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The Italian Playboy's Secret Son Cesar Villon de Falcon the world's finest racing car driver and Monaco's most notorious playboy But a terrifying crash has left him fighting for his lifeSarah Priestley the enchanting woman at his bedside who has a secret she hopes will help revive him—Cesar has a sonThe little boy who has his daddy's eyes gives Cesar a new lease on life But it is his convenient marriage to Sarah that has the potential to make this courageous man whole again

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    The Italian Playboy's Secret Son is fairly standard fare for a Mills and Boon novel old lovers a secret child an accident that brings them together yet for some reason this is elevated by the fact that this is the kind of Mills and Boon novel that you can read than once and not be bored by This is the second time I've read this one the last time was a few years ago and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time even though I knew the plot twists that were coming My perspective on the situation has changed uite a bit in the meantime for instance I previously felt that the hero Cesar was too harsh on the heroine of the piece Sarah but can now see his point of view better and the American student in the language class George seems a lot creepier especially when he tracks Sarah down without any encouragement to the language class she's moved to to get away from him All in all though this is a sweet story with engaging main characters who don't make you want to tear your hair out at every opportunity To have such rational lead characters albeit with a lot of passion boiling between them makes a nice changeFour stars for its readability

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    Witnessing the tragic race accident on television pushes Sarah into action Cesar needs his son to pull him up and give him a purpose to live Only Cesar has no knowledge of the boy and Sarah knows he'll despise her for keeping the five year secret This story begins with intense emotion which maintains it's level right to the very satisfying ending Sarah really beats herself up for not telling Cesar he has a child and Cesar holds onto his bitterness right to the end Johnny is a delight and gives an emotional high to balance the intensity between Sarah and Cesar I read this one in one sitting

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    25 stars

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    What a load of cr 10 pages in I could not read further Being forced to marry someone who despises you? soap opera overload

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    Una de las cosas ue más me gustan de los libros de Harleuin es lo corto pero sustanciosos ue son los libros Se leen en nadaSon superficialmente profundos esto significa ue tienen drama y todos esos ingredientes ue una ama de las novelas romántica pero sin tanto embrollo y en pocas páginasSon la clase de libros ue te calman y te desestresan era el ue necesitaba porue estaba teniendo un estancamiento con un libro Una verdadera familia es una historia ue brinda más de lo ue se ve a simple vista A mí me encantó los personajes estaban muy bien cimentados y estructurados para los poco más de 100 páginas del libroLa historia gira entre Sarah Cesar y su hijo Johnny es muy típica de estas historia pero se trata de un hijo secreto matrimonios de conveniencias y as no correspondidos El niño es precioso de los mejores personajes infantiles ue he leído porue hace parte activa de la historia La condición de Cesar es entendible y hace suspirar y me emociona mucho todos esos sutiles embrollos ue se presentan en la relación con Sarah Me gustó ue se abstuviera la autora te relatar las escenas intimasNo sé si es porue hacia siglos no leía libros de Harleuín pero es de los mejores ue he leído

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    What a gem this book is Yes of course there is a romance but it is just as much about family love and the ways we hurt each other because of out own insecurities and foolishness and about forgiveness I am so glad I came across this book and will look for by this author

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    Loved this book such a great read A son that brings mother and father together for good What an adventure as well

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