Charles Bingley is very much to canon but decisive which I loved The usual host of secondary characters add a bit of fun and drama to the story This story is written in realism with humour angst betrayal love and forgiveness It's a tale of finding yourself before you can truly find another to love I was going to give this book a 45 but I was won over by the humour especially the 'Looney Tunes' references

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    This Pride and Prejudice adaption was wonderful I loved it

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