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Monkey Business Monkey Business opens with our two heroes Ron and Willy stumbling back to shore after another failed attempt to escape the deserted island where they've been marooned since their plane crashlanded It paints a seductive picture of this tropical island paradise juxtaposed with just how fed up Ron and Willy are with all aspects of your typical tropical island paradise They soon discover that the monkeys on the island can talk a result of an island god wanting someone to monitor television broadcastsThe humour begins with a sort of gentle sarcasm reminiscent of Douglas Adams and the situation grows increasingly ludicrous as the story progresses The build up is gradual enough to feel natural list the elements of the story at end and it seems like a mixed bag of nonsense but follow the build up of the story and it's hardly that at allAs for the characters they all seem pretty distinct well drawn and consistent Ron is clearly an engineer type; Willy is the perennial arts student Jessup the one talking monkey who joins their party on account of being an outcast is perhaps a little less monkey like but then how exactly is a talking monkey meant to be portrayed anyway?Light as it is Monkey Business seems ideally suited to lazy summer days in the sun; perhaps in exactly the sort of island paradise described within its pages It's not a book meant to challenge one's philosophy It's frothy good natured entertainment; my greatest complaint is that it ends too soon I read a lot of horror and every once in awhile I like to take a break and take my mind to a happier place And this book hit the spot exactly It's got everything you could want in a book Two dudes stranded on an island talking monkeys a skull that also talks and won't shut up fish that blow up an island god who is addicted to both coffee and TV and general mayhem and shenanigans You would THINK all these things combined into one book would be confusing or beyond the scope of your imagination But you'd be wrong It was very easy to suspend my disbelief and just fall right into the story The hilarious dialog between men and monkey makes for a laugh a minute and even the fight scenes there a few while action packed never sways from the hilarity of the situation The book didn't take too long to read and was just what I needed after reading five horror books in a row Don't get me wrongI LOVE horror but who doesn't like to laugh also? I'd definitely recommend this book for that purpose I loved this book right from the moment I read the sample chapters on Inkshares I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and I wasn't disappointed From start to finish I was entertained It's fun light and easy to read It made me laugh out loud so many times I even screamed agh you fecker at the author when I got to the end as I was expecting to read another chapter The banter between Ron and Willy is just hilarious and very organic The introduction to the monkeys isn't what I was expecting so that was an awesome surprise and then there's the skull hahahahahaha Read it to find out This book breaks narrative rules I mean the narrator staggers drunkenly from one side of the fourth wall to the other Sometimes he plops down on the couch next to you and starts eating your cheetoes And hesheitdisembodied narrator voice isn’t even part of the story Chats all over the place in a familiar storytelling manner as if he was someone involved someone there but he’s I’ll settle on the masculine pronoun not He’s just a voice It comes off like some dude maybe your bartender telling you this really long yarn about a couple of nut jobs living out a trippy mashup of Gilligan’s Isle and CastawayAnd it works beautifullyMonkey Business is pure cut loose fun Any lessons about life love and how to be are purely coincidental But present all the sameThe story is a buddy adventure about two guys trying to escape a tropical island It’s also about angry monkeys indigenous dudebros the fragile shifting borders of reality and exploding fish It kicks off in the aftermath of a failed attempt at escape The most recent of several No appendages were lost in this failure and the protagonists’ frustration has an accepting fatalistic edge The protagonists are longtime friends caught on this island for some time but the author deftly skips all the backstory and jumps us right into that special kind of humor born from watching other peoples’ pain and ineptitude Exposition creeps in naturally along with the monkeys This is a big plus for me as massive expository blobs make me want to fling massive excretory? blobsWhat really stuck with me with this story was its frenetic edge of reality scenes If you’ve ever seen the psychadelic trip scenes from Simpsons and Futurama – yeah Monkey Business has parts like that just as vivid scenes that burst like a vomiting kaleidoscope inside my brain The characters blur across the ragged edge of sanity as the world gets weirder and weirder around them as if some ancient disgruntled god probably that asshole narrator is absently messing with them The slippage of reality works beautifully to pull you in and keep you reading as the story gains of a fantastical flavor By the end of it Monkey Business has the feel of an American tall tale with mundane reality shoved off into the wings to make room for a good story – Paul Bunyan Pecos Bill Big Fish Monkey BusinessHappy readingOr As Pratchett might have writtenOook Seriously? I can't believe I paid money for something a frat boy wrote that sounds like a story he and a bunch of stoned guys came up with up around the bong There is potential here but it would take a lot of editing Fantastic thrilling and sillyThis crazy tale had me hooked from the first pages when our heroes woke up on the beach It's full of crazy and witty jokes talking monkeys skulls that speak ancient and forgotten gods and loonie Islanders amounting to an insane but funny story that will keep you flipping through page after page late into the night I picked this up on a whim and I am very happy that I did I sincerely hope the author continues writing It's not a perfect book and I suppose not destined for literary awards but inventive and funny enough that it those things don't matter This is one of the funniest books I have ever read Laughed so hard I almost wet myself I hope he keeps writing books like this It lifts your spirits Ron and Willy are stranded on a tropical island and they really want to get home Unfortunately they have no real resources no good plans and no idea what the hell they're doing What they do have is an army of foul mouthed monkeys who want them dead a beautiful woman who wants some answers a sex crazed tribal chief a caffeine addicted demigod who wants to be worshipped and a telepathic skull who just wants a little excitement Through nonstop comedy and good old fashioned adventure these guys are facing some long odds but do Ron and Willy give up No they don't They get down to business Monkey Business Loved this one How much did I love it? My uote is on the cover Funny and fantastical A good summer read Or fallwinterspring read Why should summer get all the fun?

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