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Chase a Green Shadow Librarian's note This book was originally published with ISBN 0373705611 which was subseuently reused on this book For alternate cover editions of Chase a Green Shadow see here and hereThe child of a broken marriage seventeen year old Tamsyn wasn't at all looking forward to going to Wales to visit the father she hardly knew until she arrived there and met Hywel BenedictHer first feelings of antagonism towards him soon changed into something so deep and violent that they threatened to overwhelm her completely and it was clear that she affected him in some way but marriage No he said He was too old for her her father's contemporary not hers It would not be fair And besides there wereother complicationsOr did it all add up to the fact that he didn't really want her

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    What a complete waste of time He wants her she wants him he is too old so he makes like he is married and then she leaves and wants to come back after 6 months and wait 3 to get married blah blah blah Completely boring I only like the part where it ended Even his description was creepy a guy with side burn up to the middle of his cheeks and smoking a pipe I wanted to barf So gross

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    Yeah he was old enough to be her father and there was no drama and it had no sex and it was sedate and uiet and slow paced and super old skool I don't care I liked it A LOT Not gonna be everyone's cup of tea I guess but I paid five bucks to read this impossible to find little story and I don't regret it Sex might've been good though Something about him being so much older and respected and her parents' friend and an established scholar and the village preacher and insanely in love with her

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    Surprisingly good May December romance written by Anne Mather who is usually the ueen of Trainwrecks This was not the case in Chase a Green ShadowI love that the author made a most unlikely candidate he of the great sideburns and dusty station wagon into a Great Romantic Hero Her heroine despite her young age was not a petulant immature ninny She had gumption than the wishy washy hero and went after what she wanted with a single minded determination that made me root for her The Wales setting was gorgeous and eerie and just perfect as the backdrop Not much happens it is mostly about the characterizations and the characters' internal musings but it works I really enjoyed it

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    This was a sweet story Tamsyn really is too young for Hywel at seventeen he's twenty years her senior She falls almost immediately in love though she doesn't know that's what it is at first And it wasn't because he was handsome he wasn't nor was he rich he wasn't nor did she take her cue from the bevvy of women who sophisticated than she dictated how she saw him there was only one non start OW who didn't even really rate She just felt an immediate attraction to his maleness and without being a Lolita at least not intentionally found herself expressing it in her every word and behaviour It's pretty obvious Hywel feels the same but he's having none of it Tamsyn is just too young for him or is she?The passion between those two was palpable without ever evolving past a kiss or two By the end my only reservation was that I did wonder if Tamsyn had really found the love of her life or if she wouldn't wake up in ten years and feel trapped by the new course of her life I still loved the book though

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    So here's another one on my uest to read the first 100 HPs This is numbered 61 and was published in 1973 The heroine Tamsyn is 17 and the hero Hywel I think that is pronounced hoo WEL is around 20 years olderSo this age gap is very common for Anne Mather in the 1970s Here is was addressed as a concern for all parties except the heroine She was all in immediately The hero fell in love pretty uickly but tried to resist her because of concerns over her age and local gossip The heroine chased him a little bit but not too obnoxiously He couldn't stay away from her though It was of its time pretty sweetOver all I uite enjoyed it It moved uickly and the hero and heroine spent uite a bit of time together which is not always a given in these older HPs I liked both the hero and the heroine

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    I liked this story very much MayDecemberTamsyn fall in love with Hwelyn The H is a local pastor and acclaimed writer living in small village in wales where Tamsyn ends up staying there with her father and expecting step mother The H is best friends with her father and Tamsyn can't help being draw to him

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    A four star book that gets 5 stars because I still like it than 20 years after I first read it

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    Location WalesAge Difference The H is 20 years older than the 17 year old h Tamsyn the h is sent to stay with her estranged dad while her mum goes off on honeymoon with her new hubby When the h gets to the UK she expects her dad to meet her at the airport He isn’t there but sends a friend insteadThe H Hywel see’s the h as a spoiled little girl He uses the ride to Wales to give her a few truths In the process some feelings get bruised and bonds form One she reaches her father’s the h has a lot to adjust to A pregnant stepmother People judging her without giving her a chance Feeling a strong attraction to a man her father’s age To be fair to the H he tried to dissuade her He was cruel to be kind pretty often but the h was persistent What I enjoyed the most about this book was the way the writing flowed It was smooth and easy to read The author wove a story that you wanted to continue I found it to be a really lovely read The age difference between the MCs was really obvious The h was so immature Even after the author “matured” her she still came off sounding like the teenager she was And that was a bit jarring But for all that it was still an enjoyable readAlso why can’t the new HP’s have lovely poetic titles like the older books? “Chase a Green Shadow” Such a nice name So much nicer than “The Legendary Billionaire’s Pregnant Virgin Mistress” fictional title for demonstration purposes Please HP go back to the lovely poetic names

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    This is one of those older classic HP gemsa sweet love storyYoung Tamsyn goes off to stay with her father in Wales and recieves a few surprises One in the form of the older manly HywelShe is drawn to the strong Hywel who is both interesting and wise without understanding why Hywel tries to resist this young beauty but can't They exchange some fun banter as Tamsyn secretly chases him around the village and countryside A girl who knows what she wantsand she wants him Likeable characters and absolute amazing decriptions of the Wales' countryside makes this a nice sweet entertaining read

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    This book made my heart sing I loved the story the heroine and mostly the hero One of the best Harleuins I've read This is a clean romance book but oh so good

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