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The Royal Handmaid House of Winslow Book 32 in the bestselling House of Winslow series Wealthy Rena Matthews feels called to take the gospel to the South Sea islanders She gathers volunteers to go with herall from the upper strata of society When rough looking Travis Winslow volunteers Rena wants to refuse him but her father insists she take him along They set out in her father's yacht but a storm drives them hundreds of miles off course and into a reef on a deserted island Will they ever make it to the mission eld Or will God bring the mission eld to them

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    This book surprised me It was a combo of Robinson Crusoe and a coming of age book This is a clean romance but with exciting action and surprises along the way

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    10 I didn't think I would like this book too much since it was about missionaries but having them stranded on the island and all the hardships and trials they had kept the story alive They were uite creative in things they did to survive on the island Romances developed so that is always fun to have in a story Moving to the second island to be among those natives and teach them about God was uite the experience especially since only one of them spoke the language at first Novak taking off on his own in his own boat was risky But to have him and Rena's father find them in the end was a nice ending to the story Also Travis and Rena falling in love was a given but they definitely had their challenges before they finally confessed their love to each other Having a baby on the island by caesarean section was a little overboard but baby and mother came through it just fine Enjoyable read

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    This was one of my books on tape I did recognize the Christian author as one of the better ones The book has some value as entertainment and as a Christian living lesson A wealthy girl justgraduated from college and her fiance organize a group of 12 to go as missionaries to a South Sea island They are stranded on a deserted island following a shipwreck The interesting part of the book was the way they survived As always hard times bring out the best as well as the worst in people One latecomer to the group becomes the real hero with his servant heart acceptance of the weaknesses of the 'missionaries' and his very practical survival skills

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    This is in the House of Winslow series At the beginning of the book Rena Matthews is an arrogant and rich young woman Travis Winslow is a poor young man who joins Rena's group of educated and wealthy people to the Souh Seas to become missionaries to the natives Travis's natural leadership ability comes out when the group becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island after a storm Rena becomes humbled after having the comforts of home taken away from here and has a deeper faith in God

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    This series by Gilbert Morris is one of my absolute favorites Each book follows at least one member of a generation in the Winslow family tree and the members gets saved and finds true love There's also some commentary on the social conditions of the time frame Truly interesting

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    Even though this book was a little predictable I enjoyed it

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    This book is about a missions trip that goes slightly arye

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