The Sweetest Temptation Whitfield Brides #2 PDF/EPUB

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The Sweetest Temptation Whitfield Brides #2 I met this author at the Romance Writers Association Conference in SF in July I went with my mom in order to see Nora Roberts and have her autograph a book After meeting Nora we walked around and looked specifically at the Black writers that were present there were less than a dozen I chose this author's book which she signedThe romance was nice although I found the story format disconcerting I cannot think of any other book I have read in my life that did not involve some sort of conflict for the protagonist to overcome by the end Even children's books follow this rationale no offense meant to the author I found it slightly irritating to keep reading on and on about how happy and in love the characters were with no real conflict to test their love this is usually REUIRED for any romance let alone a good one The characters were also under developed so it was hard to truly care about their situation but I enjoyed it nonetheless I'm not sure I'll be reading any others by this author though Was I too harsh? I really tried to like this book I tried to finish it but I couldn't It's about a Black woman which I am Who lives in New York City as do I and dates Unfortunately those three things alone can not make a good book Perhaps I am to jaded the story just plodded along as the characters fell in love Halfway through I wished an assassin would come and kill off a minor character just to make it interesting Unfortunately I was not so lucky It just went on and onI wish I could tell you this was a good story Because I feel we need African American Romances but this one just isn't good The Damsel and the PrinceThe Sweetest Temptation is the second installment in the Whitfield Bride Series and it's just an OKAY read I enjoyed the attraction between Ethan and Faith but it's a very slow paced romance It's so sluggish at times I was TEMPTED to skip ahead in the hopes of finding some FIRE and HEAT Once again I enjoyed the camaraderie of the sisters during their social gatherings However this story is inundated with insignificant details regarding the cakes the décor the clothing the buildings and the cars albeit vivid and well written descriptions IMO it's just too much; which often causes the storyline to have dull patches I have one installment to read in this series and I sure HOPE it's EXCITING The Sweetest Temptation is the second in a trio of novels by Rochelle Alers this one is about Faith Whitfield who is the owner of the a wedding cake shop I liked the story but feel that she could have developed the story a little The substory never developed at all Why was someone threatening Ethan's cousin?I am big fan of MsAlers but this is not her best Please read Stranger in My Arms No Compromise All My Tomorrows Renegade Careless Whispers just to name a fewYou should read the book but read a Long Time Coming first or you will be missing a big part of the story If this book is your introduction to this author I beg you to pick up another book by her Try Secrets Never Told or any book in the ColeKirkland family and friends series This book is my favorite out the series I know from experience that dealing with trust issues can be hard for the other person in the relationship but my guy is uite special I am glad he stuck by me these last two years Faith Whitfield dreamed she'd find her prince but once former air force pilot Ethan McMillan comes to her aid she has given up on an HEA for herself Ethan has a fight on his hands to prove he is her HEA Once Faith Whitfield dreamed she'd find her prince but enough frogs have dispelled that fairy tale She's been too busy running Let Them Eat Cake and satisfying other people's sweet tooth to lament her own love life Still a woman's got to get out of the kitchen sometime and Ethan McMillan's seduction heats her passion to the boiling point But even decadent weekends of romance and Ethan's sweet sensuality can't convince Faith to trust him with her heart Does he really want happily ever after—with herFormer air force pilot Ethan McMillan comes to the aid of a damsel in distress but soon realizes he's the one in danger—of falling for luscious pastry chef Faith Whitfield I already wrote a paper book report LOVE IT i have read this book 4 times Loved this second installment of this series The characters in this book felt real the love amogst the family Faith and Ethan was genuinely true

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Sweetest Temptation Whitfield Brides #2
  • Rochelle Alers
  • English
  • 05 May 2014
  • 9780373831029