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The Alchemy of Ascension Third rare publication is a compilation of cutting edge channels from Archangel Metatron a fascinating 'must read' for the spiritually advanced serious student Topics include the new Crystalline Light Body with in depth discussion of reuisite Auric Maintenance and the geometry of the new tri system Mer Ka Na The new light body correlates to the Crystalline Transition of the planet and the 144 Crystalline Grid which was in placed in 2012 Several chapters focus on the new Crystalline Light Body processes and tri levels of development Mer Ki Va 8; Mer Ka Va 12 and Mer Ka Na 20 Other topics include the Increasing Spin of Planet Earth Earth Changes 13 20 33 Auric Circuitry The Polarity of Power and Love Divine Sovereignty The Crysto Electric Cosmos and Antimatter and the Angelic Realm

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