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Sex Drugs And Knuckledusters Gorgeous women Clubs Bodybuilding Jason loves them all But nothing beats his bull terrier MaxHow happy could one dog be He'd urinated on someone's towel drunk salt water and got into a fight with a black Alsatian What a lifeJason and his mates are bouncers Big one on steroids When they're doing the business no one can stop themSometimes it seems everyone wants a piece of them especially sexy girlsIt was almost 2 am when Jason saw her She was five foot nine sex on legsBut when Max is kidnapped by a dog fighting ring the boys go out in forceThe three bikies advanced slowly towards Jason two came through the door The one in front pulled out a long bowie knife from his leather jacketA riotous raunchy brawl through the nightclubs of Perth and Sydney and a taste of what happens when you mix sex steroids and a seriously psychotic doggie

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    An insider's look at the hedonistic lifestyle of Perth nightclub bouncersNot a bad wee bit of light reading if you like sex and violence

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