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Ninth City Burning Centuries of war with aliens threaten the future of human civilization on earth in this gripping epic science fiction debutWe never saw them comingEntire cities disappeared in the blink of an eye leaving nothing but dust and rubble When an alien race came to make Earth theirs they brought with them a weapon we had no way to fight a universe altering force known as thelemity It seemed nothing could stop it—until we discovered we could wield the power tooFive hundred years later the Earth is locked in a grinding war of attrition The talented few capable of bending thelemity to their will are trained in elite military academies destined for the front lines Those who refused to support the war have been exiled to the wilds of a ruined EarthBut the enemy's tactics are changing and Earth's defenders are about to discover this centuries old war has only just begun As a terrible new onslaught looms heroes will rise from unlikely uarters and fight back I admit I didn't even read the blurb of this book I chose it purely out of Justine's review and recommendation It simply panned out great I'm not even a sci fi reader I usually prefer my fantasy technology free thank you very much But the idea of military science fantasy no alpha tendencies and a slight romance element sealed the deal for me So this is an interesting and ambitious debut book a diamond in the rough as the saying goes; for example the mijmere are really exciting The pacing instead needs some work and a trimming of the perspectives wouldn’t hurt either while the Valentines could use some fleshing out Also I feel I'm familiar with most of the specifics here but hey the result is engaging I’ll be watching out for this author Molded into one edge of the fountain is a gigantic chair known as MacduffHow could I not love this book?There are several viewpoints At first I was confused I was just warming to Jax's which reminded my of Marie Lu's Legend when I was catapulted into Naomi's totally different reality and when I was starting to settle then bam It’s Torro's turn a factory laborer with yet another lifestyle Then again comes a PoV from Jax's entourage So mhhh okay I can follow even if shifts asides every narrator has different knowledge beliefs background and style That’s actually one of the strengths of the tale I uickly got caught up in it feeling the injustice of what happens to the protagonists the dread even No time to get accustomed though another PoV comes unexpectedly I had my theories but anyway I was compelled to go on and then some because I got truly hookedMaybe it’s just me but some situations and devices reminded me of the anime Evangelion assorted studio Ghibli movies Upside Down and a game of chess I like the contradiction of the world the author depicts without giving the plot away I can say it's a mix of modern and ancient and both elements are jealous about their secrets The training parts are cool too All the characters are interesting and besides the protagonists the cast is pretty wide I liked the way the characters' assumptions played against them and I loved the worldbuilding There are twists after twists some unfortunately are not easy to follow and made me wonder the Force uh? Why not Yoda too? but it was nonetheless a satisfying ride35 rounded up to a large 4 because the second half of the book builds great momentum and the battle scenes are truly immersive Had there been time to bicker and scheme and maneuver it’s likely anyone with a remotely reasonable claim to the IMEC would still be bickering and scheming and maneuvering but fortunately—for the purposes of expediency anyway—the world was about to end and so the debate only lasted about three hours Set in a post catastrophe future Earth where alien invasion has unleashed power of magic J Patrick Black's Ninth City Burning is a finely crafted and original science fantasy epic full of wonder and spectacle Highly recommended Ninth City Burning by J Patrick Black is an exceptional and graceful debut novel that takes place on Earth approximately five hundred years from now An alien race—often referred to as the “Valentines” due to the day of their arrival are in an apparent deadlock with the legions from the principates of Earth I fell in love with the multiple perspectives Black writes from especially Jax Rae and Kizabel—three of the seven perspectives with whom you will explore this similar but foreign environment The novel takes on its uniue theme with the remnants of the human race fighting for control of Earth against mysterious aliens using an alienish weapon to aid their struggle—thelemity The entirety of Ninth City Burning put together faintly reminds the reader of colossal series headed by books like Starship Troopers Ender’s Game and Red RisingI was taken off guard countless times by how much I found myself giggling and laughing throughout Ninth City Burning It is rare to find an author who is a master at using humor within a book that has stakes much higher than The Hunger Games or Divergent series combined Most of the main characters in the novel are young and this could easily be read by adult and young adult audiencesMy favorite thing about Ninth City Burning is the slow start and the constant build up to what is the truth and what is a myth Black leaves a lot for readers to discover with the help of seven important characters along the way You will go into the novel not knowing a lot and will be partially confused at times Trust me it is completely worth it and the pay off in the end is enormous This has turned into my unuestionable favorite read of 2016 so far I have high expectations for the rest of the series which is supposed to contain at least two books Warning the math science and technology in this book will blow your mind Black explains everything so well that you will begin to believe that thelemity is real This book is a lot of things all at once It blends Science Fiction and Fantasy while splitting the difference between YA and 'regular' writingInstead of having one angsty teen protagonist Black introduces multiple viewpoint characters who thankfully go light on the overwrought teen drama that makes parts of The Hunger Games hard to push though And it does all these things pretty well I really enjoyed it and look forward to the seuel Just so you know this author created a world and he is going to tell you about every single detail of every single corner of this world down to the tiniest minutiae Hope you’re comfortableEspecially considering I just read FIRST KING OF SHANNARA and I found it such a slog because it was so overwritten I was not expecting to get thrown right into another Any action in the story any character development all lost in the expansive pit of detail that is this book And I don’t say that lovingly I felt like I was being schooled half the time If I wanted to read an engineering textbook I’d just read an engineering textbook I zoned out on about half of the book It just couldn’t hold my attention with all of the unnecessary detail about how every little element of this world worked You seriously could have cut out about 34 of NINTH CITY BURNING and you’d still have the same storyCharacter development? Uh not much of it? I felt people like Rae and Naomi who were supposed to be tribal nomads who wandered the country were erratic at best I don’t know if their style of speech was supposed to be satirical or not but it was so ridiculous I couldn’t keep my focus Naomi is a twelve year old and she talks like she’s in a MFA program trying to showcase her bank of SAT words Apparently this is how the tribes talk? Before they got brought into the city they came across another tribe that sounded like a bunch of lawyers I don’t know if this is a “instead of having poorly educated tribespeople I’m going to have highly educated tribespeople but not actually substantiate why” type of thing but it just didn’t fit Plus Rachel the older sister was supposed to be so concerned about Naomi going to war but they basically forgot about each other for a third of the book Only to get reminded of each other at the endKizabel’s POV chapters had footnotes Some of them were seemingly meant to be pithy and cute and a nominal play on pop culture but I was over it When I’m already slogging through an overwritten book the last thing I need are chapters riddled with footnotesTorro was just annoying to read I hated his voice Somewhat stream of consciousness and supposed to be of a lower educational level but things kept slipping through that he probably wouldn’t say things about how systems worked technological details etc The kid was a canner As in a guy who canned food and lived in what is basically a low income settlement Yes he was on par with Kizabel and engineer in explanting how things worked All unexplained as to how he would know any of itVinneas I didn’t see much change in He was probably the dullest character of them all and most forgettable Jax would be second to Vinneas on the dull scale At least he grew a little bit as a character He started off an afraid little boy and ended up still a little boy but one that would jump head first into a fight for the greater goodAll of the characters seemed to have the same level of knowledge about the science and magic going on in this world and when talking about it they all sounded exactly the same I’m going to go ahead and call this one authorial insert and leave it at thatThe story in NINTH CITY BURNING is secondary to all of the world building Black has done There’s actually very little story here The aliens are faceless mentions for the majority of the book until the very end at the first major battle and even then you don’t get to see what they actually look like They’re a distant threat that I’m supposed to care about when they attack Only I can’t muster up the energy toI was so incredibly bored reading this book And it took me so long to read because of the dry science class lectures I kept getting on world specific science I’m not kidding when I say 34 of this book can be cut and you’d still get the same story It’s unnecessarily long there’s very little character or plot development very little story and next to no conflict outside of an unknown distant force Any action is drowned out in extraneous detail or told in a way that completely removes the reader from immediacy many times it being from a character that wasn’t involved and is relaying what had happened in past tenseThe plot sounds so good and the execution of it was so bad I applaud you if your eyes don’t glaze over reading this It really does make me sad because it really is a good plot But holy crap author get out of the book Let the story tell itself and stop flooding my head with all of your unnecessary world detail1I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I grabbed this on a whim from the “New Releases” shelf at the library and ended up falling in love This sci fifantasywar story is definitely for people who like their worldbuilding complex and their magic epically destructive Not for people who dislike multiple narrators pseudoscience or the multiverse — Megan Cavittfrom The Best Books We Read In October 2016 Just finished ‘Ninth City Burning’ and I’m already lamenting I won’t get to hear from Rae Jax Naomi Vines Imway Kizabel and Torro until the next book Write faster Pat This is a clever and creative story that weaves together a post apocalyptic world with enough science to be believable and enough magic to be fanciful But the true heart of the story are the people who live in this intricately detailed world Delightfully the ladies in the story were written three dimensionally with as many if not desires uirks plans and badassery as any other character something that is typically so sorely missed in science fiction although getting better Also I’m a sucker for the interwoven “time that goes before” references to our current time period throughout the story there’s something so deliciously satisfying in “getting” the pop culture references Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a delightful funny read that blurs the line between Young Adult and “Grown Up” fiction You won’t regret it Note I received a free review copy of this book A very solid and creative military SF novel The book is written using multiple points of view from at least half a dozen different characters Black does a great job of giving each of the characters very distinct voices reflecting huge differences in personalities and backgroundsThere are some particularly interesting female characters Kiz the amazingly intelligent creatorengineer; Naomi a member of an outsider group known as Walkers who turns out to be a rare source of thelemity magic for lack of a better term; and her sister Rae a formidable and fearless fighter The main male characters are for the most part refreshingly lacking in Alpha tendencies something that seems hard to avoid in military SF The romance element is so slight as to be practically nonexistent which felt real and in keeping with the characters and their situations If I'm being honest though I do have my fingers crossed for certain characters if there is another bookThe worldbuilding here is a highlight interesting and different but not so much that it is hard to understand or imagine Black uses uite a few made up words to describe essential elements in the world but they seem natural in contextIt's clear from the end of the book that there is to come in this story but that said I wouldn't describe the ending as a cliffhanger and I think this book can be read uite satisfactorily as a standalone Although this book was ultimately nothing like I expected it to be I really enjoyed it and would definitely read from Black Recommended My first ever book won in a giveaway I am so pleased especially considering that the synopsis to “Ninth City Burning” hits some themes I can’t get enough of post apocalyptic tale and resisting an alien invasion However J Patrick Black’s first book suffers from a first book problem every good idea ever jam packed into one bookFor the first 150 or so pages we are evolving in a world we can assume to be Earth several hundred years in the future but we don’t really know why or who it got to the state it is until one of the characters gets a convenient explanation Once we do figure it out a lot of things start making a lot sense but it can be jarring and keeping up for over a hundred pages without explanation behind the world building is a little irritatingThat being said since this is apparently the first book of a trilogy the idea that it is one massive introduction makes a little sense The story blends sci fi and fantasy elements nicely and when the action gets going the book is very gripping and hard to put down Getting to that point simply reuires a lot of patience but it is rewarding because the world building is complex and impressive Things also get really fun and awesome after the halfway pointWe meet Jax Naomi and her sister Rae Torro and Kizabel and a few others but those are really the most interesting ones They live on Earth five hundred years after an invasion attempt by aliens – an invasion that backfired when the aliens accidentally triggered unknown powers in some humans a power called thelemity which is sort of like magic but also like the Force in Star Wars This power allowed humans to fight back and the war to defend our planet has been going on for centuries but it has been at a stalemate for a long time All our characters lead very different lives on this post apocalyptic Earth but their paths will soon cross as the invader readies itself for an attack of unprecedented magnitudeMultiple POVs is tough giving everyone a distinct voice reuires a lot of skills and while it sometimes works brilliantly there are passages here and there where it lack credibility specifically with the chapters narrated by Naomi who sound way older than she is supposed to be But I just loved Kizabel’s chapters I have a soft spot for mad scientists and she is spunky and mouthy just my type3 ½ stars because it took so long to really get going but it has excellent world building engaging characters and because J Patrick Black is clearly a Star Wars fan and he speculates people will still listen to the Clash ever after the apocalypse and I am so on board with that

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