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The Protector Highland Brides #1 The Scottish Highlands meet The Bachelorette in this new historical romance from Allison Butler Heiress of clan Gordon Mairi has been given a gift the choice of her husband Her father has found three worthy suitors and each is coming to the Keep She will spend time with every man and make her decision But love is not a luxury Mairi allows herself she is driven by duty driven by the memory of the failure eleven years earlier that cost her father everything She will choose a worthy husband one who will serve the clan wisely and take nothing for herself – especially not the dark haired stranger tasked with her protection while she makes her decision Lowlander Duff may not know his origins but he knows how to wield his sword Granted one year’s leave from his duties to the Elliot Clan Duff travels to the Highlands in search of his past Instead he finds an arrogant beauty in need of rescue Impressing her father the head of clan Gordon he is named her temporary protector and must keep her safe as she is courted by three potential husbands What Duff doesn’t expect is the low hum of jealousy and the rising wave of attraction that makes protecting Mairi easy but keeping his distance impossible Allison Butler kicks off a brand new Scottish Historical series with brave lowland warriors spirited highland brides and what exactly goes on underneath those kilts

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    Mairi and Duff find each other due to unfortunate circumstances He is forced to watch others court her while not divulging his feelings Mairi is struggling with feelings of her own and not towards her suitors It's a typical take of the burden of responsibilities and class Good story ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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    I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review45 STARSOh the cover How I immediately fell in love with it The Protector YesA few of my favorite lines in the bookA daughter with spellbinding blue eyesEyes the same hue as a frozen mountain loch that would numb a man to his soul with a single dipShe couldn't deny that she liked what she saw and while his attention unsettled her it awakened her something new Something exciting Something forbiddenBut it was her eyes that lured him Even when she was out of sight Haunted eyes Devastating blue eyes that seemed to warn him away yet begged him to stay SWOON right?Protecting is what I do Protecting is what I am good at But who will protect me from myself?He said not a word yet he consumed herHe was like stepping into the sun's light first thing in the morning You didn't have to view the sun to know it was there You could feel it My favoriteIn this book you will meet Mairi Duff Mairi is set to choose one of three bachelors that her father has picked out for her As laird he is growing ill and needs to keep his clan going Mairi has had a very troubled past One evening Mairi and part of her clan were ambushed by the enemy Duff alone searching for his identity happens to be in the right place at the right time He is able to save her clan members and take her to safety in his own arms After returning her to her home the Laird has come to find that Mairi's protector was gravely injured during the attack The Laird asks Duff to stay along until her protector has healed What he doesn't know is that in the next couple of days Mairi is to take a HUSBAND Both Duff and Mairi slowly fall in love with one another yet both know that they can't have another But can they? Mairi is scared to show her true feelings she is terrified to let her father down Duff knows she's untouchable yet his heart is yearning and pulling for Mairi As the book progresses you see such an amazing relationship that bonds not only her with Duff but between the Laird and Duff as well Duff as her protector has the duty of going on Mairi's day dates with her eligible bachelors He tries to find the good in each man but knows that they will never love Mairi as much as he doesThen came a HUGE twist in the story a great mystery that you'll want to solveMairi and Duff were characters that I really enjoyed reading about I felt like I was right there the whole time I read the book and experienced it all I will definitely be reading by this authorIf I had to give one suggestion it would be repetitive sentences Its not constant but throughout the book either he or she is clenching their fist white knuckles Thanks for the amazing opportunity to review your book Look forward to reading

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    This book was really bad I can't believe I read the whole thing

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    The Protector is a new Highlander series by Allison Butler and this is the first book The Protector I was given a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThe main characters in this book is Mairi an heiress of Clan Gordon and her Father the Laird and a Lowlander named Duff who comes upon Mairi when she is in trouble and her father who gets there just in time to see how impressive a man Duff is Duff himself is a lowlander that came upon them while out looking for clues to his real identity he had been given a year off from the clan Elliot which he was a part ofDuff wins the Laird's thanks and approval in the way he protected his daughter and asks him to see his daughter home while he helps the injured clan members being brought homeMairi from the beginning of seeing Duff is snippy to him and does not want him around her despite what her father thinks Mairi keeps thinking what happened over 10 years ago when a tragedy happens and she has no time for happiness or love she thinks just wanting her Father's approval at how good she is at running things for him They are all each other has and Mairi has always worked at being a help to the Laird as she thinks if she is he will love her The Laird asks Duff to stay the night after what he has done for them and they have several conversations and an exhibition of how to fight the Laird is fascinated with Duff Without Mairi's knowledge her father appoints Duff as her protector while her regular protector heals from the battle It is necessary the Laird tells Duff as three men will be visiting the castle for a week to court Mairi so she can get to know them better so she can choose which one she will wed From the beginning Mairi is rude and has no time for Duff she acts so submissive towards her father never uestioning his decisions and so boldly towards Duff who did nothing but save her life Duff on the other hand is enad of her from the beginning He is also a very honorable man he was asked the three things that mattered most to him and he said his horse his sword and his honor He clearly displays this time and again in the bookThe plot moves at a steady pace and there is a lot of mental and sexual angst in the book and it also is hair raising in places It is uestionable what will happen between Duff and Mairi until the last fourth of the book On top of all this Mairi watches her father declining before her eyes and is scared she will lose what little family she has left While Duff is looking out for Mairi he has to be strong enough to keep his opinions to himself but he gets so jealous Mairi on the other hand realizes the man she wants to spend her life with is not included in the ones her father has selectedI love how the book ends and I know you will too as well In the last part of the book some things happen that have me holding my breath and other things leave me emotionally a wreck When I was through reading the book I just wish there was I look forward to the next book in this seriesI gave this book 4 historical stars

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    All my reviews are available on my blog along with giveaways excerpts chapters features cover reveals and book was provided to me at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The opinions are 100% my own and 100% my ownWhat I liked Nothing really jumped out to me in this book as “wonderful – I LOVE it”What I didn’t like 1 Mairi was too submissive with her father and far too stubborn with Duff2 Most of the book talks about something terrible that happened that Mairi feels was all her fault but we don’t find out what that was until almost the endWhat bugged me 1 A bit too much “runaround” with the feelings the main characters have for one another2 Starting around the middle of the book and continuing to the end I had a feeling that I’ve read a very similar storyline somewhere beforeReview The storyline was ok It wasn’t super fast paced or anything but it did move enough to have me read the entire book in one sitting The main drama focused around a beginning of the book attack the mental wanting of each other of the main characters and a couple of problems in the end So not an entirely action packed book with anything major to try to figure outI did however like Duff’s character He was strong and had a sense of honor well until almost the end lol – but you’ll have to read it to find out for yourself You don’t learn a whole lot about him but I think that’s what makes him all the interestingHave I read the beginning books in the series? This is the first book in the seriesWill I read in the series? Yes – I’d love to see the author grow and watch her work improve

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    an enjoyable highland romanceMairi's struggle is what strikes me She struggles to make amends to holds at bay her emotional burdens She struggles to be the pleasing daughter who will obey her father She holds herself together too tightlyThe one who sees this about her is a lowlander Duffy who has taken a year off from the Elliot clan trying to discover his true name and heritage The silences about this are telling than explanations He is one of three from that clan who is on a uest They were all to meet up at a certain time Duff saves Laird Alistair Gordon from ambush and the laird's daughter Mairi from a spooked horse Mairi it seems has been given the chance by her father to choose her own husband from three likely candidates An unusual occurrence Most daughters are married off for political reasons with no choice Laird Gordon asks Duff to stay on to be Marie's protector She is spending a day with each potential groomsman to aid in her choosing There must be no hint of scandal Duff decides he can afford three days before meeting up with his comradesThe choosing is made the harder for Mairi She finds herself thinking and about Duff She is drawn to him But she knows her duty a duty heavily fuelled by guilt A guilt that stops her from enjoying lifeDuff is finding it harder to hold himself apart Honour demands he stay until Marie has set her course And perhaps Duff will find a new heritageA NetGalley ARC

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    Mairi has to choose one of three men her sick father the Laird has picked for her in order to maintain the Clan Happenstance brings Duff smack in the middle of an attack on the clan and is able to save her and her clan and of course wisks her to safety in his very strong and muscled arms During the attack Mairi's guard was severely injured and the Laird asks Duff to take his place temporarily But he is not aware that Mairi is to take a husband within days Duff and Mairi fall hard Mairi is scared to show her true feelings and disappoint her father Duff knows she's untouchable but aches for her Great Character development and a twist to boot

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    The ProtectorHere is another wonderful story by Allison Butler It's about thinking that a name makes you but it's your character and beliefs that makes who you are It's also about believing with the way people think about you because you think they should Allison is a wonderful storyteller She makes me believe that I am there watching everything that is happening I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did

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    much of a story than other romance novels but why didn't the father ever talk to his daughter? the whole I wanted you to become independent and stand up for yourself is bullshit especially because it didn't work they spent 11 years blaming themselves for the same mistake when a uick conversation would have saved them both 11 years of guilt 😬

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