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    Like others even if items did not end up on the Hugo nominee list fairly I figure I'll read them and give an honest opinion What Price Humanity? David VanDykeThere's a germ of a good idea in this story The ending is actually really well presented I could see a 12 year old boy with a serious video game obsession thinking that this story was absolutely devastating However I've already read 'Ender's Game' I saw that ending being telegraphed to me loud and clear from uite early on The set up? A space soldier comes to consciousness in a medical type setting which he realizes uite soon is a VR simulation He assumes that he's been injured and that he's in recovery But soon he's joined by a number of other soldiers all acuaintances that he's served with and even one old girlfriend who he's uite certain was dead They're asked to participate in a number of simulated training exercises involving new tech against humanity's alien enemiesThe main problem with the story is that the characters feel like they were imagined by the aforementioned 12 year old boy The mentality is very juvenile and limited feeling and a scenario that had a ton of potential just doesn't achieve what it could haveAlso a note When South Park called a lone black character Token it felt like a pointed bit of social criticism When VanDyke does it here it doesn't

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    I have a rule not to let the politics of a person determine whether or not I do business with them Vox Day owner of Castalia House tends to test that rule to the fullest Having said that I've been a fan of Jerry Pournelle for a long time and am glad to see the There Will Be War series back on the shelves if only electronically The concept of the anthology is a collection of short stories and short non fiction about future war It includes a lot of original stuff and some reprints and tends to be uality stuff Here are a few of the specific items I found noteworthy The Man Who Wasn't There by Gregory Benford is a near future reflection on anti terrorism Gripping and plausible The 4GW Counterforce is a non fiction discussion of the type of troops needed to fight 4th Generation Warfare It was interesting although I will eventually write my magnum opus on 4th GW which spoiler alert will say it's just a rehash of fighting the Plains Indians of the 1800s Battle Station by Ben Bova one of the tropes of old school SF is a World Government controlling by threat of orbital nuclear annihilation The uestion is who controls the bombs? Bova has a gripping answer The War Memorial by Allen M Steele is a short and poignant piece and reminds us that war is always terrible War and Migration by Martin van Creveld is a cranky little piece of non fiction arguing that every migration of people in history was the same as warfare It's notable in that Creveld a migrant to Israel writing for an American audience exempts from his review certain migrations Flashpoint Titan by Cheah Kai Wai is refreshing in that the heroes of the story aren't primarily Americans The Fourth Fleet by Russell Newuist I found irritating for a couple of reasons The first which jumped out at me immediately was the United States Space Navy an entity with no historical explanation or support The second which to be fair was a bit of fridge logic had to do with the big surprise at the end regarding the number of pirates Among Thieves by Poul Anderson is a reprint but a classic of the genre Essentially two planets call them Army Planet and Space Fleet Planet have been at war for centuries a war neither can fully win Earth has been content to let them fight each other to the last of their men Then an Army Planet leader has a better idea

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    This is probably not something I would have read on my own but I'm working my way through the Hugo nominees and I want to give everything a fair shot I will hopefully get through the whole thing eventually as Jerry Pournelle is nominated as an editor but I'll start with the stories that specifically made it on the ballotSeven Kill Tiger Charles W Shao one starThis? This was nominated for a Hugo? I just can't see anything exceptional about it The writing is poor the plot is derivative and not all that interesting the characters are bland I mean I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either Flashpoint Titan Cheah Kai Wah two starsThis one at least told a fairly entertaining story even if the action was a bit bogged down by incomprehensible to me discussion of vectors and maneuvering Physics is not my strong suit But again there's just nothing to really distinguish this story from every other fairly competent and entertaining story written last year What Price Humanity? David VanDyke three starsOkay now we're getting somewhere Entertaining competently written and with a cool premisetwist The gradual unfolding of the central 'mystery' kept me engaged even if I was pretty sure I knew where we were headed It's a concept that's been done before and done better in Ender's Game but I liked it here too I would never have nominated this myself it's fun but doesn't say 'award worthy' to me but I might actually rank it above No Award

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    Reminded my of how much I enjoyed this anthology back in the day Well worth the time

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    This is an excellent collection of thought provoking Military SF stories and essays Ranging from speculation upon future capabilities and tactics to scenarios that exercise the reader's ability to think strategically this collection of well written entries is a must have Of note all of the stories can be read without placing too much thought into the military implications that they address meaning you don't have to be of a military mindset to appreciate and stand alone well just on plot and writing style As an example my favorite story is The War Memorial which does not touch upon any greater theme other than well I will not include any spoilers; read for yourself Very worthwhile collection

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    Probably the best military sci fi collection published in years A well curated selection of nonfiction and fiction

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    An anthology with some excellent parts some retelling of old story lines Best part was the essay by Martin Van Crivaldsp? Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves real science fiction

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    This is the last volume in the late Jerry Pournelle's long running series There Will be War Volume IX was published in 1990 Jerry said that the series had originally ended when the Cold War did but the return of great power politics with Russia and China made it relevant again It has sold well over the years if Jerry had lived longer I imagine volumes would have been forthcoming This volume is just as good as any of the previous installments One major change is that China is featured as the bête noire instead of Russia but otherwise the basic structure remains the same short science fiction with a military focus is interspersed with non fiction essays on military topics all of it woven together with short introductions by JerryThere were some great stories in this volume Standouts for me were Flashpoint Titan by Cheah Kai Wai The Fourth Fleet by Russell Newuist Among Thieves by Poul Anderson and 'Fly by Night' by Larry Niven All the stories in this volume were good which makes it hard to pick my favorites so I go by the ones that stick in my memory the bestIn particular Larry Niven's contribution astonished me with how dense it was Larry managed to pack so much detail into every sentence that I had a little trouble keeping up I found myself scanning back every so often to make sure I hadn't missed something interesting I often had I hadn't previously considered getting into Known Space or the Man Kzin Wars but now I want toI've found a number of great authors via their contributions to this series for example Gordon Dickson In this case I was already familiar with Larry's books with Jerry Pournelle but I only kind of liked The Magic Goes Away the only solo Niven book I've read Looking back at my review I wrote it up better than I remember it Thanks to this collection I'm willing to give Niven's other books a chance Which is after all the point of short stories; they give you a chance to try authors out rapidly and see who you might like to read I think this volume continues a great tradition and it has some great stories in it I'd recommend it to anyone who likes any of the authors who contributed fans of military science fiction and anyone who likes a cracking good yarn You should be able to find something you like

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    Jerry Pournelle never disappoints His curation of stories for this series is top notch I acuired and read the entire series in paperback back in the '80s when it first came out so when I saw he had added another volume I had to read it And it was good Very thought provoking A great read

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    Least of the seriesWhen this anthology series started I was impressed enjoyed it It's faded over the years There are no anthologies where I've liked every story but this one I found barely any enjoyable I'll leave it up to other readers to make up their minds

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There Will Be War Volume X Created by the bestselling SF novelist Jerry Pournelle THERE WILL BE WAR is a landmark science fiction anthology series that combines top notch military science fiction with factual essays by various generals and military experts on everything from High Frontier and the Strategic Defense Initiative to the aftermath of the Vietnam War It features some of the greatest military science fiction ever published such Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” in Volume I and Joel Rosenberg’s “Cincinnatus” in Volume II Many science fiction greats were featured in the original nine volume series which ran from 1982 to 1990 including Robert Heinlein Arthur C Clarke Philip K Dick Gordon Dickson Poul Anderson John Brunner Gregory Benford Robert Silverberg Harry Turtledove and Ben Bova 25 years after the end of the Cold War and the publication of the ninth volume Dr Pournelle has revived his classic science fiction series with Castalia House THERE WILL BE WAR Volume X continues the tradition of combining top notch military science fiction with first rate real world analysis by military experts The Cold War may have ended but as recent events everywhere from Paris to Syria have demonstrated war has not THERE WILL BE WAR Volume X is edited by Jerry Pournelle and features 18 stories articles and poems Of particular note are “Battle Station” by Ben Bova “Flashpoint Titan” by Cheah Kai Wai What Price Humanity by David VanDyke and the eerily prescient The Man Who Wasn't There” by Gregory Benford Volume X also includes timely essays on War and Migration by Martin van Creveld The 4GW Counterforce by William S Lind and LtCol Gregory A Thiele USMC and The Deadly Future of Littoral Sea Control by CDR Phillip E Pournelle USN which was awarded the 2015 Literary Award by the Surface Navy Association for the best professional article in any publication addressing Surface Navy or surface warfare issues