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Preuel to Magic Shifts Curran POV #10 This scene takes place after Magic Breaks and talks about Kate Curran and Julie moving into their new homePosted on GoodReads 4 stars Preuel Part 1 to Magic Shifts which is Book #8 in the Kate Daniels seriesThis look into Curran's past via his POV is no longer available on GR but can be read at the blog link I've placed at the bottom of this review “Damn straight” Julie said “Language” Kate warned again “What” she said “I can say damn it’s in the Bible” “She’s got you there” Kate suinted at us “How about the two of you stop standing around and actually carry some of this shistuff into the house” “Ha” Julie said “You said shit and you owe me a dollar” Kate in an effort to curb Julie’s cursing had adopted a system in which the curser owed a buck for each offense I didn’t know what the tally was but I was guessing they were about even “I didn’t say the whole word” Kate said “So I owe you fifty cents” “Seventy five” “Fine” At one time a Preuel Part 2 must have been in the worksplanned but since this first part has disappeared from most of the places where it was once available I doubt it will be happening any time soon if at all I gave her my flat stare The one meant to convey that I was done discussing something “I told you before that didn’t work on me I know you won’t hurt me so stop pretending” “I know you have been through a lot and I’m sorry about that What happened to you wasn’t fair but sometimes the past is best left well in the past” “That’s deep” Julie said “You read that in a fortune cookie” She was getting as bad as Kate with mouthing off when she felt uncomfortable but unlike Kate she would correct herself if I waited Three two “Sorry” she said “I don’t like the stare I understand I don’t like talking about my mom and” she paused and made a hand gesture “all that stuff” Because it still hurt “It will hurt less with time” “You’re old” she said “If it still hurts too much to talk about it after all that time then it will probably never stop hurting for me” Ouch she had me there That being said it had its moments that made me smile or held some wisdom and I'll always read anything I can find with these charactershttpkissandtell confessionsofabook Julie asked So how did you get caughtWhat Why do you want to knowI dunno everybody knows about how you became the Beast Lord but nobody talks about what you were before How comeCause it’s not a pretty story I didn’t pull a sword from a stone A giant man didn’t come on my birthday to tell me that I was a wizardWell Mahon had seemed like a giant to me then That was nice Curran has just resigned as Beast Lord so he's moving into the new house with Kate and Julie And this seems like a good time to tell the teenager what happened when he was a child I like Andrews' humor and how he has funny lines even when a sad story is being told Now I'm curious what part 2 is all about To be continued Julie askedIf you’d like 1st read August 20162nd read May 20183rd Read July 20184th Read October 2019I love these little Curran POV snippets This one shows a really sweet bonding moment between Curran and Julie while they're in the middle of moving to their new house Curran opens up and tells Julie about his past and while we've heard the story before in the main series I enjoyed hearing it from Curran's POV Re reading the series with the Ilona Andrews Addicts before 'Magic Binds' comes out in September 2016 This short Curran POV I haven't actually read before It was moving day Kate Julie and me were taking boxes out of the back of a rented truck and carrying them into our new place Very short and missing a conclusion as it's only part 1  It's a recapitulation of Curran's backstory and what happened to his family Nothing new if you have read the series but nicely written I had totally missed this in my first read And it doesn't even look like there was ever a continuation to this little freebie short Pretty heartbreaking but other than the timeframesetting when the story is being told doesn't really offer up any new information Found here A scene about Kate Curran and Julie moving in to their new house and Curran sharing the story about his past with Julie bringing their family closer together Previous book reviews✦ Magic Breaks Kate Daniels #7✦ Magic Steals Kate Daniels #65✦ Magic Rises Kate Daniels #6✦ An Ill Advised Rescue Kate Daniels #59✦ Curran Twitter The Wilson Building Kate Daniels #57✦ Retribution Clause Kate Daniels #56✦ Andrea and Raphael's Wedding Kate Daniels #555✦ Gunmetal Magic Kate Daniels #55✦ Magic Gifts Kate Daniels #54✦ Magic Tests Kate Daniels #53✦ Magic Slays Kate Daniels #5✦ Magic Dreams Kate Daniels #45✦ Magic Bleeds Kate Daniels #4✦ Magic Mourns Kate Daniels #35✦ Magic Strikes Kate Daniels #3✦ Magic Burns Kate Daniels #2✦ Magic Bites Kate Daniels #1✦ A uestionable Client Kate Daniels #05 Another story from Curran's point of view Well this time it's not actually a scene retold This is when Kate Julie and Curran movie into their new house which provides an opportunity to tell Curran's story where he comes from how he lost his parents what he did afterwards before he became the Beast Lord It feels kind of rusty The story isn't all that fluent not like the scenes from his POV we read earlier Moreover this is just part 1 of 2 and because it's not actually finished yet there are also uite a few typos which always throws me off And it's nothing really new except who Curran's parents were pre Shift which felt weird too because he told the story to Kate before But it was still nice to be back before getting into book #9 D This one is both brutal and sweet The sweet being Kate Curran and Julie setting up their new house the brutalCurran telling the story of what happened to his family

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