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    Very good book Jess runs the local newspaper since the death of her brother She is determined to make a success of it but is struggling a bit Then Cole comes to town bringing his own printing press and plan to start his own paper Furious and worried about the survival of her paper sparks fly as soon as she confronts ColeI liked Jess She's smart independent and feisty when she's chasing down a story for her paper But underneath it all she has some insecurities Her father had spent a lot of time belittling her and refusing to see her capabilities After his death she and her brother moved west and he encouraged her in her dream of journalism Her brother's murder at the hands of an angry man put the paper solely in her hands There are times that she is deeply worried about whether she is good enough to keep the paper going Cole's arrival just adds to those worriesI liked Cole also He arrives in Smoke River trying to outrun his own tragedy Back home his editorials angered the wrong people who took out their anger by firebombing his house Unfortunately his wife was in it at the time Cole blames himself for her death and is determined to avoid entanglements with any other women He doesn't want to risk his heart again I loved watching the development of their relationship Both are determined to make their paper the best and their rivalry spurs each on to greater efforts There are some truly amusing ways that they try to scoop each other on various stories I loved seeing them go from glaring at each other to sharing breakfasts and reading each other's papers comparing stories and methods Things got really interesting when each of them endorsed a different candidate in the election for district judge Jess was supporting Jericho Silver The Lone Sheriff leaving Cole to support the less popular and unpleasant Conway Arbuckle The passion of their professional dealings soon leads to passion of a different sort And though their feelings for each other continue to grow both are reluctant to make anything permanent of it thanks to their pastsWhen trouble comes to Jess because of her support of the sheriff Cole has visions of what happened to his wife His protectiveness kicks in bringing them even closer together but also reinforcing his fears He gets a wake up call when he is kidnapped and the thought of never seeing her again makes him realize just how much he cares Jess also realizes just what Cole means to her but her fears are harder to overcome I loved Cole's big moment at the end it was perfect for who they areI also loved the various secondary characters The two typesetters Eli and Noralee one old and one young both watching out for their employers I loved Rita from the hotel restaurant as she tried to bring Jess and Cole together and then was puzzled by their relationship The bits and pieces of small town life such as the choir doing The Messiah and the dance out at one of the ranches all served to bring Jess and Cole together

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    When the reader learns that Jessamine Lassiter's older brother was killed by an irate newspaper subscriber the life of a newspaper editorreporter suddenly doesn't seem so easy How does Jess plan to stay safe? Jess comes from a long line of newspaper men and upon her brother's death she followed the Lassiter line She is juggling the jobs of writing the news selling papers getting ads and delivering newspapers with only a small amount of helpJess's sense that she 'can do this' uickly erodes when a new editor and newer newspaper press arrives in town Cole Sanders sets up shop directly across the street from Jess's The Sentinel Jess is horrified; she worries that there might not be enough interest in the town to keep her business afloat Now she has to worry about a rival paper It doesn't take long for the race to begin Instead of killing off one paper their competition creates interest in the imaginative ways the papers compete Both editors are intelligent and dedicated to their craftEach newspaper editor decides to support a different candidate in the election for District Judge The competition between Jess and Cole causes each to become better newspapers As they slug it out the couple becomes interested in each other The secondary characters add much; all of them work together to add zing to the small town feel The humor is charming and there's lots of action 45 stars

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    Banning’s warm engaging Smoke River series continues to thrive and grow especially when a competitive newspaper arrives and sets sparks flying between the editors — on and off their editorial pages Familiar characters and the town’s favorite haunts all lend support as the at odds editors find a way toward harmony RT Book Reviews

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    Jessamine Lassiter runs a newspaper in the small town of Smoke River Then Cole Sanders rides into town to set up a rival newspaper can they both get over their issues to find space for each otherThey work well as a team

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    I loved this story was hooked in the first couple of chapters Such a great story Can't wait for a return to Smoke River

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Printer in Petticoats This town's not big enough for both of us Self proclaimed spinster Jessamine Lassiter is striving to keep Smoke River's newspaper afloat when Cole Sanders rides into town to start up a rival paper Emotions run high as Cole's constant infuriating presence causes sparks to fly both in and out of the office But does he truly desire Jess or is he just waiting to put her out of business Whatever it is he wants she's prepared to fight him all the way

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Printer in Petticoats
  • Lynna Banning
  • English
  • 09 October 2016
  • 9780373298792

About the Author: Lynna Banning

I was born in Oregon and raised in northern California While growing up I listened to my grandparents' and my mother's stories about life on the ranch they owned in Douglas County some miles east of RoseburgLater after I retired from work as a professional editor for an aerospace firm I began writing fiction based on these stories my first book was Western Rose which is based on the unu