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Inversion Point Chaos Station #4 Zander and Felix's relationship has been to the brink and back the Human Stin War imprisonment and an actual deathresurrection Zander's death to be specific and the experience has left himchanged The mysterious race known as the Guardians chose to revive him and appointed him as their emissary A high honor but he could do without the group of would be cultists following him around the galaxyWhen a recently discovered species destroys a stin probe Zander's new role soon commands all of his time and focus The human ambassador—Felix's ex lover much to Zander's annoyance—pulls them into strategy talks aimed at preserving galactic peace Soon everyone is relying on Zander's Guardian tech to telepathically communicate with the strange aliensOnly Felix seems concerned with the strain piling up on Zander but he has his own resolve tested when the very stin that imprisoned him show up to a summit Zander and Felix will both have to find a way to face their doubts and preserve their love—while preventing another galaxy wide war Book four of Chaos Station 70000 words

About the Author: Jenn Burke

Jenn Burke has loved out of this world romance since she first read about heroes and heroines kicking butt and falling in love as a preteen Now that she’s an author she couldn’t be happier to bring adventure romance and sexy times to her readersJenn is the author of The Gryphon King’s Consort from Dreamspinner Press and the co author of the critically acclaimed Chaos Station science fiction r

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    Rating 45 of fiveThere was w verbing at 74% but for that one and only time it was less than revolting in contextI'll get to reviewing before longA GOOD WHILE LATERSo another solid four plus star outing in a series whose SFnal street cred if we could only get some straight boys to read it would carry it far beyond the mm ghetto The resonance is my absolute favorite race so far not excluding humans because fluffy yellow partner unit made me laugh until my belly ached I could see Flick's confused amused slightly insulted mostly bemused face when he heard that Men with curly blond hair must get similar nonsense thrown at them all the time and the fact that he's the reasonably public partner of the Emissary of the Guardians can't make life as a mop top any easierThe political elements of this outing are genuinely involving again without reference to mm contentwell except for the fact that Flick is the space euivalent of Alma Mahler Gropius Werfel having bagged humanity's chief envoy Theo as well as Zed the Emissary Ducks always envy the swans hm? What is it about some people anyway that they can score the best and the brightest without seeming to bring anything all that exciting to the table themselves? But wait Flick iswellFlick is from a world where ambassadors are euivalent to unicorns and now his sweet lovely ex is one and his amazing one true love man is one and he's you know just this guy His head's whirling He's interacting with the stin the very same precise stin who tortured him almost to death during his four year stint as a POW just cuz He's way outside his comfort zone and he only gets remote from it as Ambassador Theo the ex lover sets Emissary Zed the one true love's teeth on edge and causes him to act like a sulky adolescent ninny Which for all of me is the best moment in the book I love that Zed gets all my man step off or suffer about his Flick Sure it's silly No way in hell can even the scrummy hotness that is Theo compete with Zed's amazeballs pedigree position and prior claim on Flick's feelings But your man being just a little extra attentive and a scoche possessive in the presence of a potential rival? Yes please Very agreeable if not carried too far and Authors Burke and Jensen don't let it get out of handThe tragedies that befall our heroes are testing and frightening and the stakes are unfathomably high a renewal of the Human Stin War with a side order of Species Fourthe resonance in the stin's sights as well Flick pays a horrible personal price to keep this from happening Zed will have nightmares the rest of his life about Flick's sacrifice its reason and its agentThat's the set up however for one of the best endings I've read in a book lately The resolution of the war threat and the reward for Flick's horrifying sacrifice issweet beyond belief balm for so many wounds these awful author ladies have put our guys through I would give the book five stars just for the endingI can't uite do that The ashushk have had their major inning The stin well not sure that we need a lot stin assholishness but we'd be better informed if we saw a weentsy bit of their culture for some whys It's the resonance that causes me to dock a half star from the rating I know because it's been made clear that the series ends with book five You introduce me to the resonance and expect I'll trot happily alongside the carriage as it briskly bowls AWAY from the coolest aliens yet? Sorry ek In one of this era's billion page per volume nonillionologies sure okay I get it we'll be back around this way one say soonBUT THIS IS ITSo very not cool I'm being kind because ending but absent that I'd probably bust this one down a whole star or even two for the tease this representsWrite books in this series please Not with Zed and Flick even just in the wonderful and rich universe Space operas are a blast to read and I am completely at your mercy great BurkeandJensen for writing a solid one with men like me in it

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    Something monumental happens to Felix in this bookAnd it’s not the horrifying WTH moment about halfway into the book Which incidentally is really on the brutal side even if I do understand why it has to happen But not talking about all that but about the fact that something huge inside Felix shifts He is the ultimate self declared angry man Irritable Crabby Testy UnsociablePart of that is in his nature but a good part has to do with his past and how he deals with it What happens here is that Felix starts to let go of his angerTelling you why and how would definitely be spoiling things all I can assure you – it’s 100% brilliant and gratifyingEually satisfying is Zed’s jealousy of Theo Felix’s ex We get the whole range from posturing protecting and threatening behavior punching etc etc and it’s totally chuckle worthy Sorry ZedAll this wrapped beautifully in a suspenseful plot twists and turns along the way an insecure Zed uestioning himself and what he can offer Felix and that fabulous fabulous end makes an easy 5 star readIf this had been the last book in the series I would have sighed happily and remembered it fondly And you will remember these guys and their story Because they are complex deeply vulnerable men who have their heart in the right place And the world is a better place for their compassion and integrityZed and Felix are in the most beautiful place at the end of the bookI do wonder and cringe slightly in horror what the authors are planning for these two in book 5

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    The past is always with us Waiting to mess with the present and sometimes even with the future It’s an unwritten rule that you can’t escape your past It catches up with you in the strangest of moments Unexpected Unwelcome Inescapable Felix is forced to face his past in several ways On the one hand there are his demons in form of the aliens who kept him prisoner during the war who tortured him and scarred him for life; those he hoped to never come near again But their encounter is inevitable because of Zed’s role as a go between for the already established species and the recently emerged Species Four the resonance since he is the only one capable of communicating with them On the other hand there is Theo ambassador for the humans eually involved in the meeting of the species and ex lover of Felix A ghost of the past who puts a strain on Zed and Felix’s relationship and arouses jealousy and doubts in Zed There are some appalling situations in this book that grabbed my heart and sueezed it hard and sometimes even painfully My heart went out to both of them even than ever before than I thought possible to Felix because he gets critically injured during an attack Zed has to go into the Zone his altered state of consciousness to feel no pain to function properly for the purpose of saving his lover Believe me I would have given anything to be able to do the same Reading this scene made me want to curl up into a ball and cut out everything to just not feel Beyond that Felix himself is forced to make a sacrifice to have a reasonable chance of survival which also might lead to a turning point in his life and it almost broke my heart to Zed because the universal peace presses on his shoulders He wears himself out right up to utter exhaustion and collapse He almost dies to save his crew and to prevent all of them from a new war and the world from falling into pieces All of this is aggravated by his doubts about his relationship with Felix caused by his jealousy and his worries about Felix’s health situation Him being stalked by several cultists – not to say a whole order – who are seeing in him some kind of Redeemer adds further stress to his situation After a hell of a ride near the end of this book the ending itself was just beautiful It provides some kind of relief and hope and I really love Zed and Felix's new even deeper connection But knowing Zed and Felix and the apparent desire of the authors to torment their readers ; makes me a bit anxious to start with the final book of this series I think it’s safe to say that there will be excruciating moments for Zed and Felix and for me but I really wish that they will get their well deserved HEA There’s only one way to find out

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    This seriesBook 4 of the Chaos Station series has it all politics relationship drama hot sexin' and even some near death experiences Zed is settling into his role as Emissary and gets called to duty when the Guardians announce the arrival of a new species to the intergalactic community He is under constant pressure juggling his duties and the public scrutiny Felix sees the stress that Zed is under but isn't sure what he can do to help Things get even complicated when the human ambassador turns out to be the only other man Felix has ever had a relationship with'Inversion Point' is probably the second angstiest book in the series after the heartbreak that was Lonely Shore Zed and Felix love each other deeply but they just can't seem to catch a break Add in Theo the man that Zed can't help but wonder would have made Felix happier and things were looking pretty bleak So yes this book did put me through the wringer again though I didn't doubt for a second that the two would be able to work things out I think I can safely say that I'm in love with Felix Ingesson My feelings for him have been mixed throughout the series but he's won me over I can't say too much without giving away major plot points but what Felix endures in this book would break most people Yet he comes out stronger than ever knowing that Zed needs himThe storyline with the Guardians and Zed's role as Emissary moves forward considerably in this book There's plot here than in previous books though that makes sense given Zed's new role While I did enjoy the uieter pace this series had taken so far the extra action in book 4 was highly entertainingI'm pretty bummed that the next book will be the last Zed and Felix have been a thrill to read I can't recommend this series enough Review copy provided through NetGalley

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    Good Lord Fixer and Zed are going to be the death of me This one was damn brutal but completely worth it in the end Love them all view spoilerthough Eli has a definite spot on my shitlist right now hide spoiler

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    As the book opens Zander and Felix have worked past some of the issues that came between them in the last installment They are solid looking forward although Zander's role as Emissary for the Guardians the mysterious and most powerful race in the galaxy has unwanted repercussions Not only are there cultists following him but the appearance of a new possibly hostile galactic race puts him in the thick of first contact To make it harder the warlike stin against whom the war they both fought in was waged are claiming aggression by the new race and collusion by humans Zander has to be part of trying to diffuse the next human stin war before it startsDespite this the book is actually Felix's While Zander's worst nightmares come from things his own side did to him Felix was a prisoner of war of the stin His damaged arm and his nightmares come directly from the guards and soldiers who captured tortured and held him Now if he's going to stay at Zander's side he has to be civil in their presence Not just their race but some of the actual individuals who tormented him and destroyed his fellow human prisoners Felix faces his toughest personal test while trying to help Zander solve mysteries of who is on what side in this new mess and hoping to head off another galactic war

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    45 StarsReviewOh these poor poor characters or maybe poor poor Felix is accurate Every time it seems like things are getting better and they're gonna get a break from all the problems things just spiral down again It gave me this really weird mixture of feeling awful for them and feeling happy because that's exactly the kind of thing I like to readAnyway the reasons I loved this book For one thing just like all the others it had a great plot but also lovable and realistic characters with imperfect but still sweet friendships and romantic relationshipsI also loved the mental health aspect that's been in all the books Felix was a POW for years but that was never used as just some tragic backstory; it truly affected him and was part of his character Even when he and Zander would have sex anytime Zander would pin him down or get on top of him or push him against a wall Felix would have a moment of panic and feel trapped and have to remind himself that he wasn't back in the work camp he was safe in the arms of his lover and Zander would always ask Felix if what he was doing was ok because he understood Felix also had flashbacks and nightmares and other emotional struggles And for a while he wasn't handling things well but in this book he was finally seeing a therapist and doing a lot better because of it Even Zander was seeing a therapist because he too had a lot to deal with emotionally from his time in the war and everything that had happened to him So it seemed like mental health was handled realistically and wellBut despite finally seeking out help Zander and Felix still weren't perfect because no one is and had inner demons and stress to deal with which made their relationship still a bit rocky but ultimately lovingAlso you know a book is good when you get through an intense scene and realize you've been literally clutching your shirt in horror and concern and have to stop and stretch your hand out for a moment before continuingAnother thing I know lots of gushing but there's a reason I gave this book such a great rating it just hit me at some point while I was reading these authors have created an entire universe The sheer amount of detail about the aliens and societies and planets and militaries the backstories the events in the war the characters' memories and things that have happened in their lives It was like up until that point I just felt like I was reading something real and then suddenly remembered it was all created in someone's imagination and it just kind tripped me out That's how intricate and vivid it wasMy only complaint is how disability was used in this book SPOILER view spoilerOne of the characters lost an arm but then it was replaced with alien technology that gave him some extra abilities in addition to curing the original disability he had a bad hand hide spoiler

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    45 stars

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    I knew it was gonna be good and I was so right I love it when I'm right Can't wait for the next one

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    Inversion Point is the fourth story in what to date has been a really exciting and original sci fi space opera romance series With the same two main characters being featured in each book you’d think that by now it would start to feel a little familiar and possibly a tad boring But no With fresh and inventive plot ideas and galactic peace on the line this latest is just as much fun as the previous entries Felix and Zander have had a pretty rocky relationship but at the end of the last book Skip Trace things seemed to have settled down between them The biggest news now is the appearance of another species at the Hub a sort of galactic meeting point where the Guardians the benevolent overseers who’ve been instrumental in past stories in helping Zander survive have let through a new and previously unknown species to interact with the three main groups we’ve seen in the story to date – Humans the Ashushk and the Stin previously at war with humans and before that the Ashushk but in a currently stable truce What effect this new species will have on the stability of the peace holding between them is the uestion as ambassadors from all 3 species with Zander as the emissary and the only one who can communicate with the new arrivals race to the Hub And just to add some tension to the mix the human ambassador just happens to be an old friend and ex of Felix Can Zander and Felix continue to strengthen their relationship amidst the whirl of events surrounding them?Once again I was enthralled with this story stuck out in deep space with an eclectic bunch of very likable characters with a new mission – to find a way to communicate with the species that has shown up in their uarter I really enjoyed how inventive this was both in terms of the species and how it communicates as well as the whole story idea Having Felix come face to face with the Stin who kept him as a prisoner of war during the Stin Human war was definitely stressful to read Because of Zander’s uniue role as emissary he must remain neutral and as a peacemaker for everyone involved but you could just feel the emotion pouring off of him and Felix when they are put in this position There was a part of the story mid way when all hell broke loose and I was seriously doubting my grand idea of reading at bedtime as it was not at all conducive to sleep Suffice it to say that the plot twists and turns and the action is non stop in this rollicking adventureThe relationship of Zander and Felix is tested once again though not as much as in previous stories In this case it’s a bit of jealousy on Zander’s side when he sees the easy interaction Felix has with his friend and former lover Theo The fact that Theo is a genuinely nice ‘normal’ guy isn’t lost on Zander who is a bit of a mutant in comparison with parts of all these different species embedded in his body courtesy of experimentation when he was a soldier in the Allied Earth Forces not to mention his time with the Guardians see books 1 2 and 3 for about that But some of the happenings result in Zander and Felix finding a new way to communicate one that ensures their love for each other is strong and unbreakable I loved seeing the two of them in this relatively happy state As in the previous books there are some sexy love scenes between them tooAt the end of this story I breathed a huge sigh of relief that they had made it through this latest adventure Truth be told I’m kind of dreading the end of the series with the next story Phase Shift scheduled to be the last though I’ll do my darnedest to convince the authors otherwise It’s been such a fun and exciting series to date and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something innovative in the sci fi romance genre 5 starsNote a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for reviewThis review also appears as a blog post at

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