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The Front Porch Prophet What do a trigger happy bootlegger with pancreatic cancer an alcoholic helicopter pilot who is afraid to fly and a dead guy with his feet in a camp stove have in common What are the similarities between a fire department that cannot put out fires a policeman who has a historic cabin fall on him from out of the sky and an entire family dedicated to a variety of deceased authors Where can you find a war hero named Termite with a long knife stuck in his liver a cook named Hoghead who makes the world's worst coffee and a supervisor named Pillsbury who nearly gets hung by his employees Seuoyah Georgia is the answer After a long absence A J Longstreet finds his best friend since childhood Eugene Purdue on his doorstep Eugene now has terminal cancer and he confronts A J with the dilemma of executing a mercy killing when the time arrives An adventure into the past begins for the both of them and soon one must make a decision that will alter his life forever

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    While The Front Porch Prophet is described as a humorous work of Southern fiction about two young men who come of age in North Georgia it is at times as serious as a rattlesnake In those moments the author does not hold back when it comes to the tough issues of broken relationships death and dying divorce and a myriad of other not so pleasant moments along life’s journeyAJ Longstreet and his friend Eugene Purdue have been through a lot since their carefree childhood days spent playing football pulling pranks and trying to be the first to lose his virginity The most recent being a dispute over Eugene’s ex wife that left the friends estranged for several years Yet the toughest days are ahead One day Eugene asks AJ to come to his cabin – no easy feat as AJ has to get past Rufus to get there Rufus is described as a “cross between a Great Dane and a bear” and he guards the mountain that is home to Eugene’s cabin AJ does not even attempt the climb without his Louisville slugger The point of the visit becomes painfully clear when Eugene tells AJ the latest news from the doctor “I have cancer I’m rotten with it It’s terminal” After that pronouncement there is a long silence described this way “His words hung over the clearing like a gas attack over the Argonne A gentle breeze blew through the branches but the words would not disappear”There is much to enjoy in this wonderful book and the use of language that is so precise and so evocative is just one aspect The dialogue is some of the best ever written It is natural true to each character and so funny in places readers will be hard pressed to stifle their laughter when finishing the book at work because they couldn’t bear to leave the story at homeOn the flip side of the humor is the very serious matter of death and dying and the fact that Eugene wants A J to put him out of his misery at the end “You must be crazy If you want to shoot yourself or blow yourself up go ahead But leave me out of it” AJ felt like he was breathing mud “I know ten or fifteen people who would be happy to accommodate you Hell Diane’s daddy would pay you to let him do it”“I’d do it for you”For nearly six months AJ wrestles with that reuest and during that time the two men visit weekly and sift through the experiences of their lives and try to make sense of it allThe remembering is as poignant for the reader as it is for the characters

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    'Front Porch Prophet' kept me between tears that is tears of human emotion and tears of laughter Up in the Northwestern corner of Georgia live a folk like everywhere in Appalachia torn between the old ways and the new life in the country and just makin' do and the life in the 'mill town' these are the folks that Ray captures and inserts in the lines of The Front Porch Propet I say that Ramond captures these characters because no one could make them up he hsd to have been thereRay has nailed the country folk of this small North Georgia region with it's daily life and the down home humor I am looking forward to Ray's next venture there is a real literary talent lurking in North Georgia in the guise of Raymond L Atkins

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    This book surprised me When my E Reader was new and short of titles I worked to fill it up Since this was a Nook Free Friday selection I figured why not So a uick down load then the passage of a year and suddenly I’m reading an amazing story The first thing that appealed to me was the fact that the story is set in the Northwest Georgia Mountains and has a wonderfully slow country feel The characters are full and complete and even the minor characters have depth The two main characters remind me of McMurtry’s great duo of Augustus McRae and Woodrow Call from the book Lonesome Dove Both are ruff around the edges and somewhat abusive to each other but are lifelong friends with a deep affection for one another More than a few times this story made me laugh out loud and I kept a smile going thru most of it The ending is inevitable and emotional The depth of friendship is tested An incredible decision must be reached and in the end I think friendship prevails It is a wonderful story about life and death A reminder that life is a one way ticket and the destination is the same for everyone but what counts is how you make the journey It’s the family and friends we travel with that count This is an extraordinary story and I encourage you to give it a try Well done Mr Atkins

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    This book would have so much enjoyable if some of the language had been cleaned up The writing style is excellent I just don't enjoy the 'F' word I think it's crude and unneccessary The story is about AJ and his best friend Eugene and various family members and others in a small GA town Mostly the wild escapades of the two Eugene lives up on a mountain in a cabin AJ is married and lives in town Some rather wild things happen such as a house being moved by helicopter and the porch falls off and lands on one of the characters dog Rather unrealistic but the writer adds a lot of humor from the situation Not that having a dog die is funny far from it but the way the situation is handled is funny Eugene has lived a rather wild crazy life and AJ is a stable guy with a wife kids and a job yet the two have been friends since they were young boys Eugene gets cancer and AJ manages his care giving Eugene reuests that when the time comes the pain gets to be too much that AJ will shoot him so he doesn't have to suffer AJ tells him that there's no way he will do it But then toward the end he sees him in extreme pain and nothing left off him but skin bones just a shodow of what he once was Does he do it or not?

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    I can hardly do this book justice but I will try If you are curious about this book you truly need to sit down and absorb it I can assure you that it will not be what you are expecting Atkins is a genius with words His writing is Mark Twain William Faulkner and Stephen King rolled into oneYes I said Stephen King I do not care for King's subjects and foulness but I can't help but admire his way with words and describing scenes Atkins has that same aptness without the foulnessUpon finishing this book I find that I want very much to live in Seouyah Georgia and eat at The Lord is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want Thick and Frosty Milkshakes Drive InBeyond bringing a fictional town and set of characters to life Atkins gives the tough story of pancreatic cancer a rough and tumble friendship and euthanasia a humorous fair and poignant treatment I will definitely be returning this book both in thought and in re reading itPS Who knows maybe someday I'll name a kid Ray Atkins Williams

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    This was a free download for the Nook a while back and it sat there on my Nook kind of rotting I finally got around to reading it this week and I was pleasantly surprised The reason why I was putting off reading it was because I wasn't entirely convinced I was going to like it but the I read the I realized it was right up my alley A book about a terminal cancer patient and his and everyone elses' coming to grips with the finality of his condition? What could an aspiring nurse want really?There was humor interspersed throughout and although I don't know anyone who I can directly compare to AJ or Eugene I still felt like I could identify with them which was a nice touch The nook book had an excerpt from the author's next novel Sorrow Wood which I might end up borrowing from a Nook friend LendMe is a fabulous thing lol

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    A book to be read and absorbed Mr Atkins is definitely a word craftsman The characters were indeed characters Lots of back stories very excellent character development I especially loved the ever changing names of the local diner I think the overriding theme of the book was loyalty to friends and promises made and how to fulfill them My very favorite character in the book was Rufus Somehow I thought in the end he would end up not so much among the living but Mr Atkins surprised me I liked the surpriseA definite regional favorite much along the lines of Big Stone Gap

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    A surprising gem Beautifully constructed very moving and very enjoyable to readAtkins gives us deeply felt portraits of life in rural Georgia alternately laugh out loud funny deadly serious and poignantly personal sometimes all three at once Don't be put off by the setting if you think you don't like southern novels The message and the characters are universalSome of the set pieces are a little too pat Otherwise I'd give it 5 stars Highly recommended

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    What a wonderful book of friendship reconciliation family love and a mean dog named Rufus Porches drop from the sky you can't bury dogs in the people cemetery green jello is better than the alternative at Thanksgiving you can't really hide a school bus Read this one y'all

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    The most fun I've had in a long time Give this book a chance I wanted to write a lengthy review but I finished it too long ago The feeling I got from it is still fresh in my mind though It's sad and funny at the same time One of my new favorites

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