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Autoboyography Three years ago Tanner Scott’s family relocated from California to Utah a move that nudged the bisexual teen temporarily back into the closet Now with one semester of high school to go and no obstacles between him and out of state college freedom Tanner plans to coast through his remaining classes and clear out of UtahBut when his best friend Autumn dares him to take Provo High’s prestigious Seminar—where honor roll students diligently toil to draft a book in a semester—Tanner can’t resist going against his better judgment and having a go if only to prove to Autumn how silly the whole thing is Writing a book in four months sounds simple Four months is an eternityIt turns out Tanner is only partly right four months is a long time After all it takes only one second for him to notice Sebastian Brother the Mormon prodigy who sold his own Seminar novel the year before and who now mentors the class And it takes less than a month for Tanner to fall completely in love with him It opens with a boy and a girl a dare and crumbs on a bed First off I’m rating this book 5 stars no doubt The story follows Tanner in his senior year of school in Utah His best friend Autumn dares him to take the Seminar a class where the students have to write a book in 4 months Sebastian Brother is the prodigy that wrote a book and sold it and is now back to mentor students And as we all know is bound to happen Tanner and Sebastian fall in love But the problem lies in the fact that Sebastian and Tanner live in a society where Mormon are in the majority and Sebastian happens to be the son of a Bishop Sebastian has never come to terms with his sexuality and is a part of a family that believes that same sex attraction is a sin and can be ignored They would rather pretend that a person is dead rather than homosexual Tanner on the other hand has the most supporting family anyone could ask for he was raised by parents who completely accept him and believe that love is everythingI think after all this no matter what I’ll love Tanner The depth of emotion in each of his thoughts is truly mesmerizing The consideration understanding and extraordinary amount of emotion that is a constant part of who he is always manages to surprise me There’s moments where his thoughts or something he writes down is so poetic and skilfull it makes my heart ache And then there’s the goofy laid back part that makes my day Watching him go through this part of his life left me speechless because seeing him go through so much yet stay true to himself and who is is amazingI think a lot of people if put in his situation would have misunderstood something given up become frustrated and maybe even would have tried to avoid going through this because the possibility of leaving them emotionally shattered was too great And that’s why watching Tanner behave so understandingly even if his upbringing could have easily made him shun everything Sebastian stands for is so enchanting There is so much love tucked into each and every corner of this book it’s makes me smile every time I think about it The love between friends the love between family and the love between lovers all of it was so integral to this story it kind of makes it impossible to stay too mad at the heartbreak Tanner’s friendship with Autumn his love for his family will always be highlights in this story Tanner’s family is absolutely amazing His parents are the most caring open understanding people in the world and watching them support him through the entirety of this story is mind blowingWatching this society pretend as if a person who doesn’t abide by their rules doesn’t even exist makes me want to punch something They want to people to change their very being just because the people they are is not acceptable to them Every person deserves to be judged solely on their personality and all the characteristics that make them who they are not on something superficial and definitely not on their sexuality And watching family cut off their own and disown them just because of their sexuality with no regard to the amazing people they are makes me angrier by the moment No one should ever feel ashamed because someone looks at them in a way that makes them feel as is they’re constantly being judged for doing something wrong when there was no mistake committed at allThe pressure society puts on people to change themselves to blend in or to influence their decisions infuriates me And when a person’s family is a part of that oppressive society their life turns into agony This is definitely one of those books that makes me want to write a review at least partially worthy of it because it left such a lasting impression on my heart I hate the fact that such an amazing story is over but I also couldn't be happier because I just read of the best contemporaries everThis book is a love story screaming to be heard an announcement waiting to be made a declaration waiting to be accepted and most of all it’s a story of two boys who fall in love in a world trying to tear them apart Every single word made sense every emotion reached out to me and every character showed me something new This story has earned every ounce of my love and has left an impression that will not be changed and has a place in my heart that will not be replaced Christina Lauren you have my utmost respect But this is your life and it will stretch out before you and you are the only person who can make it whatever you want it to be 4 Stars A really remarkable read that lives up to the hype CW homophobiaI have to say I was NOT feeling this book to start The plot felt very generic to start and I found Tanner incredibly irritating Once the story passed into a period of cute romance I was into it Finally when shit hit the fan and everything was ruined I was hooked Wonder what that say about me? I thoroughly enjoyed the different points of conflict in the story from the romance problems the friend problems the religious complications Sebastian's role as a mentor and Mormon missionary even Tanner's flawed nature grew on me as it made for a good story albeit still infuriating Autoboyography isn't an absolute favorite of mine but I went through a real emotional transformation with it making it a fairly memorable readI adored the exploration of sexuality in this novel From Tanner's perspective we have a bisexual teen who is totally secure of his identity and is able to share in that pride with his family The way Tanner's parents support and encourage him was lovely to read and a really positive example for teens to encounter With Sebastian we follow the polar opposite someone who denies their true self and is forced to hide it from everyone in their live due to harsh religious beliefs Autoboyography really hit all the marks when it comes to discussing teen sexuality coming out accepting yourself and leading your most authentic life Though there's much conflict in the story related to Tanner and Sebastian's sexual orientation it's far from gay tragedy porn and offers and insightful view into the real lives of LGBT teens today It was super satisfying in that regardI also greatly enjoyed the friendship between Tanner and Autumn It felt super realistic and captured so many different experiences of teen friends such as unreuited feelings the effects of choosing significant others over longtime friends and making decisions about college and the future Truth be told I think Autumn deserved better than Tanner and was probably my favorite character out of the whole novel because I related so strongly to her but their relationship was raw and uncensored Though I have my own struggles with this novel mostly Tanner and Sebastian being dumb 247 I greatly enjoyed it and completely see why it's become a favorite of the community Those looking for satisfying stories with LGBT characters will find it with Autoboyography READ #2 August 2018I forgot how much this book freaking means to me I'm crYING okay I think this book will forever take up space in my heart and I'm so so glad it exists My love for it is so personal and relatable and rereading made me genuinely tear up shout out me who is generally a stoic vulcan tbh and have my heartbreak and heal at onceI can't evenThis is definitely in my top 10 books of all timeAlso I did the audiobook this time and it was EXCEPTIONAL The narrator was so so good Plus at the end there was this epic interview with both the authors and it gave so much insight to just how #ownvoices this is and how much love and research they put inand how passionate they are about this getting to teens who need it most LOVE LOVE LOVEREAD #1 October 2017I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW AND I FREAKING TEARED UP Who am I I am not a tearer Look I honestly found this book reallyhard to read at times It's beautiful and it's honest and it's about love is love no matter who you are or who you love But it's set really heavily against a backdrop of religion and that's HARD So it was hard to read I felt and I honestly absolutely ache right now BUT AT THE SAME TIME THIS BOOK AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE AND I LOVE IT I'mI'm a mess omg pls Just goJust kidding don't go I HAVE WORDS TO TALK Ok holy HECK can I just say these two boys are preciousTanner's narration was AMAZING and I'm like 89% sure the first 90% of this book is what he's writing as his book for his school class? But anyway I can't get over how emotional complex and dimensional these characters are The writing is A the entire time I adored Tanner He's emotional and impulsive and absolutely full of heart And Sebastian is the sweetest most perfect pure cinnamon He is literally PERFECT And this makes him very flawedya Go figure that out But it's true I ship them so much I climbed a wall and ate it I am just saying So one of the coolest things is they're both writersThe premise of the book is basically Tanner is writing a book for his school class and Sebastian is a highschool graduate come back to help mentor the students IT'S ABOUT WRITERS AND I AM A WRITER SO THIS PLEASED ME AMAZINGLY Although I laugh and laugh and laugh at them freaking out writing a book in 4 months You sweet summer children I can write a book in 3 days #ShutUpCaitNobodyWantsToHearThat Anyway I DO think it's dumb to write about yourself in books I mean since when is that NOT a bad idea Tanner YOU IDIOT YOU HAVE TO TURN THIS INTO YOUR TEACHER But it's still super sweetApparently this book can have characters making 8784 bad decisions and I'll just be here like THEY'RE CUTE RAINBOW WRITER NERDS AND THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT I'M TRASH HERE THANKS Also Sebastian is so far into the closet that he's literally living in NarniaHe's having tea with a fawn It b r o k e my heart when he told he wasn't gay because he wouldn't choose that IAJUGAHIUG But this book is a journey about love and religion and accepting yourself and I personally think it was written beautifully I also believe it's #ownvoices for the bi rep OK LET'S TALK ABOUT RELIGION AND HOW I AM SO FREAKING WORKED UP RIGHT NOWSo this reminded me a lot of Release which you should read immediately like 100000% best book Tanner's family are very open and loving and support him 100% in being bisexual Although they encourage him to remain closeted while they're living an super conservative town because they want to protect him So I get that But I DO think that messed with him a lot and honestly? I don't think they should've moved to a place they couldn't protect him with That's probably a controversial opinionlike they moved for work yada ya But your kids are important Their mental health is important Tanner wasn't suffering per se but ya knowit's not healthy to hide yourselfBut then if he HADN'T have moved he wouldn't have met Sebastian AKA PUREST LOVE OF LIGHTOK but Sebastian's family? They are super Mormon So the book pretty heavily talks about Mormons and I learned a LOT I didn't know I'm not opposed to religion in books but I have 0% time in my world for ANY religion which is against being ueer And Sebastian's family talks about being gay the same way they'd talk about someone dying It's so hard to read But I also think it was SO well and respectfully written I didn't find the book hating on the church or Mormons I found it firmly talking about how there is no heckin' way God doesn't support ueers HE MADE THEM and this was beautiful However it's hard and brutal to read at times and it was so so so sad Side note I grew up in a very conservative church environment not Mormon though but it really damaged my view of the worldmyself at times And I'm sad about it but also pleased I'm far away from it now I related to a lot of things in the book anyway so ughuighaui hence the rantIn summary I honestly don't love how religious it was but I LOVE the conclusions it came to And yes It was hard to read a lot of the time And I think a lot of ueer kids would relate It also features the BEST friendship between Tanner and his BFF AutumnThey'recomplicated But I love boygirl friendships and loved their development Also Tanner's family is epicLike I don't agree with EVERYTHING they did But his mum slipped happy gay bumper stickers into his room all the time and they fill the house with rainbows and just ahhh Tanner has a beautiful family ALSO IT WAS SUPER FUNNYI laughed so hard I ACTUALLY HAD TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN HOly hECK it was so good Speaking of putting the book down??? I didn't want to???EVER????? It's 400 pages and i've been dying trying to read 300 page books lately BUT THIS? I COULDN'T STOP READING I DIDN'T WANT TO MY HEART ACHED WHENEVER I HAD TO PUT IT DOWN It was relatable and emotional and captivating I honestly think this book is full of heartMy dead heart actually beat Twice I can't even There is writing and school and kissing and biscuit crumbs There is stargazing and boys crying There is beautifulness and heartbreak and bittersweet moments and an ending that EXPLODED mY HEART I still prefer not to read religious books but I still loved it I am a tangled Gregorian knot Excuse me I must fly away now This was such a touching love story There were so many obstacles along the way due to the very religious town Tanner and Sebastian were living in and I worried for them the entire time but it was a great read I loved how it featured a bisexual main character and examined what bisexuality means tackling some common misconceptions and showed how difficult it can be for a gay boy who has grown up in the Mormon church Overall such a great book

  • Hardcover
  • 279 pages
  • Autoboyography
  • Christina Lauren
  • English
  • 01 January 2014
  • 9781481481687

About the Author: Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long time writing partnersbestiessoulmatesbrain twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels Their books have been translated into 30 languages Some of these books have kissing Some of these books have A LOT of kissing

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