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The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone A proposition from a virgin Gabriel Stone Earl of Edenbridge might have a rakish reputation but he's also a gentleman—of sorts So when respectable Lady Caroline Holt offers her maidenhood in exchange for an estate her father gambled away his curiosity is roused Gabriel is touched when he learns Caroline is helping her brother—he's protected his brothers all his lifeand has the scars to prove it He's willing to help her but is shocked when his mission takes him somewhere he never thought he'd end up—down the aisle

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    45 stars This is the fourth and final book in Louise Allen’s Lords of Disgrace series in which the heroes regard themselves as brothers by blood and have always stood by each other through whatever adversity life threw at them Gabriel Stone the Earl of Edenbridge has appeared in other books in the series as a somewhat enigmatic character a man whose responses are guarded and who cares for little except gambling and other rakish pursuitsWhen Gabriel receives an unanticipated caller on the morning after a profitable night’s gaming he doesn’t expect to end the encounter in possession of an IOU for a young lady’s virginity Lady Caroline Holt daughter of Lord Knighton begs him to exchange the deeds to the estate he has just won from her father for her virtue; after all she’s going to have to get married to one of the stodgy much older but wealthy gentlemen being lined up for her so why shouldn’t she at least get to choose the man to whom she gives herself for the first time? She explains that Springbourne had been put aside for her sixteen year old brother and that she will do anything to keep it safe for him Gabriel appreciates Caroline’s sense of family loyalty but he’s enough of a gentleman to be appalled that she should feel compelled to go to such lengths and to determine that he can’t possibly accept her bargain no matter how attractive he finds herGabriel lives a bit of a solitary existence but that’s the way he likes it His three brothers are settled – one in the army one in the clergy and the youngest about to graduate from Oxford and become Gabriel’s estate manager – and while he has a certain brotherly affection for them he doesn’t bother them they don’t bother him and that suits him perfectly To say that his is a tarnished reputation is an understatement; he’s a rake of the first order a womaniser and a hardened gamester but his title still guarantees him acceptance at all but the very highest levels of societyHaving reached an agreement with Caroline – so she thinks – that he will call in his IOU upon the announcement of her betrothal Gabriel doesn’t expect to have anything to do with her until she approaches him again having realised that the returned estate needs to be managed until her brother comes of age She has no one to turn to; her father is a self absorbed despot who sees her only as something he can use to his own advantage and she daren’t let him know that she is now in possession of the estate he so thoughtlessly gambled away Gabriel can’t help but feel somewhat outraged on Caroline’s behalf; that she should be so neglected that the only person she can ask for help is a virtual stranger with a severely blackened reputation doesn’t sit well with even his uestionable sense of honour Reluctantly and against his own better judgement he finds himself drawn to Caroline and interested in her fate Her father plans to marry her off to the highest bidder – who is known to have perverted tastes when it comes to the bedroom – and isn’t above physically punishing his daughter when she tells him she won’t agree to the match Hurting a woman is unconscionable in Gabriel’s book and he hatches a plan to remain close enough to Caroline to be able to keep an eye on her and if necessary get her out of harm’s wayThere’s a lot to enjoy in the story not least of which is the fact that Caroline is a pragmatic intelligent woman with a good sense of humour who isn’t ashamed of her attraction to Gabriel She wants to do the right thing by her brother and is prepared to make a devil’s bargain in order to do so but uickly realises her naivété in attempting it and sees the holes in her plan In spite of Gabriel’s poor reputation she discovers him to have a strong sense of honour and a protective streak a mile wide when it comes to those he cares about even though he of course would deny its existence I also liked that the book doesn’t uite fall into the “rake reformed by love” category There’s no uestion that Gabriel is falling in love and that he is motivated to act on Caroline’s behalf but even before he becomes involved in her life he has realised that his existence as a devil may care rakehell is not really one he cares for any longer The trouble is he’s spent so long living it that he isn’t sure who he really is any or how to go about building himself a different life The guilt he lives with over a tragic past event made him put up a wall between himself and those he loved and made him push them away in his determination to protect them Yet he clearly does care very deeply; he’s just learned not to show it and it’s a hard habit to breakGabriel and Caroline make a terrific couple and Ms Allen creates a strong sense of connection between them right from the start Everything the reader comes to know about them is gleaned from their words thoughts and actions; this is definitely not a book that suffers from telling rather than showing I particularly enjoyed the way the layers of Gabriel’s personality are gradually peeled back to show the truth of the honourable compassionate man he truly isThe Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone is the last – and my favourite – of this series and can easily be read as a standalone although the other books are definitely worth reading It’s a great read and one I have no hesitation in recommending

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    This was an excellent conclusion to the Lords of Disgrace series Of the four men who have been friends since their schooldays Gabriel is the last bachelor Seeing his friends' happiness may explain his growing feelings of boredom with his life That boredom takes a hit when after a successful night of gambling Gabriel received a clandestine visit from a respectable young womanCaroline was horrified when she found out that her father had gambled away the estate meant for her younger brother Determined to protect her brother's future she offered Gabriel the only thing of value she possessed her virginity Since she's about to be sold off to whichever old man her father picks she's than willing to give herself to someone of her choiceI thoroughly enjoyed this encounter Caroline was forthright and determined and made it clear that she knew what she was offering Gabriel was appalled at the circumstances but couldn't help being intrigued by Caroline herself Though he accepted her IOU he had no plans to actually follow through or even to see her again That is until she came to him again with a problem she hadn't foreseen He was horrified by the idea that the only person she could turn to was a stranger with his reputation This stirred his protectiveness and concern for her fate a concern that appeared justified when she abruptly left for the country with her father Still telling himself that it was just because he wanted the diversion he concocted a scheme to keep an eye on her and rescue her if need beI enjoyed the development of the relationship between Gabriel and Caroline The connection was there between them from the start though Gabriel spent a long time trying to deny it Caroline on the other hand freely admitted her attraction to him and uickly realized that he was a danger to her heart I liked that she saw past his rakish reputation to the protective and honorable man that he tried to hide That honor and protectiveness were brought front and center when Gabriel's rescue didn't work out uite as planned making it necessary for them to marry I ached for Caroline because by this time she knew she was in love with Gabriel and he had made it clear that love was not an emotion in his makeup All she could do was hope that she could break through whatever held him backThings looked so good for Gabriel and Caroline while they were in Brighton It was fun to see how much enjoyment he got from showing Caroline around the town and teasing her about the things they did Gabriel also began to realize his feelings for her but didn't know what to do about them He had spent so long holding those he cared about at a distance that he didn't know how to let her in Then a tragic event from his past was resurrected and sent him in a spiral of despair and protectiveness I hurt so much for Gabriel and what he believed would happen just when he thought he had a chance for happiness I also wanted to shake him for pushing Caroline away My heart broke for her pain then cheered for what she did with that pain I loved her take charge attitude and her certainty of Gabriel's innocence The scene at the magistrate's house was outstanding I loved the big moment between Gabriel and Caroline as he was finally able to let it all go The epilogue was great and made me wish for a Sons of series thirty years laterOne of the things I enjoyed most was the depth of the family and friends relationships as well as the romance It was Caroline's love for her younger brother that started the whole series of events The scenes with young Anthony showed that those feelings were just as strong on his part I liked the hints of protectiveness that were there even at his young age I found Gabriel's relationships with his brothers puzzling at first but as came out about their pasts it was clear that it was his way of protecting them That he couldn't see how much they cared about him was heartbreaking I loved how they all flew to his support at the end and the effect it had on them all I also loved the relationships of the Lords of Disgrace and how they were always there to support each other Their interactions were occasionally contentious and freuently amusing but there was no doubt about the depth of their friendships

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    Picked this one up as a library discard as it had several of my romance catnips Fierce protective siblings a marriage of necessity that becomes a love match and building chemistry between a rake and a sheltered young woman Did not disappoint

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    Just when you think the romance genre has no surprises an author manages to pull a different colored rabbit out of this well worn hat Ms Allen manages just that when she has respectable Lady Caroline Holt offer up her virginity in exchange for an estate that had been gambled by her foolish fatherWomen’s virginities were often prize commodities in literature and in real life No shock there But Lady Holt makes it uite plain that she understands the terms of her bargainand she shows an uncommon forthrightness about what’s in it for her Caroline refreshes because she’s no mere blushing miss She strategizes and has a clear head She may blush but she doesn’t weep even when brutalized by her unyielding father or when molested by a vile lord She is a bundle of contradictions willing to pander her virginity but not her hand in marriage and resorting to underhanded methods to get what she wants She is able to maintain her ladylike ualities while displaying boldness cunning and daring In one passage that had me wide eyed with delight she’s very forthright when she tells Gabriel exactly why she picked him Oh myShe’s than a match for Gabriel Stone an earl who has just begun to get vaguely bored by his own lackadaisical lifestyle Gabriel is also a notch above his typical sort While he’s intrigued by Caroline’s offer he initially refuses because he’s not interested in the terrified fumblings of a virgin Again—surprise He also possesses his own sense of honor something that’s gradually teased out as we learn something of his own background He’s a man of mystery and sense and responsible and honorable than he gives himself credit for beingAll in all the novel leads us down a winding path towards its happy ending and it’s one that’s well earned not simply the result of the man who rescues the damsel in distress Caroline is capable in her own right so much so you want to reach out and slap Gabriel for not appreciating her better This is one of the better romance novels out there a real treat in the uagmire of otherwise lackluster or reprehensible examples of the genre

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    I loved this book It is the perfect end to a fabulous series Gabriel shows his true ruthlessness in this one His ability to blend in and hide as well as his nefarious talents He also shows Lady Caroline a bit of with wicked talents if you know what I mean Caroline is a women who has dealt with a controlling obsessive father for years She is finally at her breaking point when her father tries to force her into a marriage that is completely unagreeable to her Gabriel swoops in a saves the day setting both down a path that neither one expected to go Their journey is one that is sweet hot and sometimes infuriating You also get a bit of a glimpse into the lives of the other three Elements Alex Grant and Cris Plus you get to see their ladies I really enjoyed the brief glimpse into their futures with the epilogue I hope to hear from this author in the future Well done

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    Fabulous opening a strong female character and lots of twists But a lot of on againoff again and I have mixed feelings about the notorious rake who's actually decent and honourable It's well supported here but I have may have read too many of these recently The earlier part of the book where the hero goes to great lengths to protect the heroine is great; the later part where the suspense subplot ramps up did not engage me as much However it wraps up the series of which this book is the last

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    Definitely my favourite of the 4 books I have liked Gabriel all through the series and his story did not disappoint Caroline is very likeable and it was great to catch up with all the others although it would have been nice to see of Grant and Kate A certain part of the Epilogue would be great to see on film and in slow motion

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    A delightful spicy readI started with book 4 of the series just because it was introduced at the end of a totally different novel The first chapter captured my attention so I bought the book Based on what I’ve learned of the other couples I will go back and read their stories

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    I liked this but didn't love it The characters just felt a bit cliched and predictable and while I liked the plot ridiculous but fun for the most part the plot twist right at the end was just annoying

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    A despicable gambler who will gamble away everything he deems unimportant and then sell his daughter a rakish gentleman and a desperate woman The characters are well drawn and there are various twists and turns to hold your interest I'm sorry that there will be no books to this series

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